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10 Dumbest Pokémon Names In Series History, Ranked

Ever since its debut in 1996 with the launch of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan, the Pokémon franchise has grown to include hundreds of unique and fascinating creatures. With the recent releases of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the series now boasts a staggering 1,000+ Pokémon across nine generations. While most of these creatures have clever, funny, or interesting names, there are definitely some that fall short in the naming department.

In video games, naming conventions and character names are crucial – a poorly chosen name can bring down an otherwise excellent character and subject them to ridicule. Examples of this include Poo from EarthBound, Seaman from Seaman, and Big the Cat from the Sonic franchise. Pokémon, in particular, are often given names that are puns or portmanteaus based on their abilities, appearance, or unique traits. While this results in some clever names, it can also lead to some truly abysmal ones.

Here are the top 10 worst Pokémon names:

10. Magikarp – This Fish species Pokémon is named after a combination of “magic” and “carp,” which is ironic considering it is one of the least exciting Pokémon in the series. While it does evolve into a fearsome dragon-like creature, the name Magikarp is still pretty dumb.

9. Purugly – This rotund Tiger Cat species Pokémon has a surly-looking face and confrontational nature, but its name is even worse. A portmanteau of “purr” and “ugly,” it’s a bad name no matter how you slice it.

8. Trubbish – This Poison type Trash Bag species Pokémon is born of a trash can and belches out rancid-smelling toxic gas. Its name, a combination of “trash” and “rubbish,” is a particularly lazy choice.

7. Seel – While the etymology of Seel’s name is uncertain, it’s clear that it’s a misspelling. The real problem, however, is that Seel is not a Seal species Pokémon – it’s a Sea Lion species Pokémon. While they are both marine mammals in the same suborder, they are not the same species.

6. Flamigo – This Synchronize species Pokémon has perhaps the worst name out of all the Generation 9 Pokémon. A lazy combination of “flamingo” and “amigo,” it’s not particularly creative and does nothing to differentiate it from a real-life flamingo.

5. Sudowoodo – This Imitation species Pokémon looks like a tree but is actually a Rock-type Pokémon. While its name is admittedly dumb, it’s also pretty honest – Sudowoodo is a pseudo-wooden creature.

4. Vanillite – This Fresh Snow species Pokémon looks like a small soft-serve ice cream and wafer cone. Its name is a combination of “vanilla” and “petite” or “delight,” which is just a dumb name.


3. Flapple – This Apple Wing species Pokémon is visually inspired by a green worm inside of an apple. In the original Japanese, it’s known as Appryu, which roughly translates to “apple dragon” – a cool name. In the English version, however, its name is a portmanteau of “flap” and “apple,” which is significantly dumber.

2. Ekans – This Snake species Pokémon has a charming rattlesnake design, but its name is incredibly unimaginative. It’s just the word “snake” spelled backward. It evolves into Arbok, which is likewise poorly named.

1. Lickilicky – This Licking species Pokémon is polarizing – some find it charming, while others find it unsettling. Its enormous tongue is extensible and numbing, which only adds to its discomforting appearance. Its name is thought to be a combination of “licky” and “icky,” which are two of the worst adjectives.

While the Pokémon franchise has produced some truly great names, these 10 examples show that even the best of us can stumble when it comes to naming things.

Since the series launched in Japan in 1996 with the release of Pokémon Red and Greenthe Pokémon franchise has grown to include hundreds of Pokémon. As of the latest releases, Pokémon Scarlet and Violetthe series features over 1,000 Pokémon across the nine generations. The majority of Pokémon have great, funny, or interesting names, but there are some that have names that range in quality from pretty mediocre to incredibly dumb.

In video games, naming conventions and character names are incredibly important – a poor name can lower an otherwise fine character to the status of ridicule. Poo from EarthBoundSeaman from Seamanand Big the Cat from the Sonic franchise are all examples of lazy, unfunny, or dumb names that ruin the character they are associated with. Pokémon are frequently given names consisting of simple puns or portmanteaus that are derived from their abilities, appearance, or some other unique trait – this has resulted in some abysmal names.

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10 Magikarp

Magikarp Galar Region Pokemon Sword & Shield

Magikarp is a combination of “magic” and “carp” – a particularly ironic name for one of the least exciting Pokémon in the series. Magikarp is a Fish species Pokémon and not at all magic – unless one counts evolving from a tiny carp into an enormous and ferocious dragon-esque beast. The name Magikarp is not a clever pun, nor is it representative of this fish’s abilities or appearance, it is just an incredibly dumb name.

