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By Jitin Gambhir

‘Below Deck’ alum Laura continues to defend Luke after sexual incident

Laura Bileskalne, who was recently fired from the reality show “Below Deck Down Under,” continues to defend Luke Jones’ nonconsensual sexual incident with Margot Sisson. The incident occurred when a drunk and naked Jones climbed into Sisson’s bed while she was asleep, prompting production to intervene. Chief Stew Aesha Scott informed Captain Jason Chambers of the situation, leading to the termination of both Jones and Bileskalne. Bileskalne not only downplayed the incident by claiming Jones was joking and is a “sexual person,” but she also attempted to give a massage to co-star Adam Kodra without his consent.

Bileskalne took to Instagram to defend herself, stating that she won’t tolerate criticism from those who haven’t actually watched the show. She argued that the incident was blown out of proportion and accused others of making false accusations. She received a supportive message, which she shared, reaffirming her loyalty to herself and her friend Luke Jones. She emphasized that she will always stand up for what she believes is right and cannot be influenced by others.

Despite facing criticism, Bileskalne claimed that the support she has received from fans outweighs the negative comments. In another Instagram post, she expressed her frustration with the situation and criticized the way reality TV portrays events. She urged viewers to separate the on-screen character from the real person behind the scenes. Bileskalne called out Bravo for sensationalizing and manipulating events to fit a specific narrative.

This recent defense from Bileskalne is a departure from her previous apology. After the episodes aired, she issued a statement apologizing to Adam and admitting that she didn’t realize her actions made him uncomfortable. She also apologized to Margot for not being able to empathize with her. Bileskalne explained that she has grown since the show was filmed and now views it as entertainment.

Meanwhile, Luke Jones addressed the issue by posting a photo of his abs on Instagram, accompanied by a caption that emphasized not caring about others’ opinions. He encouraged taking ownership of one’s actions and moving forward.

Fired “Below Deck Down Under” star Laura Bileskalne is continuing to defend Luke Jones’ nonconsensual sexual incident with Margot Sisson, which got him axed from the reality show as well.

During the incident in question, production broke the fourth wall to intervene when a drunk and naked Jones climbed into Sisson’s bed while she was asleep.

When Chief Stew Aesha Scott was informed of the situation, she consoled an unnerved Sisson and quickly alerted Captain Jason Chambers of what had happened.

Chambers swiftly terminated Jones as well as Bileskalne, who not only told Sisson that Jones was likely “only joking” and is a “sexual person,” but also tried to give co-star Adam Kodra a massage without consent.

“I don’t take s—t from who[ever] has not actually watched it. Don’t make up a preditor [sic] from someone who gave a HUG to a girl who willingly kissed 25 min ago. [Get] over yourself and your bs,” Bileskalne, who is from Latvia, wrote via her Instagram Story Sunday.


Laura Bileskalne
Laura Bileskalne is doubling down on her defense of Luke Jones’ nonconsensual sexual incident with Margot Sisson.

She then shared a screenshot of a supportive DM she had received and added, “I will stay loyal to myself and my friend @lukebonesjones I never do or ever will stand up for what is wrong. And you can not bent [sic] bent me. I am a hustler and you have nothing on me. #hatersgonnahate And that’s on you.

“Stay true to yourself,” she went on. “I know what is wrong or right and you will not change my mind no matter how hard you try.”

Bileskalne, 31, also claimed that all “the support” she’s gotten from fans “outweighs” any criticism she’s received from “key[board] warriors.”

Laura Bileskalne
“Don’t make up a preditor [sic] from someone who gave a HUG to a girl who willingly kissed 25 min ago,” the Latvia native wrote via Instagram Sunday.

The day prior, the former Bravolebrity had posted a photo of her and Jones alongside the words, “You are not alone. #staytruetoyourself #beyou #donotgetinfluenced.”

In a lengthy message, she continued, “What we are witnessing now is one harrasment [sic] been [sic] defended by other harrasment [sic]. Which cancels it all out really. People been [sic] influenced by what has been fed to them.”

Bileskalne said that reality TV “often portrays a condensed version of events, which can be misconstrued and taken out of context,” and encouraged viewers to “separate the character portrayed on television from the real person behind the scenes.”

Luke Jones
Jones was fired from “Below Deck Down Under” for nakedly climbing into Sisson’s bed while she was asleep.
Below Deck Down Under

Luke Jones
Production broke the fourth wall to intervene.
Below Deck Down Under

She called it “unfortunate” that “certain events and interactions have been sensationalized and manipulated to fit a particular narrative,” outwardly putting Bravo on blast.

Last week, Bileskalne shared an interview clip of her saying, “The most important thing is that they talk about you. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, let them talk. I don’t even mind!”

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Her current stance is a far cry from the bizarre mea culpa she issued after the shocking episodes aired on Aug. 7.

Margot Sisson
Bileskalne was also axed after she told Sisson that Jones was likely “only joking” and is a “sexual person.”

“My sincere apologies to Adam, I did not realize I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position,” Bileskalne penned via her Instagram Story the following day. “And to Margot to not been [sic] able to empathize.”

Bileskalne explained she “was 29 when the show was filmed” and that “30 was [her] life-changer.”

“I am 31 now and I am watching it as all of you, an entertainment show,” she added at the time.

Luke Jones
Meanwhile, Jones addressed the issue with a photo of his abs and the caption, “It doesn’t Matter what they think about you because you don’t Care.”

Jones, for his part, chose to address the issue with a since-deleted Instagram picture of him showing off his abs.

“It doesn’t Matter what they think about you because you don’t Care,” the Australian captioned the snap.

“Everything we hear is an Opinion, Not a Fact. Everything we see is a Perspective. Not the Truth. Take Ownership and move forward.”

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