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10 Fast & Furious Moments That Prove Dom Is Superhuman

The Fast & Furious franchise has transformed into a superhero story centered around Dom’s evolution. The series was initially a crime drama about an FBI agent infiltrating a gang of criminals led by Dominic Toretto. However, it has since evolved into a fantastical adventure with less focus on car racing and more on Dom’s superhuman abilities.

The franchise’s earlier movies were more grounded and realistic, but with each sequel, they became more unbelievable, especially in terms of physics and Dom’s capabilities. Dom has pulled off some incredible feats, such as jumping between skyscrapers in a sports car, driving vertically down a dam at 150 mph, and smashing out of an airplane in a muscle car.

While some of these stunts can be attributed to skillful driving, there are many instances where Dom’s superhuman abilities are evident. For example, in the first movie, Dom dodges bullets and survives being hit by a truck. In Furious 7, he lifts a 3,000-pound car with ease and flips a car with one arm while being shot at.

One of the most ridiculous moments in the franchise is when Dom saves Letty by flying through the air and landing on the hood of another car. In Furious 7, he even causes an earthquake by stomping on the ground, and in F9, he destroys a safe house’s foundation with nothing but his own strength.

Despite being so close to a nuclear submarine explosion in Fate of the Furious, Dom walks away unscathed. He also survives crashing his car into a helicopter in Furious 7 and doesn’t burn when driving a flaming car in Fate of the Furious.

The Fast & Furious franchise has become an evolutionary tale of Dom’s superhuman abilities. While the movies may be less believable, they still offer thrilling action and entertainment. The upcoming Fast and Furious 11 release may even reveal more of Dom’s superpowers.

The Fast & Furious franchise has become more about Dom evolving into a superhero than it is about car racing or even world-ending technology and there are a number of moments that prove he’s superhuman. The series began as a crime drama about an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a gang of low-life criminals led by Dominic Toretto, but it has evolved into something much more fantastical. While the movie was silly at times, it still had verisimilitude. However, with each following sequel, the movies became less and less believable, particularly when it came to physics and what Dom was capable of.


The Fast and Furious movies have seen Dom jump between skyscrapers hundreds of feet in the air in a sports car, steer a car vertically down a dam at 150 miles per hour, and smash out of the nose of an airplane in a muscle car. Though that can all be chalked up to skillful driving, there have been a huge number of occasions when Dom has hinted at having proper superhuman abilities. The Fast and Furious 11 release could finally reveal Dom has superpowers, which wouldn’t be surprising given a long list of inexplicable events, which include Dom dodging bullets, surviving massive falls, and even flying.

10 Dom Dodges Bullets In The Fast And The Furious

Dom and Brian sitting on a car with their friends in The Fast and the Furious

The very first movie in the franchise, The Fast and the Furiousis totally grounded and realistic compared to the many sequels. However, even from the very beginning, which was a low-stakes crime movie, there were still hints of Dom being superhuman. In the final act of the movie when Johnny Tran and his men are after Jesse, Johnny pulls a drive-by on Dom’s house, and Dom, out in the open, moves like a panther across his front lawn. Despite several men shooting at Dom with machine guns, not a single bullet hits the character. Minutes later, Dom went on to survive being hit by a truck too.

9 Dom Lifts A 3,000-Pound Car In Furious 7

Dom and Brian look at the Lykan Hypersport in Furious 7

The most ridiculous stunt in Fast and Furious is when Dom and Brian jump between three skyscrapers in the Lykan Hypersport in Furious 7. However, one overlooked moment before that proves Dom’s super strength. Brian lists off a bunch of the vehicle’s stats, explaining, “3.4 million dollars, zero to 60 in less than three seconds. There’s less than seven of these things in the world.” However, one stat that Brian doesn’t mention is that it weighs 3000 pounds. Dom groans a little, but he lifts up the Hypersport with absolute ease as Brian works on the vehicle.

8 Dom Flips A Car With One Arm In Fast X

Vin Diesel using a car door as a shield in Fast C

At this point in the franchise, nothing superhuman that Dom does would be surprising, or at least that’s how it seemed. During the shootout on the highway in Fast XDom flips a car with one arm, and he does so while being shot at. Unlike in Furious 7 when he lifted a 3000-pound vehicle but seemed to struggle a little, Dom flipped the vehicle in Fast X like with much more ease, and the struggle would be equal to somebody of normal strength lifting a coffee table. Dom’s superhuman strength is obviously growing as the series progresses.

