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Adele reveals she collapsed backstage during Las Vegas residency

Adele disclosed that she experienced a debilitating sciatica attack and collapsed backstage during her Las Vegas residency. The 35-year-old songstress, suffering from chronic back pain, stated during a concert that she needed to rest her sciatica. She further elaborated on a recent sciatica attack that left her on the floor, stating that her entire body had to be lifted up. Sciatica is a condition caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve due to a herniated disk, resulting in severe pain, as explained by the Mayo Clinic. Adele attributed the incident to a sciatica attack, informing her fans. In a previous show, while firing T-shirts into the audience, she mentioned her back pain, jokingly saying that she had to waddle due to her severe sciatica. The Grammy winner has not revealed the cause or onset of the condition. During her concert on Saturday night, the singer halted her performance of “Water Under The Bridge” to address a security guard who appeared to be bothering a young fan. Adele asked about the situation and demanded that the security guard leave the fan alone. She assured the fan that they would not be bothered again and apologized to the crowd for the interruption. This was not the first time Adele stood up for herself on stage, as she recently challenged anyone considering throwing items at her during her performances. She expressed her annoyance at the lack of show etiquette and warned that she would not tolerate any such behavior. This statement came in response to several incidents where artists were accosted with various objects, including cell phones, sex toys, a cheese wheel, and even human ashes, during live performances.

Adele revealed her body had to be picked “up off the floor” after she had a sciatica attack and collapsed backstage during her Las Vegas residency.

“I am going to sit down and rest my sciatica,” the songstress, 35, said of her chronic back pain during a concert over the weekend, per The Sun.

She then told fans about a recent sciatica attack that brought her to her knees.

“They picked my whole body up off the floor,” Adele explained while talking to the crowd at Caesars Palace.

Sciatica is a condition that generally occurs when a herniated disk puts pressure on part of the sciatic nerve, causing extreme pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The incident was caused by a sciatica attack, she told her fans.
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At a previous show, Adele referenced her back pain while firing T-shirts into the audience with a handheld cannon.

“I’ve got two more, I’ve just got to get over to the other side of the stage. I have to waddle these days because I have really bad sciatica,” she joked at the time.

The Grammy winner hasn’t divulged what caused the condition or when it began.

“They picked my whole body up off the floor,” the Grammy winner said.

During her concert Saturday night, the “Skyfall” singer also called out a security guard for seemingly “bothering” a young fan.


She stopped her performance of “Water Under The Bridge” after noticing someone in the crowd getting hassled by security.

“What is going on with that young fan there?” Adele asked as she walked to the front of the stage, fan video shows. “He’s been bothered so much for standing up … why are you bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?”

The “Skyfall” singer also defended a fan who was being hassled by security.
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As the audience cheered, the British pop star added, “They won’t bother you again, my darling,” and apologized to the crowd for pausing the performance.

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“Sorry, I’ve been bothered the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him. He’s here to have fun, alright. All of you are here to have fun.”

“They won’t bother you again, my darling,” she told her young fan in the crowd, as other concertgoers cheered.
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This wasn’t the first time Adele has stood her ground on stage, having recently issued a challenge to anyone considering throwing items at her while she’s performing.

“Have you noticed how people are forgetting f–king show etiquette at the moment and just throwing s–t onstage?” she said last month. “Have you seen that? I f–king dare you, I dare you to throw something at me. I’ll f–king kill you.”

The “Set Fire to the Rain” singer’s comments followed a string of incidents in which artists have been accosted — by cell phones, raunchy sex toys, a massive cheese wheel and even human ashes — during live performances.

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