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By Nikita Gambhir

All Side Quests in the Fractured Peaks (and Which Require a Stronghold)

Diablo 4 boasts a vast map that is divided into five major regions. The first area players will explore in Act 1 is the Fractured Peaks, a barren and icy land that contains a significant part of the game’s storyline, as well as a plethora of side quests. There are 35 additional quests available, each offering players rewards such as gold, area renown, and experience points. In order to collect all the loot, players must locate the various NPCs and items that trigger these quests.

One of the side quests players can undertake is the Kor Valar Quest, which is located in the eastern part of the Seat of the Heavens. This quest involves talking to Sister Vera and then venturing into the Sanguine Chapel dungeon to retrieve two Mechanical Boxes. Once they are placed on their corresponding pedestals, players must defeat the Blood Bishop before heading to Fractured Peaks to complete the quest.

The Seat of the Heavens also contains four other side quests, including the Beast’s Challenge, Shattered Tribute, Hammer of the Champion, and Call of the Ancients. These quests require players to venture into various dungeons and defeat bosses to collect loot and progress through the game.

Frigid Expanse is another area that players can explore, which is located to the east of the city of Kyovashad. Although it contains only six side quests, they are still worth undertaking. One of these quests is Secret of the Spring, which is initiated by picking up the Discarded Note. The note contains a riddle that must be solved to locate the treasure.

Gale Valley is situated in the far southeast of the Fractured Peaks and contains five side quests, including Icebound Geode, Ravenous Dead, Traveler’s Prayer, Unyielding Flesh, and Righteous Idol. These quests involve player interaction with various NPCs and completing tasks such as collecting items and defeating enemies.

Finally, Dobrev Taiga, south of Kyovashad, provides players with five additional side quests to undertake. These quests include Better Days, Unwritten End, The Cleansing Flame, Bound by Blood, and Legacies of Light’s Watch.

In conclusion, Diablo 4’s vast map is filled with side quests that provide players with an opportunity to collect loot and experience points, while also progressing through the game’s storyline. With multiple regions to explore and NPCs to interact with, players will have a rewarding and enjoyable experience as they journey through the game.

Diablo 4‘s map is split into five major locations. The first location that players will see in Act 1 is called the Fractured Peaks. This barren, icy location contains a big part of the story of Diablo 4, along with a bunch of side quests. Players can find 35 of these additional quests, and each one will give players gold, renown for the area, as well as some EXP.

Each of the sections of the map will have collections of NPCs and items that will start these quests, and players will want to find them all in order to collect all their loot.


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The Kor Valar Side Quest

There is only one side quest in the Kor Valar location to the east of the Seat of the Heavens.

Blood Sermon


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kor Valar
  • Quest NPC: Sister Vera
  • Prerequisites: Light’s Protection Diablo 4 main story quest
  • Reward: None

After talking with Sister Vera inside Kor Valar, go to the Sanguine Chapel dungeon, locate two Mechanical Boxes, then put the two boxes on their pedestals. Defeat the Blood Bishop. Head to the Bear Clan Refuge Waypoint in Fractured Peaks to talk to Sister Vera to end the quest.

Seat of the Heavens Side Quests

The Seat of the Heavens is the easternmost northern portion of the Fractured Peaks map. Players can find four more side quests there.

The Beast’s Challenge


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Quest NPC: Greganoch
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Salvage Cache

Go to the highlighted area of the map after speaking to Greganoch, and then kill Kauller there. Bring Kauller’s head back to Greganoch to pick up some easy Diablo 4 loot.

Shattered Tribute


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Quest NPC: Sena
  • Prerequisites: Hoarfrost Demise Dungeon or Field of Judgment
  • Reward: Leather Cache

Collect 25 Ice Clan Bones from Hoarfrost Demise Dungeon or Field of Judgment, and bring them back to Sena.

Hammer of the Champion


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Quest NPC: Greganoch
  • Prerequisites: Shattered Tribute, The Beast’s Challenge side quests
  • Reward: Grizzly’s Maul

Enter the Rimescar Cavern Dungeon in Fractured Peaks; interact with the Impaled Champion Baltok to acquire the Grizzly’s Maul quest item. Return to Greganoch.

Call of the Ancients


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Quest NPC: Chieftain Glous
  • Prerequisites: Hammer of the Champion side quest
  • Reward: Elixir Cache

Go to Hallowed Glacier dungeon with the chieftain and defeat the enemies there. Pick up the blood stone and put it in the pedestal to open the sealed door; inside will be a boss battle with Cyhrach The Firstborn. After the battle, chat with the shaman.

Side Quests in Frigid Expanse

The Frigid Expanse is to the east of the city of Kyovashad. It’s a fairly big section of the land, but it only contains six side quests.

