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10 Best Ways To Make Money (Without Cheats)

In the world of Sims 4, money is crucial to living a productive life. Simoleons, as they are known, are necessary to build, decorate, and acquire essential items such as food. While cheats may provide a quick solution, some players prefer to earn money through traditional methods. These methods include getting a job, pursuing a hobby, borrowing money, stealing, beachcombing, digging for collectibles, odd jobs, fishing, and careers.

Performing is an excellent way to earn extra Simoleons. Talented Sims can use any musical instrument or sing with a microphone in a public place to receive tips. Beachcombing is another easy way to earn money. Sims can search for seashells or trash on any sand floor texture. Similarly, Sims can dig for collectibles in the dirt and various terrain to find objects that can be sold. Borrowing money from friends is also an option, but Sims must have a Charisma level of 7 or higher to ask for a loan.

While stealing may not be the most ethical option, Sims with the kleptomaniac trait can steal smaller objects initially and can eventually progress to larger items like an entire piano. Utilizing a computer to earn money is another excellent option. Writing a book and publishing it can result in daily royalties. Painting is also an entertaining way to earn money, and Sims can create masterpieces that sell for a high price to collectors.

Fishing is not a passive income option, but Sims can fish for as long as they like and sell their catch for money. Odd jobs are one-off jobs that Sims can complete for some spare money. The business app on the phone lists available odd jobs that require specific skills, and a better performance in that skill results in more money. Finally, pursuing a career is an excellent way to earn consistent money throughout gameplay. The Military path is currently the highest-paying career in Sims 4, but all career options provide a way to make money and advance in the game.

In conclusion, while cheats may provide a quick solution to acquiring money in Sims 4, traditional methods provide opportunities for Sims to pursue their passions, acquire skills, and earn money. Whether it’s performing, beachcombing, borrowing, stealing, digging, odd jobs, fishing, painting, or pursuing a career, there are plenty of ways for Sims to earn Simoleons and live a productive life.

As expected with a life sim, money, or Simoleons, as it’s known in Sims 4is vital to ensuring a productive life for the character. Players are limited on building, decor, skill-building items, food, and more without it. While there are many cheats to get around this inconvenience quickly, only some players are looking for one, and there are plenty of ways to make money without them.

To avoid using cheats in Sims 4Sims will have to resort to more traditional ways of making money. Some of these may seem very familiar, such as getting a job or making money off a hobby, while others are less obvious such as stealing, beachcombing, and digging for treasure. Regardless of whatever appeals to players more, all are great options for extra pocket money.

Any of the methods that involve a skill will make more if that associated skill is higher. Performing, painting, and others like that will make the most possible money when the skill associated with it is maxed out.


10 Performing

Sim playing the piano in Sims 4

One of the ways to earn extra Simoleons is to have a talented Sim perform for others. This can be done using any musical instrument, including a piano, guitar, violin, and even just singing with a microphone. The main catch is that Sims need to do this in a public place where other Sims can listen to them, allowing them to receive tips. This can be done anywhere, including in a front yard, but ideally, players will want to focus on public lots with at least 5 or 6 other Sims around. The tip amount won’t be crazy, but it’s still an easy way to earn while increasing a skill.

9 Beach combing

Sim digging in the sand in Sims 4

Beachcombing is an easy way to make some money. To do it, Sims don’t even necessarily need a beach, despite the name. They can perform this task anywhere that has sand floor texture. Simply click on the ground where the sand is, and Sims should be prompted with two options: looking for seashells or trash. Look for seashells, and the Sim should begin digging in the sand. This also won’t provide vast amounts of money, but doing it for a minute or two can reward a decent amount, making it a fast way to make Simoleons in Sims 4.

