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An Inconvenient Truth Side Quest Guide

Final Fantasy 16 showcases a diverse selection of side quests for Clive to embark on while he endeavors to liberate Bearers and forge a superior world. Some of these side quests offer exclusive rewards that enhance gameplay, such as increased capacity and effectiveness for consumable items, while others serve to delve deeper into the game’s rich lore. “An Inconvenient Truth,” a side quest in Final Fantasy 16, falls into the latter category, providing players with a fascinating curio and intriguing lore as a reward for their dedication. This quest is assigned by Vivian Ninetales at the Hideaway, following the completion of the main quest “Brotherhood,” and requires players to track down a banned book that holds the lost history of Bearers.

To initiate this quest, players must read a letter from Vivian in Clive’s quarters at the Hideaway. This letter becomes available after the completion of the main quest, “Brotherhood.” Vivian seeks assistance in retrieving a book called “From a Distance,” which inspired her to pursue scholarly endeavors but is considered heretical and forbidden. Clive gladly agrees to help, and Vivian directs him to seek information on the book’s whereabouts from Harpocrates. Harpocrates reveals that the book is incredibly difficult to obtain due to a clandestine society known as the “Executors,” who actively collect, hoard, and conceal knowledge deemed forbidden or unsuitable for public consumption. It is highly likely that, as a result of their manipulation, not a single copy of the book remains in all of Storm. However, there is a possibility that a copy may exist in Ash, as Harpocrates has an associate there with an extensive and comprehensive library. Although the associate may have succumbed to the influence of Ultima, it is plausible that his library remains intact, potentially housing a copy of “From a Distance.” Players must journey to Ash to retrieve the book, with Vidargraes in northeastern Waloed serving as a convenient starting point. The town of Garnick, once inhabited by Harpocrates’s associate, now lies abandoned. Inside his house, players can discover numerous valuable and intriguing documents, but their primary focus should be on locating “From a Distance,” tucked away on the left side towards the back of the house. The book unveils a wealth of information about the forgotten history of Bearers, including their previous status as chosen individuals blessed with divine gifts.

As Clive attempts to leave Garnick with the book, he is confronted by a representative of the “Executors” who aims to ensure the suppression of the information contained within. Clive must then engage in combat against the henchmen employed by the Executors to prevent them from seizing the book. These adversaries are relatively straightforward to defeat, with the Inquisitor wielding an axe posing the greatest threat. By executing a Perfect Dodge or parrying the Inquisitor’s attacks and focusing on eliminating them first, players can easily overcome the rest of the enemies. Alternatively, players may opt to eliminate the weaker foes with an area-of-effect attack before engaging the Inquisitor, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the main adversary. After successfully defeating all opponents, the Executor reappears and reveals that their objective is to manipulate the truth by controlling the perspectives through which the public perceives history, eliminating any information that could challenge their narrative. He then permits Clive to retain the book temporarily before vanishing without a trace. Upon returning to Vivian, she explains that while the concept of “Truth” is contingent upon widespread belief, it also implies that the “Truth” is not fixed and can be altered. This realization instills her with hope that the plight of the Bearers can be transformed, leading to the creation of a brighter future. As a token of her faith in Clive, she rewards him with her Scholar’s Cap.

Final Fantasy 16 is currently available for the PlayStation 5, providing players with an immersive gaming experience filled with captivating quests and an expansive world to explore.

Final Fantasy 16 features a wide array of side quests for Clive to undertake while he attempts to liberate Bearers and create a better world. Some side quests offer unique rewards that alter gameplay, like increased capacity and potency for consumable items, while others simply serve to expand on the game’s lore.

The Final Fantasy 16 side quest “An Inconvenient Truth” falls into the latter category, offering a curio and some interesting lore as a reward for the player’s time. This quest is given by Vivian Ninetales at the Hideaway after completing the main quest “Brotherhood” and has players tracking down a banned book that contains the lost history of Bearers.

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An Inconvenient Truth Side Quest Guide in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16_An Inconvenient Truth_Harpocrates

This quest begins with a letter from Vivian which can be read in Clive’s quarters at the Hideaway. This letter should show up after the main quest, “Brotherhood,” has been completed. Vivian requires assistance retrieving a book named “From a Distance” that inspired her to become a scholar and whose contents are considered heretical and forbidden. Naturally, Clive is only too happy to assist, and Vivian tells him to ask Harpocrates for information on the book’s location.

Harpocrates explains that the reason the book is so hard to acquire is due to a secret society known as the “Executors,” who are avid collectors, hoarders, and concealers of knowledge deemed forbidden or otherwise unsuitable for the public.

It is likely that, due to their machinations, not a single copy remains on all of Storm. Luckily, it seems the same may not be true of Ash, and Harpocrates had an associate there with a vast and comprehensive library. While said associate has likely joined the ranks of the Akashic due to Ultima’s machinations it is likely that his library remains, and it is possible that a copy of “From a Distance” remains there.

Players will need to head for Ash to retrieve the book, with a good waypoint to begin from being Vidargraes in northeastern Waloed. The town of Garnick is abandoned, and Harpocrates’s associate once lived there. Within his house, a number of valuable and interesting documents can be found, though the focus of this quest is “From a Distance,” which can be found tucked away on the left side of the house towards the back. The book reveals a great deal about the lost history of Bearers, including their treatment as chosen ones bearing gifts from the Gods at one point in the past.

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Final Fantasy 16_An Inconvenient Truth_Inquisitor_Gigaflare

On attempting to leave Garnick with the book, Clive will be assailed by a representative from the aforementioned “Executors” who wishes to see the information held within the book lost. Clive must then fight some ruffians working for the Executors in order to prevent them from taking the book.

The enemies fought here are fairly simple to take down, with the Inquisitor wielding an axe being the biggest threat. Perfect Dodge or parry the Inquisitor and burn them down, and the rest should fall easily. Alternatively, players may wish to clear out the weaklings with an AOE attack before engaging the Inquisitor, so they can focus on the big guy.

After taking them all down, the Executor returns and explains that their goal is to control the truth by limiting the perspectives with which the public view history and eliminating information that could lead to contradictory views. He then says Clive can keep the book for now and vanishes without a trace.

Returning to Vivian has her explain that, while it is true that the “Truth” is dependent on mass belief, this also means that the “Truth” is not immutable and may be changed. This gives her hope that the plight of the Bearers can be changed and a better future built. She rewards Clive with her Scholar’s Cap as a sign of her faith in him.

Final Fantasy 16 is available for PS5.

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