Secret of the Spring


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kylsik Plateau
  • Quest Starting Item: Discarded Note
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Treasure Chest

If players pick up the note, they will find the Secret of the Spring riddle on it. It will begin this quest, and players must head to the hot spring, then use the wait emote to get the treasure and complete this side quest.

Cries of Innocence


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Just East of Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Vendral Trost
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Murmuring Cache filled with Murmuring Obols

Find and kill the ghost of Corik Trost in the Black Asylum dungeon.

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A Cold Faith


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Just East of Kyovashad
  • Quest Starting Item: Pilgrim’s Journal
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Herb Cache

Pick up the Pilgrim’s Journal from the location above, then bring it to Margrave. Chat with Priest Matvey in the middle of town to finish the quest.

Exorcist’s Cache


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Olyam Tundra
  • Quest Starting Item: Sealed Exorcist’s Cache
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Unsealed Exorcist’s Cache

The sealed Exorcist’s Cache is a random drop from Phantoms and Bone Warriors; picking up this item will start the quest. Kill more Phantoms and Bone Warriors until enough Spirit Anima is collected to open the Cache.

The Dread Martyr


  • Quest Pick Up Location: The northeastern part of Olyam Tundra
  • Quest NPC: The dying man, Sir Cromwell
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Ore Cache

After finding Sir Cromwell, he will ask players to head to the Hollowed Ossuary dungeon. Kill Lord Avitus inside to finish the quest.

Gory Display


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Easternmost part of Frigid Expanse
  • Quest Starting Item: Warrior’s Chain
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Herb Cache

Khazra goatmen in the area have a chance to drop the item the Warrior’s Chain. The item must be returned to Sena in the Bear Tribe Refuge.

Gale Valley Side Quests

Gale Valley is the farthest southeast part of the Fractured Peaks, where the town of Yelesna is located. There are a total of five side quests, all located in this section of Diablo 4‘s Sanctuary Map.

Icebound Geode


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Zeleny Lowlands
  • Quest Starting Item: Icebound Geode
  • Prerequisites: Complete the Main Story
  • Reward: Gem Cache

In Gale Valley, players can find ore deposits. One of them will contain an Icebound Geode randomly. Pick it up and bring it to Kratia in Kyovashad. Buy Acid Flux from Idania next door to the jeweler, and use the Acid Flux on the Jeweler’s Tools.

Ravenous Dead


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Yelesna
  • Quest NPC: Olesia
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Herb Cache

Collect 15 Ghoul Hearts from Ghouls, and give them to Olesia.

Traveler’s Prayer


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Yelesna
  • Quest Starting Item: Pilgrim’s Letter
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Weak Crushing Elixir, Weak Acrobatics Elixir

Head to the indicated shrine from the Pilgrim’s Letter, and then use the Thanks icon. A chest will appear.

Unyielding Flesh


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Yelesna
  • Quest NPC: Krystyna
  • Prerequisites: Level 7
  • Reward: Blood-Barbed Blade

The Unyielding Flesh side quest in Diablo 4 starts in Yelesna. Chat with Krystyna; she will tell players about her missing husband. Head down to the highlighted area and look for the husband, Feodor; he will be tied up in chains. There is a woman there, and she will wander away. Follow her, and she will turn into Yulia the Hellbound; kill her and return to Feodor to get the reward.

Righteous Idol


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Yelesna
  • Quest Starting Item: Carved Wooden Knight
  • Prerequisites: Complete the Main Story, Legacies of Light’s Watch, Better Days, Unwritten End.
  • Reward: Salvage Cache

The NPC Tsvemir in Yelesna will be selling a Carved Wooden Knight for 10 Gold. Buy it and bring it to Zalan Coste in Margrave.

Dobrev Taiga’s Side Quests

Dobrev Taiga, the location south of the city of Kyovashad, has even more side quests to find. There are a total of five here to pick up.

Better Days


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Farthest southeast part of Dobrev Taiga
  • Quest Starting Item: Faded Old Painting
  • Prerequisites: Legacies of Light’s Watch
  • Reward: Salvage Cache

Faded Old Painting, which can be picked up from a random body in Dobrev Taiga, will start the quest. Take the painting to Margrave, then show it to Zalan Coste.

Unwritten End


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Dobrev Taiga
  • Quest Starting Item: Merchant’s Ledger
  • Prerequisites: Better Days
  • Reward: None

The Merchant’s Ledger is a random drop from Bandits; bring it to Zalan Coste in Margrave.

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The Cleansing Flame


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Margrave
  • Quest NPC: Priest Matvey
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Murmuring Cache

Priest Matvey will ask players to check out the Ritual Brazier; kill all the enemies around, then light the Brazier. Return to the Priest.

Bound by Blood


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Margrave
  • Quest NPC: Lacthan
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Gem Cache

Talk to Lacthan. Ask around for clues; ask Priest Matvey, Guard Cvetko, and Meridan. After that, go to Perithan’s last known location. Interact with items around the location to find clues and a key, then head into Cutthroat’s Escape. Kill the Outlaw Sharpshooter, then speak to Perithan.

