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By Jitin Gambhir

11 Avengers You Didn’t Know Beat the Juggernaut

Juggernaut has faced numerous adversaries throughout his long tenure as a prominent comic book character. He has frequently clashed with the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk, and occasionally with the Avengers. Although the Avengers may not be considered Juggernaut’s typical enemies, they have managed to achieve impressive victories against him in the past. Even relatively unknown members who have not been with the team for long have surprised everyone with their ability to defeat him. Initially, Juggernaut was introduced as an antagonist to the X-Men, but he is not actually a mutant. His powers were bestowed upon him by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which granted him superhuman strength, durability, mystical armor, and the ability to become unstoppable once he reaches a certain speed. These powers make him an almost invincible force, and he has battled formidable opponents such as Thor and Hulk. It is therefore surprising that these comparatively less powerful Avengers managed to overcome him.

In one instance, Colossus, who had been transformed into Juggernaut, engaged in a fierce battle with Red Hulk. In Uncanny X-Men #11 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land, it initially appeared that Juggernaut would emerge victorious. However, he realized that the additional power was corrupting his mind and leading him to endanger the X-Men’s island home. Gaining clarity, Juggernaut surrendered to Red Hulk, allowing him to deliver the winning blow. Although Juggernaut essentially allowed Red Hulk to win, the latter proudly claimed victory. This story highlighted the toll that Juggernaut’s powers take on his mental state and emphasized the importance of accepting defeat rather than sacrificing others to win.

In Uncanny Avengers #29 by Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, and Juanan Ramírez, Doctor Voodoo unintentionally summons Juggernaut to the Avengers Mansion while invoking Cyttorak’s magic. Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wasp, Synapse, and Dr. Voodoo join forces to defeat him. Despite their efforts, Rogue, Quicksilver, and Synapse fail to subdue Juggernaut, and he nearly kills Synapse. When all other methods prove ineffective, Doctor Voodoo uses his magic to immobilize Juggernaut by enhancing his armor. He then teleports the villain away, ignoring Juggernaut’s pleas to be returned to prison. This victory demonstrated Doctor Voodoo’s ingenuity in utilizing Juggernaut’s powers against him.

In Spider-Woman #38 by Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha, Spider-Woman confronts not only Juggernaut but also his malevolent companions, Black Tom Cassidy and Siryn. They frame Spider-Woman for theft and attempt to escape justice on a derelict ship. With the assistance of Colossus, Storm, and Angel from the X-Men, Spider-Woman thwarts their escape. Although Black Tom Cassidy and Siryn are easily subdued, Juggernaut proves to be more difficult. With the X-Men’s help, Spider-Woman sends him plunging into the water, depriving him of his usual advantages and causing him to drift out to sea. Spider-Woman’s victory illustrates that defeating Juggernaut does not necessarily require engaging in a physical brawl; removing his foothold can be a simple yet effective strategy.

In Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3’s ‘Burn’ by John Ridley and Jorge Fornes, Juggernaut crashes into a bar where Wolverine and Cosmic Ghost Rider are enjoying a drink. Both Wolverine and Cosmic Ghost Rider lack the raw power to defeat Juggernaut directly. However, Wolverine realizes that Cosmic Ghost Rider’s chains, made from Cyttorak’s bones, are immune to Juggernaut’s powers. Wolverine restrains Juggernaut with the chains, allowing for his arrest. This is not the first time Wolverine has triumphed over Juggernaut; he also defeated him in Fear Itself #7 by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen when both characters were enhanced by Asgardian magic. Wolverine consistently finds the right weapon to secure victory, even when his claws prove ineffective against Juggernaut’s armor.

In Heroes Reborn Vol 2 #1 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, Hyperion confronts ‘Doctor Juggernaut,’ a version of Doctor Doom who has become the latest host of the Juggernaut’s power. Despite Doctor Doom’s knowledge of magic, Hyperion easily defeats him. Hyperion’s ability to overpower Juggernaut is also evident in Thunderbolts #153 by Jeff Parker and Kev Walker, where he takes on the entire team and cripples the original Juggernaut’s knee, preventing him from gaining momentum. Hyperion’s victory would have been complete if the rest of the team had not intervened and launched a coordinated attack against him.

