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All Exosuits In The Game

Capcom’s upcoming project, Exoprimal, brings the invasion of dinosaurs to Earth, pitting mankind against these ancient beasts. Players will face off against a wide array of iconic monsters from books and movies, as well as mutated variations. To stand a chance against the bestial hordes, players must equip themselves with the right Exosuits, each with their own unique weapons and abilities, to counter the prehistoric threat. Divided into three classes – Assault, Tank, and Support – here are the various Exosuits available in the game.

10. Deadeye (Assault)
For players who prefer to keep their distance from gigantic reptilian nightmares, the Deadeye Exosuit offers a well-rounded medium-to-long-range option. Armed with an assault rifle that boasts minimal recoil, this suit excels at hitting targets from afar. While not ideal for close-quarter combat, it possesses a powerful palm strike to create distance from threats.

9. Zephyr (Assault)
Fearless warriors who thrive in the midst of battle will appreciate the Zephyr armor. This bold blue Exosuit excels in close-quarters combat, utilizing its agility and fast-paced attacks to deliver deadly strikes before enemies can react. With tonfa built into its arms, the Zephyr can emit a wave of energy capable of slicing through even the toughest dinosaur skin. Its low armor rating necessitates a strategy of agility and swift maneuverability.

8. Barrage (Assault)
Resembling Marvel’s Ghost Rider, the fiery Barrage suit embodies relentless aggression. Armed with a barrage of grenades and explosive weaponry, this Exosuit leaves foes engulfed in flames. While explosives are effective at any range, the Barrage excels in close-quarters combat, setting enemies ablaze with its incendiary arsenal. Its flaming helm adds to its intimidating presence, making it perfect for dispatching hordes one explosion at a time.

7. Vigilant (Assault)
The Vigilant suit caters to long-range specialists, offering unparalleled distance warfare capabilities. This recon/sniper loadout rewards players with expertise in finding strategic positions and picking off targets from a distance. Fans of sniper characters in other first-person shooter games will find Exoprimal equally gratifying.

6. Roadblock (Tank)
As the first line of defense against the beastly onslaught, the Roadblock represents the epitome of durability. With heavily plated armor and a bulky shield, this Exosuit leaves destruction in its wake. Its shield can deflect a variety of attacks and, when combined with the suit’s boost function, delivers a powerful pulse capable of knocking enemies back. This imposing unit prioritizes protecting allies and ensuring the team’s survival.

5. Murasame (Tank)
Resembling a fierce samurai warrior, the Murasame suit offers more than just heavy armor. Like the Zephyr, this suit excels in close combat. Its thick-plated protection, combined with an enormous sword swung with deadly intent, sets it apart. Despite lacking a large shield like the Roadblock, the Murasame’s lighter armor provides greater freedom and agility for blocking incoming attacks. With devastating power and moderate maneuverability, this suit is the perfect dinosaur killer.

4. Krieger (Tank)
The Krieger suit resembles a military machine gunner, taking firepower to new heights. Adorned with heavy plates all over its body, the Krieger mows down any threats in its path. Its formidable stopping power comes at the expense of maneuverability, but it compensates by absorbing damage for the team’s survival. This suit forms the basis of a lethal combat strategy, providing covering fire to support teammates.

3. Witchdoctor (Support)
The Support class specializes in enhancing the health and attack capabilities of allies while dealing damage of its own. The Witchdoctor Exosuit excels at amplifying the skills of its team, boosting their offensive capabilities. Agile and nimble, it jumps around the battlefield and responds to teammates’ calls for much-needed repairs. With its ability to improve attack and revive defensive potential, the Witchdoctor is crucial for a team’s longevity and success.

2. Skywave (Support)
The Skywave suit is the only Exosuit capable of aerial combat, which proves essential when facing dinosaurs capable of flying. Its airborne capabilities help shift the tide of battle in favor of the team, while also hindering enemy movement. The Skywave Exosuit excels at scouting enemies, assessing the battlefield, and slowing down enemy movements. This provides the team with precious time to gain the upper hand.


1. Nimbus (Support)
The Nimbus Exosuit is incredibly agile and mobile, capable of seamlessly switching between offense and defense. Armed with a variety of weapons that damage enemies and repair teammates, the Nimbus is adaptable and can overcome most challenges on the battlefield. Its exchangeable weapons allow it to support the team’s offensive prowess or focus on repairing damage and healing comrades. Exoprimal is set to release on July 14, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Dinosaurs are invading Earth in Capcom’s next big project, Exoprimalpitting man against beasts of history. As they challenge a plethora of iconic monsters from the books and movies of old, as well as several mutated variations, players will need to suit up to take on the bestial hordes.

A soldier that isn’t equipped with the right loadout won’t last more than a few moments in the face of a dinosaur onslaught. To give players a fighting chance, Exoprimal features a choice of several different Exosuits, each with their own weapons and abilities, to cater to a variety of strategies for overcoming the prehistoric threat. Split into the three suit classes, Assault, Tank, and Support, these are the different Exosuits available in the game.

10 Deadeye (Assault)

The Deadeye Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

Players who are hesitant to take on enormous reptilian nightmares head-on will have plenty of options to do serious damage from a safe distance. The Deadeye Exosuit is one of the most well-rounded, medium-to-long-range specialists for whatever deadly purpose players see fit.

