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Val Kilmer

What Was Val Kilmer Salary For ‘Top Gun’?

No one knows what was Val Kilmer‘s Salary for newly released “Top Gun: Maverick“, it is disputed by many publications, but we can give some …

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Pedro Pascal: Wife, Lifestyle, Net Worth

Pedro Pascal: Wife, Lifestyle, Net Worth

Even while it may appear to some that Pedro Pascal’s success came about all of a sudden, it actually took him more than two decades …

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Sergio Calderón, the “Head on a Stick” in ‘Men in Black,’ Dies at 77

Sergio Calderón, the “Head on a Stick” in ‘Men in Black,’ Dies at 77 – TheFantasyTimes

Sergio Calderón, the amiable Mexican character actor who made his mark in such notable films as The In-Laws, Men in Black and Pirates of the …

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Donna Summer: Queen of Disco

Donna Summer: Queen Of Disco, death, lifestyle, Career, Family

A brand new documentary on the legendary “Queen of Disco”, Donna Summer, has recently been released. After a career spanning decades and selling more than …

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Rick Dalton: Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood

Rick Dalton Is Dead: ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’ Star

According to the Hollywood podcast Video Archives, the actor “Rick Dalton”, who was best known for the 1960s television series Bounty Law and a spate …

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ABOUT THE FANTASY TIMES​ – Latest Entertainment News, TV Shows, Celebrity, Lifestyle & More

TheFantasyTimes began with a simple dream envisioned by our Founder & CEO Jitin Gambhir – to unite entertainment lovers all across the globe through their shared love of the genre. By bringing all the entertainment lovers under one roof, Jitin wanted everyone to connect and explore their fantasy in this industry.

Jitin, who is himself a devoted fan of the world of entertainment, had the intention of putting his expertise as a software engineer to use in order to make this vision a reality. The passionate entrepreneur that he is, he recognised the possibility to establish a successful global online community of individuals who had similar interests, which resulted in the establishment of TheFantasyTimes. What happened after that is, as they say, history. Today, the brand has developed into India’s leading content platform, with a presence numbering in the millions, covering the entirety of the entertainment and leisure industries.

At TheFantasyTimes.com, we understand the passion and fantasy that connects GenZ and Millennials with the entertainment and sports Industry. Therefore, we have designed our website to cater to all your fantasy needs. Whether you are a fan of Marvel Movies, DC Movies, TV Shows, international cricket, domestic cricket, T20, IPL, ODI or Test cricket, we have got you covered. TheFantasyTimes.com is updated on a regular basis, so you never miss out on any action.

Our team of expert writers is passionate about cricket and they are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and insightful information about the sport. Our website is not just limited to news and updates; we also offer match previews, analysis and predictions, as well as in-depth features on players and teams.

We understand that cricket is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life for many of our audience. Therefore, we have included sections that cover the history of cricket, as well as the rules and regulations of the game. Our website is not just for cricket fans, but also for those who want to learn more about the sport.

Our website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. We have designed it to cater to all types of users, whether you are a novice or an experienced cricket fan. Our website is accessible on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

TheFantasyTimes.com is the perfect destination for all entertainment lovers. We strive to provide you with the most accurate and insightful information about the Entertainment, TV Shows, Celebrities and more, as well as an engaging and exciting experience. Thank you for choosing our website and we hope you enjoy your journey with us!

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