In Venom: The Madness #3 by Ann Nocenti and Kelley Jones, Venom, at the height of his popularity in the early ’90s, confronts the seemingly invincible Juggernaut. Surprisingly, Venom not only manages to physically overpower Juggernaut but also frightens him away. Despite Juggernaut’s superior power, he flees in terror. Venom’s victory showcases his iconic status during that period, as he even fought against Superman in a crossover event, demonstrating his own form of plot armor.

In Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #44 by Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood, Doctor Strange finds himself captured by Cyttorak. Thinking on his feet, Strange summons Juggernaut to aid him. However, Juggernaut betrays Strange and viciously attacks him after stealing Cyttorak’s power source. To counter this, Strange retrieves the power source and unleashes the enraged ‘boss’ of Cyttorak on Juggernaut, ultimately defeating him. As the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is accustomed to calling upon magical entities like Cyttorak to fight for him, but this instance represents the most literal interpretation of that concept. Strange also forms an alliance with Juggernaut, only to be double-crossed, in Doctor Strange #18 by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan. Once again, Strange employs a similar strategy by invoking Eternity to confront the combined threat of Juggernaut and Nightmare.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #627 by Roger Stern and Lee Weeks, Captain Universe, in the human host of William Nguyen, seeks revenge against Juggernaut for essentially ruining his life. Determined to kill him, Captain Universe incapacitates Juggernaut, knocking him unconscious. Spider-Man intervenes before Captain Universe can deliver the killing blow, resulting in a temporary alliance against Juggernaut. Despite facing two superpowered adversaries, Captain Universe emerges victorious. However, the Enigma Force abandons Nguyen when he prioritizes revenge over preventing a nearby disaster, preventing him from carrying out the killing blow. Captain Universe’s superiority over Juggernaut is evident, as he is one of Marvel’s most powerful entities.

In The Incredible Hulk #602 by Greg Pak and Ariel Olivetti, Hulk seeks out Juggernaut to train his son, Skaar, in combat. Hulk destroys Juggernaut’s house to provoke him into a battle. Initially, Skaar is overpowered by Juggernaut, but he resorts to underhanded tactics. Skaar transforms into his child form and pleads with Juggernaut, appealing to his sympathy. This momentary distraction allows Skaar to knock out Juggernaut. When the blow proves insufficient to defeat him, Skaar breaks the truce and hurls Juggernaut into space, securing his victory. Although Juggernaut is one of Marvel’s strongest villains, his lack of strategic thinking makes him vulnerable to deceitful tactics.


Finally, in various encounters, Deadpool has managed to outwit and defeat Juggernaut. In Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne’s Deadpool #13, Deadpool cleverly exploits Juggernaut’s limited speed by luring him into a trap and trapping him in cement, effectively neutralizing his unstoppable momentum. Deadpool’s cunning and resourcefulness prove to be effective tools against Juggernaut’s overwhelming strength.

Overall, these battles against Juggernaut demonstrate that victory is not solely determined by raw power. Strategy, ingenuity, and exploiting weaknesses are critical factors in overcoming seemingly unbeatable opponents.

Juggernaut has had many foes in his decades as a major comic book character, often facing off against the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk – and, less commonly, the Avengers. While Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might not be considered Juggernaut’s standard enemies, they’ve done an impressive job of beating him in the past. Even obscure members who haven’t been with the team long have managed to score surprising victories.

While Juggernaut was first seen as an antagonist to the X-Men, Juggernaut is not actually a mutant. Juggernaut received his powers through the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which granted him the abilities of superstrength and durability, mystical armor, and ‘magic momentum’ which makes him unstoppable once he picks up enough speed. These powers make him an almost unstoppable force, and he’s used to tangling with powerhouses like Thor and Hulk – which makes it all the more surprising that these less powerful Avengers managed to beat him.

