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7 Ways Lies Of P Is Different From Other Soulsborne Games

When the announcement for Lies of P was made in 2021, fans of FromSoftware games were ecstatic about the prospect of diving into a new action RPG title. Lies of P is a gruesome retelling of the beloved Pinocchio tale, incorporating many mechanics found in FromSoftware games while also introducing fresh and unique features.

Neowiz Games, the developers behind Lies of P, drew inspiration from the deliberate and punishing combat system that characterizes the “Soulsborne” sub-genre. In this game, players control Pinocchio as he navigates the dark streets of Krat, needing to dodge and slash his way through enemies in order to reunite with his father Gepetto. While Lies of P shares similarities with FromSoftware games, it also brings new elements to the table, particularly in its exploration of the theme of lying, which is central to the Pinocchio story. Fans of the Soulsborne genre will find much to love in Lies of P, but should also anticipate unexpected surprises that will provide a fresh and exciting experience.

To break up the intense combat sequences, Neowiz has implemented unique pacing mechanisms, one of which is the gramophone system. Throughout the game, players will come across special discs that Pinocchio can play on a gramophone. It remains unclear whether the music featured will be exclusive to the game or if there will be tracks from the developers’ other titles, but this addition enhances the European steampunk aesthetic that Lies of P aims to capture.

In many Soulsborne games, side quests are often easily missed by players solely focused on progressing through the main story and surviving boss battles. Lies of P addresses this by introducing telephones that provide players with ominous riddles, making optional quests more accessible. These telephones are likely to be strategically placed along the main path, encouraging players to explore areas they might not have otherwise considered.

Weapon crafting in Lies of P takes a different approach compared to other FromSoftware games. Players have the ability to mix and match different parts of tools they discover throughout their journey, creating unique weapons that suit their preferences. The blade determines the weapon’s impact, while the hilt affects the attack motion and speed. With over 30 basic weapon types and over 100 possible combinations, players have a vast array of customization options, surpassing what is offered in Soulsborne games.

Unlike previous titles where weapon durability was often forgotten due to the slow degradation rate, Lies of P emphasizes weapon durability. All weapons, regardless of their size or sturdiness, gradually deteriorate with each attack or block. However, Pinocchio is equipped with a built-in grinder in his arm that can swiftly repair any weapon, making the system more manageable and enjoyable.

Similar to the staggering mechanic in Soulsborne games, Lies of P introduces “Groggy Mode.” When an enemy’s health bar starts flashing white after a specific attack, players can trigger Groggy Mode, temporarily rendering the enemy vulnerable and allowing them to deal significant damage. Unlike Sekiro’s Posture Gauge, there is no specific meter for Groggy Mode. Instead, it appears randomly after Pinocchio inflicts enough damage.

As Pinocchio is a puppet, he can equip his mechanical body with Legion Arms, each possessing unique abilities that can be utilized in combat. While reminiscent of Sekiro’s Shinobi Prosthetic, Legion Arms in Lies of P focus more on offense and destruction, akin to Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5. Each Legion Arm contains three special abilities that can be upgraded, increasing their power and impact on the battlefield. Additionally, Legion Arms have different weight classes that affect Pinocchio’s movement speed. Unlike traditional ammunition, the Legion Arms rely on the Legion Gauge, allowing players to consistently utilize their explosive effects.

An intriguing mechanic in Lies of P is the lying dialogue system. As Pinocchio strives to survive in a menacing world, he will encounter characters with whom he can choose to lie during conversations. The lies players select will influence the story paths and ultimately determine the ending. NPCs in the game have intricate progression paths, so telling a lie can lead to entirely different quests and stories. However, lying excessively may have negative consequences, as indicated by Pinocchio’s body twitching. On the other hand, lying can also result in obtaining valuable items, leaving it up to the player to decide how deceitful Pinocchio should be throughout the story.

Lies of P is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S & X, and PC on September 19th, 2023. For more information, check out our guide on where to get the Pulse Cell and how to recharge it in Lies of P.


When Lies of P was first announced back in 2021, fans of the FromSoftware games immediately rejoiced at the idea of being able to sink their teeth into a new action RPG title. Lies of P is a gory re-telling of the classic Pinocchio tale that shares many mechanics that are found in the FromSoftware games, there are still many brand-new features that help make it unique.

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The developers Neowiz Games have taken a lot of inspiration from the methodical and punishing combat system that defines the “Soulsborne” sub-genre, with Pinocchio needing to dodge and slash his way through the dark streets of Krat if he stands any chance of reuniting with his father Gippetto.

Lies of P still introduces just enough new features to separate it from its comparisons, especially in terms of the incredibly unique ways it plays around with the theme of lying which is at the core of the Pinocchio tale. Soulsborne fans will find a lot to love here, but they should also expect to run into a few surprises along the way which will make for a fresh new experience.

7 The Gramophone

Gramophone Used To Play Music In Lies Of P

Rather than being immersed in the gory mechanical combat from start to finish, Neowiz have ensured to break up the pacing in a few unique ways to help ensure that the player isn’t constantly being bombarded with hordes of enemies, and one of the best ways they’ve accomplished this is through the gramophone system.

