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9 Things to Know Before Playing Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 has attracted both franchise veterans and new players, but regardless of experience, there are important things to remember before embarking on this new adventure. The game’s main protagonist, Clive Rosfield, has the daunting task of looking after his younger brother and other responsibilities. Here are some tips to help players better prepare Clive for the challenges ahead.

Firstly, keep an eye out for the (+) quest symbol on the map. This symbol indicates that Clive will gain something new from the quest, such as a new feature or weapon upgrade. It’s also important to use caution when selling weapons, as Blackthorn will offer upgrades and new weapons that may require other weapons to craft. Refrain from selling any weapons that may be required later on.

The Active Time Lore system is a great tool for players struggling to keep up with the story. It provides detailed information on the characters, area, or other aspects of the narrative. Additionally, players need not worry about dying in battle, as Clive’s potions will be restocked upon death. However, it’s recommended to stock up on potions and upgrade their potency to avoid relying on death as a strategy.

Players should not hold out on spending Clive’s Ability Points. They can be refunded at any time, allowing players to experiment with different abilities and find a build that suits their gameplay style. Completing Bounty Hunts is also a great way to gain experience, Gil, and crafting materials necessary for weapon upgrades.

Test out timely accessories, as they can make gameplay easier for players who want them. The Chocobo mount is also important for exploration, and players should unlock it as early as possible by completing The White-Winged Wonder quest.

Final Fantasy 16 is a JRPG, hack and slash, action game that is set to release on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023, developed by Square Enix Creative Business Unit 3 and published by Square Enix. With a playtime of 70-80 hours, players are in for a thrilling adventure.

With the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy 16the player base spans franchise veterans to those just getting into it. Regardless of whether players are familiar with the franchise or not, there are some essential things to note before jumping into this new adventure.

In Final Fantasy 16Clive Rosfield is the main protagonist who has the large task of looking out for his younger brother, among others. With such a daunting responsibility on his shoulders, players are up for a challenge, and any tips that can better prepare Clive can make all the difference.


9 Lookout For The (+) Quest Symbol

Chocobo with Clive and Torgal In Final Fantasy 16

When looking at the map, new quest locations will often be visible with an exclamation point (!) indicator; however, on occasion, Clive may also notice some appear to have a plus (+) symbol instead. This indicates that Clive will gain something new from this questusually a new feature. For example, the Blacksmith Blues quest series uses this indicator, which rewards the Ragnarok Sword. Additionally, The White-Winged Wonder also uses a plus sign, and it will reward Clive with the ability to use Chocobo mounts in Final Fantasy 16. So keep an eye out for these and prioritize them when possible.

8 Use Caution When Selling Weapons

Ragnarok Sword in FF16 with dialogue

Though it may be tempting to unload unused items at the first opportunity, this is not always recommended, especially as Clive gets further in the story. The reasoning for this is that Blackthorn will begin offering upgrades and new weapons later on at the Black Hammer, but the catch is they may often require other weapons to craft. Usually, these are weapons that Clive should already have, so if they’re sold, he won’t be able to take advantage of the upgrade. One prime example is Ragnarok, which can be upgraded to Gotterdammerung or even the Ultima Weapon once in a Final Fantasy 16 New Game+ file.

7 Take Advantage of The Active Time Lore System

Final Fantasy 16 Fallen Ruin

As expected with a Final Fantasy game, especially Final Fantasy 16the story is one of the strongest aspects of the game. This means there is a lot of information to intake and just as much to immediately forget. For those having some trouble staying on top of things, there is a way to reference things at any point. If players find themselves in a cutscene or other scenario where a topic is being discussed or characters suddenly seem unfamiliar, pulling up the Active Time Lore will provide detailed information on the characters in the scene, the area, or other aspects of the narrative. It is a great tool that allows players to get as much out of the story as possible.

6 Dying Is Okay

Final Fantasy 16 Early Combat gaemplay screenshot of clive fighting in forest

Many players stress the idea of dying in the heat of battle for fear of things lost, but in Final Fantasy 16there is no reason for concern. Nothing will be lost; in fact, there is even something to be gained as all of Clive’s potions will be restocked upon death. If entering a boss fight in Final Fantasy 16 with few potions, dying could be the boost needed to pull out a win. Regardless of whether players decide to use death as a potential strategy on occasion, they can at least find solace in knowing there are no significant consequences.

5 Stock Up On Potions & Upgrade Their Potency

Final Fantasy 16 Potion Potency Upgrade from The Root of the Problem Side Quest

Those that don’t prefer having to die to replenish their supply should remember to stock up on potions in Final Fantasy 16. Many players may assume that they don’t need any more than a small supply as they breeze through the first few combat areas of the game, but they will eventually be in for a rude awakening as the heavy-hitting boss fights and other enemies keep on coming one after another eventually leaving minimal time to stock up. Do it when able, even if it seems unnecessary. It will be something Clive will be thankful for later. Additionally, there are ways to upgrade themso take advantage.

4 Use Ability Points

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Jill Torgal

Players shouldn’t hold out on spending Clive’s Ability Points whenever they are accrued. Ability Points can be refunded whenever and for no cost, meaning that using them is not harmful as they become available since players can change their choices at any time. Holding onto them provides a disservice as using them immediately allows Clive to experiment with different abilities in Final Fantasy 16 that can be refunded if not preferred. This is the best way to find a build that makes players truly happy with their gameplay.

3 Complete Bounty Hunts

Canyon Chimera boss in FF16

Though this isn’t necessarily a requirement, it’s not something to sleep on. The Bounty Hunts are a great way to gain experience and Gil. Not only that, but these enemies can provide significant rewards, including crafting materials necessary to upgrade certain weapons in Final Fantasy 16. For example, players hoping to upgrade Ragnarok to Gotterdammerung will want to complete a couple of these hunts as they hold the materials necessary to do so. Without them, players risk missing out on the strongest weapon available to them.

2 Test Out Timely Accessories

FF16 accessibility options through Ring Of Timely whatever (evasion, focus, healing, etc)

Timely Accessories are a way of making gameplay easier for players who want them. They can be equipped into any of the three available accessory slots and removed just as easily, so there is no harm in testing them out. There are five options, each focusing on a different combat area in Final Fantasy 16. One allows Torgal to act without commands, one automatically uses potions when low on health, one makes dodging easier, one makes dodging automatic, and the last gives automatic combos in combat. It’s worth experimenting with the options to see if there is any appeal.

1 Unlock The Chocobo As Early As Possible

Ambrosia the Chocobo and Rowan and Clive in Final Fantasy 16

Unlocking mounts is vital in any wide-open game as it can make exploration much easier. Unfortunately, mounts won’t be unlocked until progressing through a certain portion of the story, but eventually, there will be a quest available, indicated by one of the (+) indicators on the map in Final Fantasy 16. The quest is called The White-Winged Wonder and will involve saving Ambrosia from a group of bandits. Once completed, Clive can summon Ambrosia at any point as long as he is not inside of a town and is instead in one of the open areas of Final Fantasy 16.

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