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By Jitin Gambhir

Anushka Sharma Consoles Husband Virat Kohli After The WC 2023 Final Loss


Anushka Sharma graced the Narendra Modi Stadium for the grand finale of the 2023 World Cup. Her spouse, Virat Kohli, displayed an exceptional performance, scoring a remarkable fifty and clinching the prestigious Player of the Tournament award on Sunday. Unfortunately, Team India fell short of securing the trophy.

Following the intense final, a wave of sadness engulfed everyone, witnessing Virat Kohli’s tears on the field. Overwhelmed by the loss, he retreated to the dressing room, tormented by anguish. Anushka Sharma, as always, stood by his side, providing unwavering support and solace. The image capturing her consoling him has now become an internet sensation. Take a look below.\"\"This poignant moment deeply affects Virat, Anushka, the Indian cricketers, and their devoted fans. Anushka fulfilled her role as a devoted partner, providing solace to her husband in his time of despair. Let us hope that India emerges victorious in the next edition of the World Cup. Virat played like a true champion throughout the tournament, so keep your spirits high. We stand by your side.

Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma was present at the Narendra Modi Stadium for the 2023 World Cup final match. Her husband, Virat Kohli, scored a fifty and also won the Player of the Tournament award on Sunday. However, Team India couldn’t win the trophy.

After the final, everyone was sad, and Virat Kohli was seen crying on the field. He went to the dressing room in pain after losing the final match. Anushka Sharma has always been there to back him, support him, and encourage him. She was seen consoling him after the match, and the picture is going viral on the internet. See it below.1700565270 425 Anushka Sharma Consoles Husband Virat Kohli After The WC 2023This is truly a heartbreaking moment for Virat, Anushka, Indian cricketers, and fans. Anushka did all a partner can do for her husband at that moment. Hopefully, India will win the cup next time. Virat played like a champion throughout the tournament, so chin up, man. We are with you.

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