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11 Red Hulk

red hulk vs colossus juggernaut

During the time that Colossus (aka Piotr Rasputin) was transformed into Juggernaut, he went toe to toe with Red Hulk in Kieron Gillen and Greg Land’s Uncanny X-Men #11. At first, it seems like Juggernaut will defeat Red Hulk, throwing himself into the fight with relish. Colossus channels more and more of Cyttorak’s power, increasing his size and taking on a monstrous form to win. However, Juggernaut realizes that the additional power is warping his mind, and tempting him to destroy the X-Men’s island home in the ensuing fight. Gaining some clarity, he surrenders to Red Hulk, allowing Thunderbolt Ross to strike a winning blow. As a result, Red Hulk is victorious.

While the fight was not completely matched since Juggernaut basically let him win, Red Hulk is the kind of fighter who is happy to call a victory a victory. The story made it clear how Juggernaut’s powers come with a toll on his mind, and that the host of the power might be better off accepting a loss than sacrificing others to win.

10 Doctor Voodoo

doctor voodoo vs juggernaut

In Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, and Juanan Ramírez’s Uncanny Avengers #29Doctor Voodoo opens a can of worms when he accidentally summons Juggernaut to the ailing Avengers Mansion while invoking Cyttorak’s magic. Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wasp, Synapse, and Dr. Voodoo work together to try to beat him. However, efforts from Rogue, Quicksilver, and Synapse are unsuccessful, and Juggernaut almost kills the latter hero. When all other methods prove to be futile, Doctor Voodoo uses his magic to increase Juggernaut’s armor to the point where he can’t move. Doctor Voodoo then teleports the villain away, ignoring his pleas to be returned to prison. It was one of the smartest wins over the Juggernaut ever, as Doctor Voodoo realizes that he can’t overpower his foe, but he can turn his gifts against him.

9 Spider-Woman

spider-woman vs juggernaut

In Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha’s Spider-Woman #38published in 1981, the titular character fought not just Juggernaut but two of his malevolent compatriots as well. Juggernaut along with Black Tom Cassidy and Siryn framed Spider-Woman for Vibranium theft and attempted to escape justice on a derelict ship. However, Colossus, Storm, and Angel of the X-Men help Spider-Woman thwart the villain’s escape. While Black Tom Cassidy and Siryn are easily accosted, Juggernaut is more difficult. With the X-Men’s help, Spider-Woman blasts him into the water, taking away his traditional advantages and leading to him drifting out to sea. Spider-Woman’s win shows that heroes don’t need to beat Juggernaut in a fist fight – removing his footing is an easy way to turn the tables.

8 Wolverine

wolverine vs juggernaut

In Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3‘s ‘Burn,’ John Ridley and Jorge Fornes present a story of Juggernaut crashing into a bar where Wolverine and Cosmic Ghost Rider are drinking. While neither has the raw might to beat Juggernaut, Wolverine realizes that – hailing from an alternate future where Thanos eradicated all life – Cosmic Ghost Rider’s chains are made from Cyttorak’s bones. This makes them immune to Juggernaut’s powers, and Wolverine trusses him up to be arrested.

This is not the only time Wolverine has defeated Juggernaut, also beating him in Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen’s Fear Itself #7 when both were enhanced by Asgardian magic. Wolverine’s claws may be useless against Juggernaut’s armor, but he reliably finds the right weapon to come out ahead.

7 Hyperion

hyperion vs juggernaut

In Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ Heroes Reborn Vol 2 #1Hyperion takes on ‘Doctor Juggernaut’ – a version of Doctor Doom who has become the latest Juggernaut. Despite Doom also knowing magic, Hyperion makes short work of the fight. However, fans already knew that Hyperion could pulverize Juggernaut – in Jeff Parker and Kev Walker’s Thunderbolts #153Hyperion takes on the entire team, shattering the original Juggernaut’s knee so that he can’t gain any momentum. Hyperion would have killed Juggernaut with his heat vision if the rest of the team hadn’t stepped in, ganging up on Marvel’s Superman in the way only villains can.

6 Venom

venom vs juggernaut

In Ann Nocenti and Kelley Jones’ Venom: The Madness #3the Lethal Protector takes on the Unstoppable Force. Taking place in the early ’90s when Venom’s fame was at its peak, not only does the symbiote manage to throw Juggernaut around, but to totally scare him off. Juggernaut loses by fleeing in terror, despite being the far more powerful figure by most metrics. Of course, Venom was so iconic at the time that Marvel even had him fighting Superman, so the future Secret Avengers member was wearing some pretty heavy plot armor of his own.