Legacies of Light’s Watch


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Margrave
  • Quest NPC: Zalan Coste
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Salvage Cache

This side quest takes place in the Light’s Watch dungeon. Kill the Watchmen and the Watchman Lead; the Lead will drop a key to get into the final room. Pick up all three Archivist’s Journals, and then bring them back to Zalan Coste.

Desolate Highlands and Kyovashad Side Quests

Kyovashad is the biggest city in the Fractured Peaks.

The Woodsman of Nevesk


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Nevesk in southwestern Desolate Highlands
  • Quest NPC: Magdalena
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Murmuring Cache

Magdalena will ask players to get rid of The Woodsman and bring back the Woodsman’s Axe.

Sight to Madness


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Vilek
  • Prerequisites: Complete Nostrava
  • Reward: None

After talking to Vilek, go to the Cultist’s Refuge. Slay the Elite Theya and get the Necklace of Eyes.

Raising Spirits


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Guard Boza
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Herb Cache

Use the Cheer Emote in front of the militia men before returning to Boza.

Menestad Coffers


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Kudomyla
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: None

Kudomyla will direct players to another part of the map to grab Tithing Demands out of a Strongbox. Give them to Telgun in Menestad.

Depths of Despair


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Sister Octavia
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Elixir Cache

Sister Octavia will send players to the Ominous Cellar, which is inside Kvera’s house. Kill all the demons, then head outside. Kvera has been injured by her husband, Vasek, who is possessed. Follow the blood trail to the Kyovashad Sewers. Fight your way through the dungeon to reach him. Exorcise Vasek, then kill Demotath.

Faith in Blood


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Petr
  • Prerequisites: Depths of Despair Side Quest
  • Reward: None

After completing the Depths of Despair, Petr will ask players to return to the Ominous Cellar in Kvera’s House. Sister Octavia will be inside; talk to her, and she will send players to Priest Matvey in Margrave. Get and consecrate the Silver Chalice, return it to Matvey, and interact with the Smoldering Pyre Wood to get the Holy Chalice. Return to Sister Octavia, then kill Demotath.

Malady of the Soul


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Sister Octavia
  • Prerequisites: Possibly Faith in Blood Side Quest
  • Reward: None

Sister Octavia will perform an exorcism, and players must kill Xul’goth.

The Sealed Door


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kyovashad
  • Quest NPC: Strange Beggar
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Leather Cache

The Strange Begger will highlight a section of the map; head there and defeat the Elite Death Priest.

Side Quests in Sarkova Pass

Players can find the Sarkova Pass in the westernmost part of the Fractured Peaks. There are four side quests in this section of the map.

Forgive Me


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Kor Dragan Barracks
  • Quest Starting Item: Bloodied Note
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Herb Cache

Go to the Gate in the Kor Dragan Barracks. Go down the stairs to the right. Fight the Elite named Julek, and then pick up the Bloodied Note. Go to Menestad; chat with the NPC Roza.

Gold Well Spent


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Menestad
  • Quest NPC: Meros
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Gem Cache

Meros in Menestad will ask players to defeat Luskas and nab the Payment of Gemstones.

Chain of Possession


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Menestad
  • Quest NPC: Parin
  • Prerequisites: The Woodsman of Nevesk Side Quest
  • Reward: Gem Cache

Parin in Menestad will unlock the nearby Red Cellar. Head inside and kill Magdalena; this automatically ends this quest and starts the next quest, called Legacy Unmade.

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Legacy Unmade


  • Quest Pick Up Location: The Red Cellar
  • Quest NPC: Magdalena
  • Prerequisites: Chain of Possession Side Quest
  • Reward: Salvage Cache

After completing the Chains of Possession, this quest will start immediately. Talk to Parin, who will be located at the Crags of Ill Wind. Pick up the Woodsman’s Axe from the table inside the Crags of Ill Wind; put the axe into the bowl of holy water, defeating all the enemies until the axe is purified.

Pallid Glade Side Quests

The Pallid Glade is the final part of the Fractured Peaks map; this early section has two side quests in it.



  • Quest Pick Up Location: Pallid Glade
  • Quest Starting Item: Frost Bloom
  • Prerequisites: Level 8
  • Reward: Elixir Cache

Keep picking herbs in the area until picking up a Frostbloom. Bring this rare plant to Veroka the Alchemist in Kyovashad.

Hungering Bone Cache


  • Quest Pick Up Location: Pallid Glade
  • Quest Starting Item: Hungering Bone Cache
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Reward: Sated Bone Cache

Keep looting corpses in this area of Diablo 4 until the Hungering Bone Cache is found. This will highlight a place on the map; head there and kill Werewolves to collect their Death Anima. Keep killing them until the Hungering Bone Cache is sated.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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