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The Deadeye suit includes an assault rifle as its attacking star, which can hit targets from a distance with the added bonus of minimum recoil. Deadeye may not be the most comfortable in close-quarter combat, but it has a powerful palm strike that is perfect for re-establishing an ideal distance from threats.

9 Zephyr (Assault)

The Zephyr Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

On the flip side, fearless players who thrive in the direct heat of battle will find themselves suiting up in the Zephyr armor. This bold blue Exosuit focuses its offense on close-quarters combat, using its agility and fast-paced attacks to launch a deadly array of strikes before foes have a chance to react.

The Zephyr suit’s arms have a substance known as tonfa built into them, which enable it to emit a wave of energy with sufficient force to slice through even the thickest dinosaur skin. The suit’s armor rating is quite low, so a strategy that employs agility and swift maneuverability is a must.

8 Barrage (Assault)

The Barrage Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

With an appearance likening itself to Marvel icon Ghost Rider, the Barrage suit mirrors the anti-hero’s knack for relentless aggression. As the name would suggest, this fiery Exosuit uses a barrage of grenades and explosive weaponry that leaves foes cloaked in flame.

While explosives are useful for causing damage at any distance, this assault suit excels up close to its foes, setting them alight with an effective, incendiary arsenal. Bearing a flaming helm to give off a terrifying presence, this suit is perfect for dispatching hordes, one explosion at a time.

7 Vigilant (Assault)

The Vigilant Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

Proving itself to be an Exosuit class for every offensive strategy, the fourth Assault loadout features a long-range specialist. The Vigilant suit is a master in distance warfare, using long-range abilities that are unmatched by any other suit in Exoprimal.

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The recon/sniper loadout in the game rewards players who bear expertise in finding the right strategic position and a knack for finding targets from a distance without hesitation. Those with success in other first-person shooters as sniper characters will find Exoprimal just as fruitful as other sniper-friendly shooting games.

6 Roadblock (Tank)

The Roadblock Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

The Tank class is the first line of defense against the onslaught of beasts, and the Roadblock embodies exactly what it is to be the durable class of Exosuit. With heavily plated armor and a bulky shield to match, the Roadblock won’t go down without leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The Roadblock’s best asset is its shield, which can deflect a plethora of attacks and complement the suit’s boost function, providing a strong pulse capable of knocking hostiles back. With its shield at the ready, this huge unit will protect its allies and do whatever is needed to ensure the survival of the team.

5 Murasame (Tank)

The Murasame Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

Donning the likeness of a fierce samurai warrior, the Murasame is more than just a suit of heavy armor. Much like the Zephyr, this suit is a combat master and does its best work up close. What sets this suit apart is not just its thick-plated protection, but also its enormous sword that it swings with murderous intent.

While the Murasame doesn’t have a huge shield like the Roadblock, its armor is lighter than its counterpart, enabling players to move with more freedom and agility to block incoming attacks. Combining devastating power whilst still maintaining a moderate amount of maneuverability, this suit is the perfect dinosaur killer.

4 warrior (tank)

The Krieger Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

Bearing a semblance to a military machine gunner, the Krieger suit takes the gunner to an unforeseen and potent level. Bearing an armor arrangement of heavy plates all over its physique, the Krieger will mow down any and all threats that stand in its way.

The suit’s formidable stopping power comes at the expense of its maneuverability, but it thankfully can accommodate for reduced movement by absorbing damage for its team to ensure their survival. This suit can form the basis of a lethal combat strategy by supporting its team with a barrage of covering fire.

3 Witchdoctor (Support)

The Witchdoctor Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

The Support class specializes in helping improve the health and attacking potency of their allies, while dealing some damage of their own. The Witchdoctor Exosuit is an expert in amplifying the skills of its team, enabling them to double down on its offensive capabilities.

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The Witchdoctor is an agile suit that has no issue jumping around the battlefield, and will often answer the calls of teammates to provide well-needed repairs. Whether improving their attack or reviving their defensive potential, the Witchdoctor is a crucial part of a team’s longevity and success.

2 Skywave (Support)

The Skywave Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

The Skywave suit is the only Exosuit capable of flying through the air, which is ideal considering some hostile dinosaurs are capable of aerial combat. Not only will this suit’s capabilities in the air help to shift the tide of a battle in its team’s favor, it also has skills that will have a negative effect on enemies.

The Skywave Exosuit serves as an excellent resource for scoping out enemies, assessing the situation of a battle, and using its skills to hamper enemy movement. Using the Skywave’s unique abilities, dinosaurs and other threats can have their movements slowed down, which will buy their team precious time to gain the upper hand.

1 Nimbus (Support)

The Nimbus Exosuit from Capcom's Exoprimal

The Nimbus Exosuit is an incredibly agile and mobile suit that is capable of turning offense into defense in a heartbeat. Carrying an arsenal of weapons able to cause damage to hostiles and repair damage on their teammates, the Nimbus can adapt and overcome most challenges on the battlefield.

Using a pair of exchangeable weapons, the Nimbus provides support to its teammates by adding to the team’s attacking prowess or by supporting their survival. By changing to its secondary weapon, it is able to switch its focus on the battlefield to repairing damage and healing its comrades.

Exoprimal will be released on July 14, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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