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9 Purugly

Purugly jumping into battle in the Pokémon anime

Purugly is a rotund Tiger Cat species of Pokémon with a confrontational nature and surly-looking face. Purugly is a dumb name for several reasons, some more than others depending upon the etymology of the name. The portmanteau of “purr” and “ugly” to describe an ugly cat is bad enough; however, if the name is in fact, a pun – pure ugly – then it is even worse. It is seemingly suggested in the anime that other feline species Pokémon find Purugly to be ugly, with Meowth abruptly falling out of love with a Glameow upon its evolution to a Purugly.

8 Trubbish

An image of the Trubbish Pokemon in a field

The Poison type Trash Bag species Pokémon, Trubbish, belches out a plume of rancid-smelling toxic gas, but its name stinks even more. The portmanteau of “trash” and “rubbish” is a particularly lazy choice for a Pokémon that, as noted in various Pokédex entries, is a combination of discarded industrial waste and bags of garbage – born of a trash can. Trubbish undoubtedly has one of the dumbest names of any Pokémon in the series’ history.

7 rope

Seel swims with other Pokemon, including Psyduck, as well as two girls

The etymology of the Seel name is in its own right rather foolish – it is reportedly a simple misspelling. However, Seel is one of the worst named Pokémon as it is not a Seal species Pokémon, but a Sea Lion species Pokémon. Although both marine mammals are in the same taxonomical suborder, pinnipeds, they are not the same species. Seel should, therefore, be named See Lion, although this would still be a dumb name.

6 flaming


The Synchronize species Pokémon, Flamigo, has perhaps the worst name out of all the Generation 9 Pokémon – a lazy combination of “flamingo” and the Spanish word for friend, “amigo.” Found around the region of Paldea in expansive flocks, Flamigo is also one of the least creatively designed Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet – it is simply a flamingo, with no significant aesthetic alteration to differentiate it from one of its real-world counterparts.

5 sudowoodo

Sudowoodo celebrating in the Pokémon anime

First appearing in Pokémon Gold and SilverSudowoodo, although an admittedly dumb name, is a pretty honest name for a pseudo-wooden creature – the Imitation species Pokémon looks like a tree, but it is not a Grass-type. It is in fact, a Rock-type Pokémon. The purpose of this peculiar imitation is explained in the majority of Sudowoodo Pokédex entries – Sudowoodo is camouflaged as a tree to avoid getting attacked by enemies. However, unlike many genuine trees, Sudowoodo does not encounter leaf abscission, and therefore, it is quite easily identified as a fake tree in the winter months.

4 Vanillite


Although Vanillite is a Fresh Snow species Pokémon, it is visually reminiscent of a small soft-serve ice cream and wafer cone. Like many other poorly named Pokémon, Vanillite is a combination of two tangentially related words – in this instance, “vanilla” and “petite” or “delight” – either way, it is a dumb name. Unfortunately for the later stages in Vanillite’s evolutionary cycle, Vanillish and Vanilluxe, the trend of terrible and dumb names is seemingly endemic.

3 Flapple


The design of Flapple, is allegedly inspired by the popular image of a green worm inside of an apple – visually it is a great and creative design. In the original Japanese, Flapple is known as Appryu – which roughly translates to apple dragon, a pretty cool name. In the localized English, however, the name of the eighth generation Apple Wing species Pokémon is a portmanteau of “flap” and “apple” – a significantly dumber name.

2 Ekans

1687606316 747 10 Dumbest Pokemon Names In Series History Ranked TheFantasyTimes

A beloved Pokémon, and one from the original 151 of the first generation, Ekans is a Snake species Pokémon with a simple, yet charming rattlesnake design. Although its appearance and abilities are fine, it is its name where this Pokémon falls flat. Ekans is perhaps the least imaginative name for a species of Snake Pokémon, primarily because it is just the word “snake” backward. Notably, Ekans evolves into a likewise poorly named snake Pokémon, Arbok.

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1 Lickilicky

An image of the Lickilicky Pokemon in a field

Lickilicky is a rather polarizing Pokémon; some see the Licking species Pokémon to be odd, but charming and harmless, others, however, see the pink rotund Pokémon in a much less favorable light. The main point of contention is often levied on Lickilicky’s enormous tongue which is explained to be both extensible and – most troublingly – numbing. Beyond its discomforting appearance and abilities, Lickilicky is cursed with perhaps the dumbest name in the Pokémon series. Although the etymology is, to some degree, uncertain, its name is thought to be a combination of the words “licky” and “icky” – two of the worst adjectives.

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