8 Dig For Collectibles

Sim digging for collectibles in Sims 4

Similar to beachcombing, digging for collectibles in Sims 4 involves the Sim digging through the dirt and various terrain to find different little objects which can be sold. To do this, Sims will have to find specific rocks or dirt mounds that prompt it. They can be found scattered anywhere, but the park in Oasis Springs is one place to find a good amount of them. However, one thing to note about this option is that Sims will find capsules with a set value. They can be sold as is or opened, but be warned that opening them could increase or decrease their importance.

7 Borrow Money

Two Sims Talking in a Relationship in The Sims 4

One way to acquire a decent amount of money is simply asking for it, however, this method requires little work. Sims have the ability to ask those they have friendships with in Sims 4 for a loan, but they do have to jump through a couple of hoops first. To ask for money, Sims need to be at a Charisma level of 7but this will only allow them to ask for a small loan. To ask for a large one, Charisma will need to be maxed out. Sims will also only be able to ask for loans from those they are friends with. Though this requires some work, it can be worth it as the larger loans are a few thousand dollars.

6 Steal

A Sims 4 burglar being confronted by a detective holding handcuffs.

Though it isn’t the most ethical, and many players may not want to resort to being a Burglar in Sims 4stealing can provide a good bit of Simoleons. To properly steal items, Sims need to have the kleptomaniac trait and level up their Mischief. Additionally, to steal something, especially at lower levels, it’s best not to have anyone around; otherwise, the Sim will be caught and embarrassed. When still working on building up the skill, Sims will only be able to steal smaller objects but max out this trait to be able to grab the large high-selling itemslike an entire piano.

5 Computer

Sim using a computer in Sims 4

Another excellent and easy option for some income is utilizing a computer. Sims can earn money through writing and other various activities when using a computer, but writing a book is the most recommended option. After the Sim completes the book, they can publish it by putting it in the mailbox. Once this is done, they can make daily royalties on their work. The amounts will vary, but it is an excellent option for passive income. The higher the Sim’s skill, the better the book they will write and the more money they will make.

4 Painting

Sim painting in Sims 4

Painting is another way to utilize Sims’ hobbies to earn money, and another benefit is it’s actually entertaining. While it does take a bit of time for Sims to complete a painting in Sims 4players can watch the progress as they complete their masterpieces. To paint, Sims need to find an easel and initiate the actionnote that it will have an initial investment to begin painting, but Sims will always make a profit. What Sims paint doesn’t necessarily matter; their skill level will affect how much their painting sells for. Every so often, Sims will create something called a Masterpiece, which will sell for a very high price to collectors.

3 Fishing

Sim fishing off a dock in Sims 4

Though this isn’t necessarily passive income in the same way that writing a book and gaining royalties is, Sims in Sims 4 will fish for as long as they are left there to do so. Meaning players can leave their Sim to fish for a while, and they will accrue a decent amount of Simoleons. Be aware, though, that it will be harder for the Sim to catch fish if their level is lower. Additionally, Sims may occasionally catch things other than fish, but if players are fine letting their Sim stand around for a bit, they can make a good amount of money fairly quickly.​​​​​​​

2 Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs Board in Sims 4

Unlike full careers in Sims 4 that the Sims can pursue, odd jobs are one-off jobs that a Sim can complete for the day for some spare money. To find them, head to the business app on the phone, where a list of odd jobs will be available. They’ll occasionally ask for specific skills and note that being a better performer in that skill will mean the Sim does better on that odd job, resulting in more money. If the Sim has what’s listed on the job, it will result in better performance and more pay. So be sure to pay attention to what is required for each posting.

1 Careers

A Military Sim saluting another officer with street and military truck in background

The final way to earn money is through careers. The current highest-paying career in Sims 4 is the Military path. There are two options on the Military Career path, but both will pay out the same when maxed, so the decision is entirely up to the player. Therefore, if Sims want to make the most money possible, this is the best option. However, even if Sims 4 players do not wish to pursue that specific career, all the career options are an excellent way to earn consistent money throughout gameplay, and as with everything else, the more they advance, the more money they will make.

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