As players venture through the world, they will come across certain special discs which Pinocchio will be able to play on the gramophone. It’s not yet clear whether all the music included here will be songs used in the game, or if there may even be some special tracks from the developers other titles too, but it nonetheless is a wonderful addition that really helps to define the European steampunk aesthetic that the game is going for.

6 Telephones

Player Approaching A Telephone In Lies Of P

Side quests in many of the Soulsborne games can only be encountered if the player actively searches for them, and they can often be very easy to miss for players who are hyper-focused on surviving the boss battles and combat encounters that make up the main story. Additionally, many of these quests require the player to backtrack after a certain event has occurred, so unless they are aware of this beforehand, they can easily skip over them by accident.

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Lies of P seems to be making optional quests much easier to find through the use of the telephones which will spell out ominous riddles for the player to make sense of. It’s probably going to be the case that the telephones are spread out along the main path leading to the next section of the story, so they’re definitely going to be a more effective way of guiding players into other areas of the world that they might not otherwise visit or think about while following the main plot.

5 Weapon Crafting

Weapon Menu In Lies Of P

Many of FromSoftware’s games have put their own spin on the weapon system. In games like Bloodborneplayers were able to upgrade their cleavers and hacksaws at The Workshop, while in An axethe Wolf’s sword could not be upgraded at all in order to place a larger emphasis on timing and parries in combat.

Lies of P is handling its weapons a little differently, granting players the ability to mix and match certain parts of tools they find across their adventures to create a weapon that they can swing around with pride. Players will be able to switch out the blade, which affects how hard hitting the weapon is, and the hilt, which adjusts the attack motion and speed. With over 30 basic weapon types in the game and over 100 possible combinations, players will have access to a much greater and more in-depth customization system when compared to the Soulsborne games.

4 Bigger Emphasis On Weapon Durability

Pinnochio Grinding His Weapon To Repair It

While weapon durability was still a part of the Dark Souls games and Bloodborneit was often forgotten about because of how long it took most weapon to actually degrade while they are being used. Repairing the weapons would then require the player to visit a specific area, or in the case of Dark Souls 3, they could also use Repair Sorcery.

In Lies of Pdurability is something players will need to pay a lot more attention to since all weapons, no matter how big or sturdy they are, will slowly break down each time Pinocchio casts an attack or blocks an enemy. The good news is, Pinocchio is equipped with a grinder built into his arm that can repair any weapon in a matter of seconds, making the system far more enjoyable and easier to manage this time around.

3 Groggy Mode

Enemy Encounter In Lies Of p

Staggering an enemy has always been a core mechanic of the Soulsborne games, and usually can be achieved by parrying an enemy at just the right time in titles like Bloodborne and An axe. Lies of P features a similar mechanic which is called Groggy Mode, but while it will similarly put the enemy in a vulnerable position, the way to inflict the status is done a little differently.

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While there is a perfect parry mechanic in the game which can contribute to an enemy becoming groggy, it’s actually activated as soon as the player attacks an enemy whose healthbar starts flashing white upon a certain attack. Once the bar has flashed, the enemy will drop down, granting the player a few precious seconds to inflict some major damage. There isn’t a specific meter for this unlike Sekiro’s Posture Gauge, instead, it will appear randomly in Lies of P after Pinocchio has dealt enough damage.

2 Legion Arms

Legion Arms In Lies Of P

Since Pinocchio is technically a puppet, this allows him to equip his mechanical body with Legion Arms which all possess slightly different abilities that can be utilized to help turn the tables in a fight. While this might sound very similar to the Shinobi Prosthetic in Sekriothe Legion Arm’s abilities are notably a lot more offensive and destructive in Lies of Pand would be more comparable to the Devil Breakers found in Devil May Cry 5.

Each Legion Arm contains three special abilities that can be acquired through upgrades to make the weapon more powerful and dangerous on the field, and they also all have their own weight class which will most probably affect how fast Pinocchio moves in combat. Rather than being tied to a certain amount of ammunition, the Legion Arms can be used through the Legion Gauge, so players will be able to use their explosive effects far more consistently.

1 Lying Dialogue Mechanic

Pinnochio Interacting With An NPC

As Pinocchio tries to survive against the menacing enemies and harsh world that surrounds him, he will have the opportunity to interact with certain characters who he will have the option to lie to in conversation. Depending on the lies the player chooses, the story paths will be affected, and the ending will be a little different. The many NPCs found in the game have intricate progression paths, so telling a lie has the potential to send the player on an entirely different quest path and story, with this being a genius way to integrate the Pinocchio mythos into this re-telling.

Every time Pinocchio tells a lie, a prompt appears saying that he has done so, and his body will twitch, hinting that lying too much might lead to some negative effects down the road. On the other hand, Pinocchio can also acquire some incredibly handy items if he does decide to lie, so it’s entirely up to the player how deceitful they think Pinocchio should be through the story.

Lies of P will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S & X, and PC on September 19th 2023.

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