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All Confirmed Neosaurs In The Game

The innovative minds behind the Street Fighter series are maintaining their creative momentum by venturing into a completely different project in 2023. On July 14, gamers will have the opportunity to experience the thrilling dinosaur survival game, Exoprimal. Unlike traditional dinosaur games, Exoprimal introduces a unique element called Neosaurs, which sets it apart from the rest.

Neosaurs are prehistoric creatures that have undergone significant biological changes due to exposure to unstable energy. Each Neosaur adaptation presents its own terrifying challenge, making Exoprimal an exhilarating experience for players. Among the various Neosaurs featured in the game, the Umbral Neosaur Raptors stand out as the most affected by these changes.

The Umbral Neosaur possesses the ability to completely vanish into the ground, rendering itself invisible and immune to any harm. It remains submerged until it locks onto a target, then resurfaces for a devastating attack. Another formidable variation is the Gas Neosaur, characterized by a massive growth on its back filled with explosive gas. Players must maintain a safe distance to avoid being caught in the blast radius when the Gas Neosaur self-destructs.

Sniper Neosaurs, on the other hand, prefer to engage from a distance. They use their purple growth to launch lethal projectiles, similar to a skilled marksman. If threatened, they can teleport to another location, requiring players to outsmart them at their own stealthy game. The Evoker Neosaur, a mutated Pteranodon, acts as the leader and commands other Pteranodons to attack players, while the Pyro Neosaur, resembling a fiery phoenix, launches flaming projectiles from above.

The Neo Ankylosaurus presents a challenge both up close and from a distance. It can create an earthen shield, making it impervious to most attacks, and launch explosive projectiles from its back and tail. The Stealth Neosaur possesses the ability to turn invisible and bypass energy-type shields, delivering an electric shock to its prey. The Cryo Neosaur, using sneaky tactics, launches frozen lances from long range and creates ice clones to confuse its enemies.

The most menacing of all is the Neo T. Rex, a magnificent beast with incredible abilities. It shoots powerful lasers and emits devastating shockwaves, while also summoning other Neosaurs to aid in battle. The Neo T. Rex poses the ultimate challenge for players.

Exoprimal will be available on July 14, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure, facing off against these unique and terrifying Neosaurs in a battle for survival.

The creative minds behind the Street Fighter series continues their momentum through 2023 with a completely different project, as the dinosaur survival game Exoprimal hits shelves on July 14. The game puts players in high-tech suits as they attempt to ward off endless hordes of beasts from Earth’s history.


A point of difference for Exoprimal that sets it apart from a standard dinosaur game is the introduction of Neosaurs. These monsters have undergone drastic changes in their biology due to high levels of exposure to unstable energy. As a result, these adaptations of well-known prehistoric creatures each provides their own unique, terrifying challenge.

9 Umbral Neosaur

The genetically mutated Umbral Neosaur as shown in Exoprimal

Raptors are one of the most significantly affected dinosaurs in Exoprimal. The game provides multiple variations of the famous dino, each as fearsome as the next. The first of them, the Umbral Neosaur, can completely disappear into the ground, away from harm.

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The Umbral Neosaur can merge into its own shadow, finding refuge beneath the surface. Not only does this make them impossible to see, but it provides them with immunity from any hostile offense. These Neosaurs will remain submerged until they lock onto a target and breach the surface for a devastating attack.

8 Gas Neosaur

A trio of Gas Neosaurs advancing on a player in Exoprimal

Some Raptor variations will disappear, and others will stop at nothing to get as close as they can. The Gas Neosaur is a kamikaze-type variation of the Raptor that is easily distinguished by the massive growth on its back. This growth is filled with a gas that will cause significant damage when it explodes.

The strategy is simple when it comes to Gas Neosaurs: keep as much distance as possible. Those who are not able to keep a sufficient gap between the player and Gas Neosaur will risk being in the blast radius when the beast self-destructs with fiery consequences.

