10 Good Reasons to Watch This Scary Movie

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By Jitin Gambhir

Infinity Pool – Horror / Scary Movie: Brandon Cronenberg is a rising star in the world of filmmaking, noted for his distinctive and disturbing style that tackles themes of deranged horror. His films have won numerous awards. As the son of the illustrious director David Cronenberg, he has inherited his father’s love of the body horror genre, a subgenre in which David Cronenberg has established a strong reputation with films such as The Fly, Dead Ringers, and Scanners.

Scary Movie Infinity Pool
10 Reasons Why You Need to Watch This Horror Movie

10 Good Reasons to Watch This Scary Movie

Infinity Pool, Cronenberg’s most recent picture, had its world premiere at the Sundance picture Festival and has since garnered a significant amount of attention from film enthusiasts. In the movie, James and Em are depicted as taking a trip to the made-up nation of Li Tolqa, where they spend their time at the beach. There, they have an encounter with Gabi, a lady shrouded in mystery, who leads them away from the resort and into a world that is both violent and hedonistic.

Some viewers have commended Infinity Pool for its sense of dread and for its sensibility, while others have criticised the film for its narrative and for the gratuitous violence that it contains. Due to the fact that it is one of the works that has generated the greatest buzz throughout the course of the year, it is imperative that viewers pay close attention to the contents of the movie.

The following are ten reasons why you should watch the horrible film directed by Brandon Cronenberg:

Unrivalled Progression Towards the Visionary Goals

Although Brandon Cronenberg has inherited a lot from his father, he has distinguished himself by developing his own distinctive perspective. Cronenberg Jr. investigates the inner workings of the soul, whereas his father investigates how the degradation of the human body reveals something about the human psyche. In addition to the physical deterioration of his characters, he also includes a metaphysical dimension, which ties into his incisive insights on the nature of capitalist society.

Spectacular Visual Effects

The aesthetic sensibility of director David Cronenberg, paired with technology at the cutting edge, resulting in astonishing visual effects in the film Infinity Pool. A strange and engagingly immersive experience is provided to spectators by the film’s flawless integration of visual elements.

Unique Storytelling

The original and insightful storytelling of the film blurs the lines between truth and fiction, pushing the envelope and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire experience. The movie steers clear of the typical tactics used in storytelling and opens itself up to in-depth interpretation and study, calling each scene’s very composition into question.

Captivating Acts of Performance

The acting from the ensemble is captivating and appealing, which adds layers of complexity to the characters they play. Both Alexander Skarsgard and Mia Goth have established themselves as names to look for in horror films that combine sexual content with gore, depravity, brutality, emotional upheaval, and intelligent concepts.

Themes that are both Interesting and Complicated

Infinity Pool, much like some of Cronenberg’s other works, deals with complex ideas, such as how one maintains their identity in a shifting world. The film acts as a metaphor for a number of different themes that were presented in Antiviral and Possessor, and it does so through visceral and gory scenes.


6. Impressive Score

The combination of David Cronenberg’s vision and Tim Hecker’s talent for crafting frightening soundscapes has resulted in one of the most memorable and impressive compositions in recent years.

7. Cinematography That Is Inspiring

The cutting-edge and sharply defined cinematography created by Karim Hussain reveals horrific things that become harder and harder to tolerate, but it is impossible to turn away from the screen. His outstanding work is enhanced by meticulous editing, which helps to ensure that every shot is a beauty.

8. Engaging Pacing

In spite of having intricate ideas and a convoluted narrative, the pace of “Infinity Pool” never slows down. It strikes a healthy balance between introspective moments and tense episodes, thereby ensuring that the narrative moves along without any hiccups.

9. Reactions That Cause Discord And Provoke Contemplation

Any individual who like the horror genre or films in general owes it to themselves to view this movie because the reviews have been extremely mixed. Due to the fact that it will cause powerful responses, it is imperative that viewers pay attention and watch the movie with caution.

10. The Work That Will Define Cronenberg

Infinity Pool is the film that will cement Brandon Cronenberg’s place as one of the new A-listers in the horror genre. It also frees him from the unending and hazy comparisons to his father that have dogged his young career.

Anyone who enjoys original stories, breathtaking sights, and engaging performances will get a lot out of seeing Infinity Pool. Due to the fact that it is one of the works that has received the most attention this year, it is imperative that viewers pay close attention to the movie. The defining work that Brandon Cronenberg has produced firmly establishes him as one of the new A-listers in the horror genre.

Brandon Cronenberg is quickly becoming recognised as one of the most interesting emerging voices in the film industry. Since making his disturbing debut, Antiviralhe has evolved his own distinct aesthetic while also exploring many issues through the medium of deranged horror. He is, among other things, the son of the illustrious director David Cronenberg, who is widely considered to be the most prominent figure in the body horror genre. He is also responsible for producing some of the most well-known films in the genre, including The Fly, Dead Ringers, Scanners, as well as other works.

Since its debut at the Sundance picture Festival, Brandon’s most recent picture, Infinity Pool, is his most successful film to date. It has garnered the attention of cinema enthusiasts and caused debate among the community of film fans. James (Alexander Skarsgard) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) are enjoying a worry-free holiday in the fictitious beach country of Li Tolqa when they become the victims of a psychotic nightmare that unfolds throughout the course of this film. After encountering Gabi, a strange woman played by Mia Goth, who pulls them beyond the resort, they find themselves inside a violent and hedonistic world that will consume them in its whole.

