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10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Dave The Diver offers a unique blend of fishing and restaurant management, providing players with a relaxing gameplay experience accompanied by a captivating story-driven narrative and an exceptional soundtrack. While it may not be classified as a cozy farming game, it certainly satisfies the same cravings. In this article, we will provide some helpful tips for new players to fully enjoy all that this title has to offer.

1. Quests Without Time Limits: Unlike many other games, quests in Dave The Diver rarely come with a time limit. Players can complete tasks at their own pace, allowing them to focus on the narrative aspects they prefer. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Occasionally, VIP customers visiting your restaurant may place orders with time constraints, usually ranging from 2 to 4 days. Nevertheless, even if you fail to meet these deadlines, the setback is minimal.

2. Talk to Everyone: To truly immerse yourself in the game, don’t just focus on catching fish and fulfilling restaurant obligations. Take the time to interact with your friends, employees, and chefs. These individuals often have quests waiting for you, offering additional opportunities for adventure. For example, your best friend and boss, Cobra, frequently assigns quests to hunt down specific fish. Engaging in meaningful conversations can lead to exciting quests and new discoveries.

3. Oxygen Depletion from Getting Hit: The consequences of getting hit in the game may not be immediately apparent. There is no visible health bar, and you may not pay attention to your oxygen levels while being attacked by a swordfish. In Dave The Diver, damage is translated as lost oxygen. If you encounter unfavorable situations, your oxygen tank can quickly deplete from 100 to 0. The severity of the damage varies, with accidental contact with a jellyfish causing less harm than being attacked by a shark.

4. Unlock Everything First: To fully explore the game’s potential, it is crucial to unlock all available features. Check your phone to determine if you have completed the tutorial phase. If you notice any grayed-out apps, it indicates that there are still locked elements. Unlock these apps by naturally progressing through the game and completing quests. It should take approximately one week of in-game progress to unlock all features. The game excels at gradually introducing new mechanics, ensuring players are not overwhelmed with information.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Hire Staff: The success of your restaurant relies on the workers you hire from Bancho’s shop. Although spending 1000 Gold on an excellent worker may initially seem like a waste of money, the rewards are well worth the investment. Skilled workers not only contribute more to the shop’s operations but can also be trained to enhance their abilities further. By investing more gold early on, you avoid the need to replace workers later to keep up with increasing demands.

6. Catch Everything: As you progress through the game, you will unlock the MarinCa App, which catalogs the fish species you have caught. This database proves invaluable, and MarinCa even rewards you based on the number of fish species you have successfully captured. While it may be tempting to venture deeper into the ocean, ignoring smaller fish in shallower waters, doing so will leave gaps in your encyclopedia. MarinCa categorizes fish species based on their respective habitats, allowing you to track your progress and ensure you haven’t missed any species.

7. Attempt to Catch Fish Alive: The MarinCa App features a star rating system, with three starfish representing the highest rating. To achieve a three-star rating, you must catch fish without damaging them, avoiding the use of harpoons or damage-dealing guns like the sniper. To accomplish this, you can either capture fish using a Net Gun or use the Tranquilizer to put them to sleep. Both of these options are available as weapon upgrades through Duff’s weapon app.

8. Manage Your Carry Weight: Carry weight plays a significant role in the game, as exceeding the weight limit restricts your ability to move freely. You can expand this limit by upgrading your gear. Until then, only carry what you can comfortably handle and don’t hesitate to discard unnecessary items. However, if you stumble upon something valuable near an escape pod, it is acceptable to exceed the weight limit by one or two kilograms. There are two levels of over-encumbrance, with a simple anchor symbol indicating a minor issue. When the symbol turns red, immediate escape is necessary.

9. Check Apps Daily: Upgrading your character’s abilities and staying informed about your restaurant’s status primarily relies on using various apps. These apps serve as the main interface for upgrading and keeping track of essential aspects of the game, such as your Cooksta rating, Ecowatcher missions, and iDiver upgrades. Regularly checking these apps is crucial for character progression and maintaining restaurant efficiency.


10. Highlighted Objectives: With a vast variety of fish and collectibles in the ocean depths, it is impractical to remember the names of each one. To alleviate this challenge, Dave The Diver highlights quest objectives with blue diamonds floating above relevant sprites. If you have a quest to collect specific items, such as ropes or SeaGrapes, exploring the water will reveal highlighted items, eliminating the need to recall their appearance.

In conclusion, Dave The Diver offers players a unique combination of fishing and restaurant management, providing a relaxing and captivating gaming experience. By following these tips, new players can navigate the game world effectively, fully immersing themselves in its rich narrative and enjoying all the features it has to offer.

Dave The Diver is an easy-going fishing and restaurant management sim rolled into one. Promising relaxing gameplay with more than a touch of story-driven narrative and an excellent soundtrack. While it isn’t technically a cozy farming game, it scratches all the same itches.

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The game does an excellent job with the tutorial, introducing new elements gradually so the players aren’t overwhelmed by all the things to do. However, there are still some tips new players might appreciate as they explore all this title has to offer.