7 Sniper Neosaur

A Sniper Neosaur launching a barrage of attacks on a player in Exoprimal

Sniper Neosaurs are not likely to engage a target up close, but this does not mean they won’t be a handful for players. Taking a completely different approach to their Gas counterparts, Sniper Neosaurs will do everything they need to in order to maintain a sufficient distance from their target.

A Sniper will use the purple growth on its body to produce potentially lethal projectiles in a manner that doesn’t differ from a standard marksman on a battlefield. If they feel a threat is getting too close, they will warp to another location, so it would appear that players will have to beat them at their own stealthy game.

6 Evoker Neosaur

An Evoker Neosaur flying high above a player with two rifts behind them to summon allies in Exoprimal

The idea of being hunted by a flying dinosaur is frightening enough without any superpowers, but the Pteranodon has two mutated cousins capable of incredible abilities. The first of them, the Evoker Neosaur, won’t attack players directly, but will act as the leader of an army and command other Pteranodons to do its bidding.

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The Evoker Neosaur can create vortexes that can summon normal Pteranodons forth. With their newly acquired soldiers, they will issue attack commands to dispatch their foes. These Neosaurs may not provide the most direct threat, but players would be wise to target them first in order to stop the flow of Pteranodons before they become overwhelmed.

5 Pyro Neosaur

A Pyro Neosaur launching a fiery attack while flying above a player in Exoprimal

The Pyro Neosaur combines the legendary phoenix with a prehistoric one. This mutated Pteranodon is covered in flames and will command a ferociously spectacular presence above ground level.

As one would expect, the Pyro Neosaur crafts its offense from the sky where it is at its most comfortable. In order to rid themselves of the threat, players will need a steady aim while avoiding the barrage of flaming projectiles it hurls at its foes.

4 Neo Ankylosaurus

A Neo Ankylosaurus roaring as a player faces off against them in Exoprimal

A standard Ankylosaurus is nearly impossible to penetrate, but if players keep a safe enough distance from its hammer-like tail, they should be safe. However, the Neo Ankylosaurus will be as much of a problem from a distance as it will up close.

The Neo Ankylosaurus can produce an earthen shield to make itself impervious to almost any hostile offense. To make matters worse for players, it can launch devastating projectiles from its back and tail that will explode on impact, causing significant damage to its targets and anyone within its blast radius.

3 Stealth Neosaur

A duo of Stealth Neosaurs launching an attack on a player in Exoprimal

The smallest of the dinosaurs in Exoprimal gets a stealthy upgrade from its travels through time-space. With the added boost of being able to turn invisible, it can go almost completely undetected, up until it latches onto its prey.

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Stealth Neosaurs can bypass energy-type shields to get to their target. Players who aren’t fortunate enough to escape this Neosaur’s grip will find themselves victims of an electric shock that will render them defenseless for a short time.

2 Cryo Neosaur

A pair of Cryo Neosaurs running in Exoprimal

Much like the other variation of the Sinornithosaurus, the Cryo Neosaur uses sneaky tactics to attack its foes. Slipping into the ranks of other dinosaur packs, this Neosaur can launch lethal frozen lances from long range to brutally skewer their prey.

The Cryo Neosaur is also capable of using ice-type powers to get other advantages. It can create ice clones to avoid finding themselves in a player’s crosshair, and will use whatever methods it can to confuse and disorient any hostiles.

1 Neo T. Rex

A Neo T Rex roaring at a pair of players in Exoprimal

The lizard tyrant of the prehistoric era becomes even more menacing in Exoprimal as a result of the high levels of energy in space-time. From the transformation comes a magnificent beast with simply astounding abilities.

The Neo T. Rex shoots powerful lasers, tearing the ground beneath it and anything that stands in its path. What’s more, they have the potential to emit devastating shockwaves from their body to knock foes off their feet. In true tyrant fashion, it is also able to summon other Neosaurs to do its bidding. The Neo T. Rex seemingly provides the toughest challenge in the game for players brave enough to go head-to-head with it,

Exoprimal will be released on July 14, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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