There has been a lot of discussion on this endeavour; some people have praised it for being incredibly intelligent and terrifying, while others have criticised it for having an unbelievable plot and unnecessary bloodshed. As one of the works that has received the most feedback up to this point in the year, it is abundantly evident that viewing this movie calls for an iron stomach and undivided attention. The awful movie directed by Brandon Cronenberg is definitely worth your time for the following ten reasons.

Unparalleled Visionary Direction

Cronenberg movie Possessor

Brandon Cronenberg has learned how to distinguish himself from his father in order to allow his work to stand on its own, despite the fact that he has inherited many qualities from his father. His father has been more interested in how the degradation of the body speaks about the human psyche and state, while his son is more concerned with playing with the inner workings of the soul.

Brandon adds a metaphysical dimension in which his characters sense a detachment from purpose, which links up to keen observations on capitalist society, to the layers of physical degradation that are already there in the story. Brandon, who is known for writing narratives that are powerful and evocative, takes his singular vision to an entirely new level in this movie. Because of his directing, the movie is a spectacular event that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also psychologically stimulating.

Spectacular Visual Effects

Elevation Pictures

The aesthetic sense of Cronenberg, when paired with cutting-edge technology, results in astonishing visual effects. The perfect integration of different visual components in Infinity Pool provides viewers with a dreamlike and immersive experience. Cronenberg, despite the film’s fascinating graphics, never allows them to take centre stage because they are an extension of the warped narrative and ideas presented in the movie.

Unique Storytelling

close up face shot of mia goth in infinity pool
Elevation Pictures

Storytelling that is both original and thoughtful is one of the things that sets this movie apart from others. The narrative of Infinity Pool blurs the lines between truth and fantasy, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats for the entire film. The movie demonstrates a profound appreciation for its viewers by avoiding the use of traditional storytelling methods, prompting in-depth study and interpretation, and posing fundamental questions about each and every one of its settings and sequences.

Mia Goth in Infinity Pool
Elevation Pictures

The performances of the group are captivating and interesting, which adds dimension to the characters they play. Alexander Skarsgard and Mia Goth have been linked to a new school of horror for some time now, and with the release of Infinity Pool, they have established themselves as names that can be relied upon for films that combine sex, violence, depravity, emotional turmoil, and overall smart ideas that have reinvigorated the genre in recent years. Infinity Pool was directed by David Fincher, and stars Alexander Skarsgard and Mia Goth.

Intriguing and Complicated Themes

Infinity pool
Elevation Pictures

As with Cronenberg’s previous works, Infinity Pool deals with complicated notions such as identity in a changing world. Through visceral and bloody scenes, the film serves as a metaphor for various ideas that appeared both in Antiviral and in the equally disturbing Possessor.

Impressive Score

Unsound Productions

Tim Hecker has established a strong reputation for himself as one of the most talented ambient artists in the world. His compositions include a wide spectrum of styles, from piercing drone to gloomy synth odysseys. His talent for composing frightening soundscapes is a perfect complement for Cronenberg’s vision, and the two of them work together to bring one of the most memorable scores of recent times to life.

Inspiring Cinematography

Šibenik, Croatia Filming Location for Infinity Pool (2023)
Elevation Pictures

Infinity Pool creates a strange but in some ways rewarding combination by utilising cutting-edge, extremely detailed cinematography to represent dreadful things that get progressively more difficult to bear while simultaneously making it impossible to look away from the screen. Karim Hussain, who has devoted his career to become one of the most accomplished cinematographers in the horror genre, is the perfect person to generate unease even before the bloodletting begins.

Because of the composed camera work that favours unorthodox shots, scenes that mostly involve dialogue are just as unsettling as those that represent acts of indiscriminate murder. James Vandewater, who is well on his way to being a well-known figure in the field, provided the exact editing that complements his outstanding work. James Vandewater is also well on his way to becoming a well-known figure in the genre.

Engaging Pacing

infinity pool
Elevation Pictures

In spite of having intricate ideas and a convoluted narrative, the pace of “Infinity Pool” never slows down. In spite of the fact that it would be so appealing for this movie to move slowly and be even more painful, the filmmakers were able to strike a balance between introspective moments and riveting events, thereby ensuring that the story moved forward without any hiccups.

This is arguably one of the comparisons between the Cronenbergs that gets mentioned the least. In the last ten years, unwarranted comparisons have been made between Brandon Cronenberg and his father, David Cronenberg. These analogies are typically quite general and don’t touch on the obvious distinctions between the two. They have both honed the ability to take a film from point A to point B at a pace that is consistent with popular filmmaking while simultaneously creating pictures that are strikingly dissimilar to those that have been discussed previously.

Divisive and Thought-Provoking Reactions

Alexander Skarsgard Infinity Pool
Elevation Pictures

The critical reception of the movie has ranged from acclaim to widespread derision. Many of the films that are referred to as “critically acclaimed” appear to achieve consensus as a result of the fact that they are either universal or lack an edge. This is a very reasonable point, however a movie that can boast that it drove some people out of the theatre in disgust while at the same time others applauded it for minutes is undoubtedly a movie that deserves attention and should be required viewing for anyone who like horror films or films in general.

Cronenberg’s Defining Work

Andrea Riseborough in the 2020 film Possessor
Ingenious Media

Last but not least, Brandon Cronenberg joins the ranks of new horror A-listers with the release of the film Infinity Pool. Other new horror A-listers include Robert Eggers and Ari Aster. This work is a step above his first two efforts, and it is ultimately the one that has emancipated him from the incessant and imprecise comparisons to his father that have plagued his young career. This work is disgustingly exquisite, and it is a step beyond his first two efforts.

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