10 Quests Don’t Have A Time Limit

No limit for quests dave the diver

Quests in Dave The Diver rarely have a time limit. You complete tasks at your own pace, however fast or slow that might be. This allows players the ability to focus on whichever narrative they prefer. Progressing the story in that direction to the exclusion of everything else.

That doesn’t mean there are no quests with a time limit. If a VIP comes to visit your restaurant and orders a specific dish, Bancho will often impose a time limit (2-4 days). However, this is a rare exception, and even then, failing doesn’t set you back by that much.

9 Talk To Everyone

dave talking to cobra in dave the diver

While you can go through the story only catching fish and doing the bare minimum at the restaurant, that’s no way to enjoy the game. Talk to your friends, employees, and chefs. Often, these people have quests for you if only you take the time to talk to them and listen to what they have to say.

A good example of this is Cobra, your sketchy best friend who is also your boss. Talk to him when you get out of the water after a dive, and you’ll often receive a small quest to hunt down so and so fish.

8 Getting Hit Depletes Oxygen

dave getting bit by a fish in dave the diver

It’s not immediately obvious what getting hit does to Dave in the game. There is no health bar in sight, and you typically wouldn’t keep an eye on oxygen while you’re getting run through by a swordfish.

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Damage in Dave The Diver is translated as lost oxygen. If an encounter goes poorly, the tank can go from 100 to 0 surprisingly quickly. The severity of the damage is also taken into account as it looks like accidentally touching a jellyfish does much less than being chewed out by a shark.

7 Unlock Everything First

dave checking apps in dave the diver

While it may seem obvious in hindsight, to explore the game to its fullest extent, unlocking everything is necessary. To check if you have unlocked everything already and are officially out of the tutorial phase, check your phone. If you see an app that’s grayed out, it means you haven’t unlocked everything yet.

To unlock apps, keep playing naturally and complete the quests as they come. You’ll need, at most, a week’s worth of progress (in-game) to fully unlock all the features. The game does a very good job of not dumping everything on you all at once and introducing new mechanics gradually.

6 Don’t Be Afraid To Hire Staff

hired staff in the management app in dave the diver

Workers in Bancho’s shop are going to be necessary for the restaurant to function and thrive. While spending 1000 Gold on an excellent worker can seem a waste of money, the payoff is very much worth it.

Good workers not only do more for the shop, they can also be trained to become even better at their specialties. Investing more gold early on ensures you don’t need to replace these workers down the road with better ones to keep up with the demand down the road.

5 Catch Everything

marinca app in dave the diver

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock the MarinCa App that tracks what fish you’ve caught already and adds them to your catalog. Not only is having this database on hand extremely useful, MarinCa also rewards you according to how many species of fish you’ve caught and brought up to the surface.

It may be tempting to keep heading further and further down in the depths while ignoring all the small fish near shallower waters, but that will mean an incomplete encyclopedia. MarinCa has fish species separated by the area they can be found in, so you can always track if you’ve caught everything or if something is still left.

4 Try To Catch Fish Alive

perfect 3 star fish in marinca app dave the diver

While we’re on the topic of MarinCa, you might’ve noticed the starring system the app has, with three starfish being the highest. A catch will gain 3 stars when it is completely undamaged. That means no harpoons or damage-dealing guns like the sniper.

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There are two ways you can get an undamaged fish. One way is to capture them using a Net Gun, and the second is to use the Tranquilizer to put them to sleep. Both are weapon upgrades you can craft via Duff’s weapon app.

3 Keep An Eye On Your Weight

dave over encumbered in dave the diver

Carry weight is a big deal in this game, as you’re only going to be able to move unburdened if you don’t go over the weight limit. You can expand this limit by upgrading your gear, but until you do, only take what you can carry, and don’t be hesitant to discard the rest.

However, don’t be afraid of going one or two Kilograms above the limit if you find something really valuable and you’re near an escape pod. There are two levels of over-encumbrance. When you only see an anchor over Dave’s Sprite, it’s not a big deal. It’s when you see the red symbol that you need to begin looking for immediate egress.

2 Check Apps Everyday

dave checkking the idiver app for upgrades

The only way to progress your character’s abilities in Dave The Diver is by upgrading via apps. Not only that, but Apps are going to be your main way to keep track of what’s going on in your restaurant as well.

Additionally, you’ll need to manually keep track of a few things to upgrade them when upgrades become available. From your rating on Cooksta to the missions on Ecowatcher to upgrading using iDiver, it all requires a personal touch.

1 Objectives Are Highlighted

dave looking at white spotted jellyfish with diamond highlights in dave the diver

There are hundreds of different species of fish and things you can collect in the ocean depths. Nobody is expecting you to memorize and retain the correct names for each and every one of them.

That’s why the game marks quest objectives with a blue diamond floating over sprites. If you have a quest to collect 2 Ropes and a SeaGrape, explore the water, and if there is a rope or SeaGrape on screen, it will be highlighted and visible, eliminating the need for you to remember what the item you’re searching for looks like.

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