7 Dom Leaps To Save Letty In Fast & Furious 6

Dom catches Letty in midair in Fast & Furious 6

This shot is the exact moment Fast & Furious became ridiculous, and while Fast Five, Fast & Furiousand even the original movie had their unbelievable moments of Dom’s superhuman abilities, Dom was literally flying when he saved Letty. In the scene, Letty is flung into the air when the tank she’s in comes to a sudden stop, and when Dom sees this, he intentionally crashes his car to propel himself into the air to save her. Not only did Dom briefly become Superman when he took flight, but he saved Letty by breaking her fall and landing on the hood of another car, which should have killed him.

6 Dom Causes An Earthquake By Stomping On The Ground In Furious 7

Dom and Shaw crash each other's cars in Furious 7

Following several cars parachuting into a no-fly zone and the Lykan Hypersport flying between skyscrapers in Dubai, what follows in Furious 7 doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s one of the greatest examples of Dom’s superhuman abilities. At the end of his fight with Luke Shaw on the top of a multi-story parking lot, Dom stomps on the ground, which causes an Earthquake. If that wasn’t proof enough of his superpowers, Dom even sensed it before it happened. Before stomping on the ground, Dom tells Shaw, “The funny thing about street races is… the street always wins.”

5 Dom Destroys The Safe House’s Foundation With Sheer Strength In F9

Dom hugs Han in F9

In F9Dom and his crew have an underground safe house, which seems like a labyrinth of tunnels. The one thing for sure is that the place is well-built and impossible for anyone to bring down. However, Dom proves that isn’t entirely true. When their location has been compromised and Jakob and his men attack the safe house, Dom does what he thinks is the only chance of survival, to destroy the safe house’s foundation by pulling down concrete posts with nothing but his own strength. Roman’s invincibility theory in F9is a tongue-in-cheek joke that breaks the fourth wall, but Dom’s strength in the movie proves Roman right.

4 Dom Survives A Nuclear Submarine Blowing Up 10 Feet Away From Him In Fate Of The Furious

Dominic Toretto is Serious in Fate of the Furious

Dom should’ve died in Fate of the Furiousand the time he’s on the ice is one of many examples. In Fate of the Furiousthe movie’s big set piece is the nuclear submarine, which blows up just a few feet away from Toretto. Despite being so close to the explosion, Dom walks away totally unscathed and doesn’t even have a scratch on him, even though there would have been such a great force and heat that the blast generated. In the sequence, Dom takes the limits of human endurance to a whole other level, and not even a superhero would have been able to withstand the nuclear explosion.

3 Dom Survives Crashing His Car Into A Helicopter In Furious 7

Dom behind the wheel in Furious 7

Another scene in Furious 7 shows just how catastrophic collisions aren’t any more harmful than a paper cut to Dom. In the 2015 movie, Dom drove his car directly into the helicopter, and he jumped out of the vehicle just before it hit the chopper. Director James Wan did attempt to make it seem as if Dom might have been about to die after the collision, as Letty holds him in her arms, and Dom does have a few scratches. However, there was no way Dom wasn’t going to survive, and a few minutes later, he was all cleaned up and drinking Coronas on the beach.

2 Dom Feels No Pain When He Gets Shot In Fast & Furious

Brian and Dom sit on the hoods of their cars in a garage in Fast & Furious

The fourth movie, Fast & Furiouswhich was before the movie became a globetrotting action franchise, teased Dom’s superhuman abilities. Dom straight-up got shot in the movie, and while it wasn’t a headshot, he was shot in the shoulder which would still make anybody fall to the floor and writhe in pain. Instead, Dom looked at his shoulder, got angry, and beat the person who shot him to a bloody pulp. He then walks off as if it didn’t happen, and the wound isn’t even tended to. This is proof that Dom isn’t only invincible but that he doesn’t even feel pain.

1 Dom Doesn’t Burn When He Drives A Flaming Car In Fate Of The Furious

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in The Fate of the Furious

In Fate of the FuriousDom intentionally sets an old car on fire as a tactic to evade Cipher’s men. However, after the car sets on fire, Dom simply keeps driving. He does shield himself with his forearm, but that’s hardly going to make a difference when the whole vehicle is ablaze. The movie even makes a point to show how hot the vehicle is when it cuts to the devil-red engine. The Fast & Furious franchise has become an evolutionary tale of Dom becoming a superhero, and no further proof is needed after seeing Dom not get burned when driving a vehicle that’s hotter than an oven.

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