5 Doctor Strange

doctor strange vs juggernaut

In Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #44by Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood, the titular hero is captured by Cyttorak himself. Thinking quickly, Strange summons Juggernaut to help him, and the supervillain actually attacks his mystic patron and steals the source of his power. Of course, Juggernaut instantly turns on the hero, beating him badly. Strange turns the tables by hurling Cyttorak’s power source back into his possession, unleashing the Juggernaut’s enraged ‘boss’ to take him down. As the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is used to invoking magical beings like Cyttorak to fight for him, but this is the most literal way he’s ever done so.

Strange also allies with – and is betrayed by – Juggernaut in Roy Thomas and Gene Colan’s Doctor Strange #18essentially repeating his trick by invoking Eternity to deal with the combined threat of Juggernaut and Nightmare.

4 Captain Universe

captain universe vs juggernaut

Under the human host of William Nguyen, Captain Universe swears revenge on Juggernaut in Roger Stern and Lee Weeks’ The Amazing Spider-Man #627. After Juggernaut was responsible for basically destroying his life, Nguyen – now the latest version of Captain Universe – is determined to kill him, knocking Juggernaut out cold. Thankfully, Spider-Man steps in to help before the killing blow. Contending with two superpowered beings, Captain Universe still manages to take them both. Thankfully for the Juggernaut, the Enigma Force abandons Nguyen once he chooses seeking revenge over stopping a nearby disaster, preventing the killing blow. In this case, Captain Universe was simply out of Juggernaut’s league, being one of Marvel’s strongest beings.

3 Skaar

Hulk Son Skaar vs Juggernaut Comic Fight

Hulk has defeated Juggernaut many times, and in training his son Skaar, he sought the villain out for a battle. In Greg Pak and Ariel Olivetti’s The Incredible Hulk #602the Hulk bombs Juggernaut’s house to draw him out. Initially losing, Skaar is almost overcome by Juggernaut. That is until the Dark Avenger resorts to some underhanded tactics. Skaar appeals to Juggernaut’s sympathy by transforming out of his gamma form, regaining his child form and begging the villain not to hurt him. This lowers Juggernaut’s defenses, allowing Skaar a window to knock him out. However, when the blow is not enough to beat him, he and Juggernaut make a truce… which Skaar breaks immediately. Blindsided, Juggernaut is hurled into open space and defeated. While he’s among Marvel’s strongest villains, Juggernaut will never be the smartest, and dirty tricks are a good way to take him down – as the final two entries on this list prove.

2 Deadpool

deadpool riding juggernaut

In Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne’s Despicable Deadpool #298a huge price on Wade Wilson’s head tempts Juggernaut – who’s long had beef with the Regeneratin’ Degenerate – to try his luck. However, Deadpool is more than ready for Juggernaut, first hitting him with a truck out of nowhere, then dousing him in concrete. It’s a humiliating loss for Juggernaut, and shows just how much preparation can change the course of a battle – and how much he relies on his magic momentum to win the day.

1 Spider-Man

juggernaut vs spider-man

Spider-Man may be strong, but he has nowhere near the level of muscular power as Juggernaut. This makes Spidey’s victory over the Juggernaut an unexpected surprise. In fact, he reliably beats Juggernaut. This is evident as far back as their first meeting. Starting in Roger Stern and John Romita Jr.’s The Amazing Spider-Man #229, Spider-Man gets off to a rocky start after all his attacks are unsuccessful – his webs slip off Juggernaut’s armor, and even after a gasoline truck crashes into him, the villain is unharmed. However, Spider-Man is smart enough to lure Juggernaut into a building site, causing him to ‘drown’ in wet cement. Juggernaut has noted it as his most humiliating and traumatizing loss, as he was trapped for over a month, and he retains a fear of being trapped from the experience (something that made all the other losses here sting even worse)

Juggernaut’s power can seem unbeatable, but his mystic abilities mean there are many ways to defeat him. Whether by tricking him, bringing the right weapon, or using his power against him, each of these Avengers scored a victory against the Juggernauteven if the times he was punched out by Hulk tend to stick in fans’ minds a little better.

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