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Adele got ‘jock itch’ from sweating in Spanx onstage: In a recent performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Adele opened up to her audience about her battle with jock itch, a fungal infection she contracted while performing under hot stage lights during her Las Vegas residency.

The English singer shared that the Spanx she wears on stage leave her feeling clammy, causing her to sweat excessively and creating a moist environment where the infection thrives. Jock itch is a common ailment among athletes, and according to the Mayo Clinic, it causes an itchy rash on the groin and inner thighs. Adele’s doctors prescribed an ointment that she has to apply to the affected areas.

Adele got ‘jock itch’ from sweating in Spanx onstage

Adele began her Vegas residency, called “Weekends with Adele,” in November 2022, after postponing it earlier that year due to delivery delays and COVID-19. The Grammy winner returned to the stage on June 16, after a three-month break, and admitted to feeling nervous. However, she was excited to be back and shared anecdotes about her recent vacation in Miami with friends, where she tried to sneak into a gay club incognito but was recognized. Adele’s residency will run until November 4, 2023.

“Hello,” that’s a little too much information!

Adele revealed she developed a fungal infection commonly known as “jock itch” from performing under the hot lights during her Las Vegas residency.

The English singer told concertgoers at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace over the weekend that the Spanx she wears onstage often leave her clammy.

“I sweat a lot, and it doesn’t go anywhere, so I basically am just sitting in my own sweat, so my doctor [diagnosed] me [with] jock itch,” she said in a video shared by a fan.

Adele singing in 2016.
The singer shared that she received the diagnosis after sweating “a lot” in her Spanx onstage.
Andrew Chin

According to the Mayo Clinic, jock itch, which gets its name because it is common among athletes, causes “an itchy rash in warm, moist areas of the body” and “often affects the groin and inner thighs.”

“Jock itch, that sounds like I’m a big Nuggets fan,” Adele, whose boyfriend, Rich Paul, is a sports agent, mused. “It looks like I’m a big athlete, right?”

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer, 35, then went on to share that her doctors had prescribed an ointment that she has “to squirt on” herself.

Adele on stage.


The Grammy winner will continue her Vegas residency until November.
Blair M. Struble/TMX/MEGA

“I don’t know why the f–k I just told you that!” she admitted before noting that she was sure the press would pick up on her medical malady and write, “Adele’s got body acne!”

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Adele began her Vegas residency, titled “Weekends with Adele,” in November 2022 after abruptly postponing the series that January.

The Grammy winner blamed the rescheduling on “delivery delays” and COVID-19, claiming “half” her team had contracted the virus, making it “impossible to finish the show” in time.

Adele in a candid portrait.


Adele also shared that she recently went on holiday to Miami with friends.

Adele was emotional when she finally performed her first show, telling the crowd that it finally looked “just like [she] imagined it would.”

“Weekends with Adele” will run until Nov. 4, 2023.

The Oscar winner, who had a three-month break from her Vegas residency earlier this year, also confessed to feeling nervous upon returning.

Adele on stage.


The British singer delighted the crowd with her anecdotes.
Getty Images for AD
Adele singing on stage.


The Oscar winner also told fans she tried to sneak into a gay club in Miami.
Getty Images for AD

“All week I had just been buzzing, and right then I was stood [behind the curtain] and I s–t myself!’ she exclaimed after returning to the stage on June 16.

“We had a very long break, and I am gassed to be back. I was bored out of my brains. Somehow I missed you. It is a lovely change. I genuinely love doing these shows, and it is the highlight of my week. I was desperate to get back. It is a whole new meaning.”

Adele also shared that she enjoyed a “beautiful vacation” with her girlfriends in Miami and had attempted to sneak into a gay club incognito before being recognized.


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