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Best Barbarian Armor Sets, Ranked

Diablo 4 offers players a myriad of options to personalize and customize their characters. Right from the beginning of the game, players have the opportunity to create their own unique character that they will use throughout their gameplay. As they explore the game further, players will stumble upon new pieces of armor that they can equip.

One interesting aspect of Diablo 4 is that players can salvage their gear at a Blacksmith, allowing them to permanently adopt the style of that armor without actually having to wear it. It’s worth noting that although all classes have the same armor names, their appearances on the characters vary significantly. For example, Barbarians may seem like they don’t wear much clothing based on the character customization screen, but they actually have a plethora of brilliant armor options available.

One standout armor style for Barbarians is the Weathered look. This unique style can be found early in the game and is likely to be enjoyed by many players. While the original colors may not be to everyone’s liking, they can easily be changed by selecting a different pigment. What’s interesting about the Weathered armor is that it doesn’t cover the entire face, allowing some of the previous customization choices to peek through. Additionally, players can mix and match gear from this set if they don’t want to wear the entire ensemble.

Another sought-after set is the Boneweave armor. However, obtaining the entire set can be quite challenging as it can only be found through legendary equipment, which is often rare. Players have the option to wear this armor as is, but if they want to change its pigment, they will have to sacrifice the gear as salvage. While the helmet may be a topic of debate among players, the chest piece and pants have convinced many to embrace this set.

The Etched set is another intriguing choice for players. While it may appear simple compared to other armor sets, the helmet in the Etched set completely covers the player’s face, adding an air of mystery. This set also offers various individual pieces that players can mix and match, providing more customization options. Additionally, players can salvage this set to swap out the basic brown coloring for something more exciting, making their Barbarian truly stand out.

For players concerned about their character’s protection, the Fur-Lined armor is an excellent option. While it may not cover much, it instills a sense of immersion by giving the appearance of a valiant knight. The steel armor and thick fur cape add a touch of grandeur to the Barbarian’s attire. Moreover, the Fur-Lined set can be further enhanced with different color options.

The armor sets in Diablo 4 are designed to match the diverse regions and cultures of Sanctuary. One such set is the Sand-Worn armor, which may seem out of place in snowy regions but perfectly complements sandy environments. This set looks stunning on both male and female Barbarians, adding a touch of authenticity to their appearance.

Continuing with region-specific gear, the Highland outfit blends seamlessly with the Scosglen region. Players who obtain this set through gear drops will find that it gives their Barbarian the appearance of belonging to a Druidic clan. The chest piece and gauntlets uniquely connect, creating the illusion of leather leaves or feathers on the arms. The large pauldrons also add an intimidating aspect to the character’s look.

While not legendary, the Coven armor has garnered attention from many players. This outfit exudes a cult-like style, with a demon medallion on the belt and an ominous helmet that partially obscures the player’s face. The Coven armor perfectly complements the dark fantasy atmosphere of Diablo 4, enhancing the overall storytelling and setting.

The ultimate armor set for Barbarians is the Adventurer Set. With its shiny appearance, this legendary set is sure to catch the eye of any player. It exudes a high-end feel and gives off a mercenary vibe reminiscent of Ancient Greece. Notably, the helmet allows players to see their character’s face once again, adding a personal touch to the overall look. The Adventurer Set is the epitome of style and prestige in Diablo 4.


Diablo 4 is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players can enjoy the vast array of armor options and spend their time in the game wisely.

Diablo 4 has various ways for players to customize their character. From the start of the game, players are first left to create the character that they will use for the rest of the game; after some exploration, players will then begin to find new pieces of armor to equip.

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Salvaging this gear at a Blacksmith allows players to then wear the style of this armor permanently without needing to have that gear equipped. Although all classes share the same names of armor, they all appear differently on the character. Barbarians may appear as if they don’t wear much attire, as seen from the character customization screen; however, this lethal class still has plenty of brilliant armor options for gamers to choose from.

8 Weathered

The Weathered armot set in Diablo 4

Surprisingly, a brilliant style of armor that can be found early into the game that many players are likely to enjoy is the Weathered look for their Barbarian. While the original colors may not be something players favor, this can easily be changed by selecting a different pigment.

Unlike many of the other helmets in Diablo 4this fluffy hat that makes the player look like a Yak doesn’t cover the entirety of the player’s face; allowing some of the previous customization to peek through. Besides this, the Weathered armor is a great starting set to also mix and match gear from in the case of not wanting to wear the entire set.

7 Boneweave

The Boneweave armot set in Diablo 4

While Weathered can be found fast when exploring across Sanctuary, others will be waiting awhile to get their hands on the entire Boneweave set. This is because this armor can only be found through legendary equipment that can be incredibly rare at times.

Players could just wear this armor, although if they wanted to be able to change its pigment, they would have to sacrifice the gear as salvage. While the helmet is quite questionable to some, the chest piece and pants certainly convinced many players to use this set.

6 Etched

The Etched armot set in Diablo 4

Another interesting choice of armor for some players is the Etched set. While compared to other sets of armor, this may seem like quite the simple set, Etched as one of the more intriguing helmets that completely cover the player’s face. Etched also has many pieces that players may prefer to use on their own instead of equipping the entire set.

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Gamers need not worry about the basic brown coloring of the leather, as salvaging this set means these colors can be swapped out for something a lot more exciting. Besides this, the Etched set is sure to make players feel as if their Barbarian is looking the part.

5 Fur-Lined

The Fur-Lined armor set in Diablo 4

Some players may argue that many of the barbarian armor options give little protection to their character, even though their defense is high. Thankfully, sets like the Fur-Lined armor gives players that immersion they were looking for.

Equipped with steel armor and a magnificent thick fur cape, many players are sure to be thrilled to look like some sort of valiant knight instead of the absent-minded barbarian many RPGs commonly portray the class as. Even without a pigment equipped, the Fur-Lined set is incredible and is only made better through the various color options.

4 Sand-Worn

The Sand-Worn armor set in Diablo 4

The armor in Diablo 4 is themed to match the different regions and cultures of Sanctuary. While some of the sets feel as if they match the Region of the Fractured Peaks, others look as if they match the themes of different areas.

Sand-Worn is one of those sets that seems incredibly out of place when exploring the snowy regions of the map, but once walking upon the sands, this outfit feels at home. Belonging is only one reason to wear this outfit, as the equipment looks astounding on both male and female Barbarians.

3 Highland

The Highland armor set in Diablo 4

Continuing with region-specific gear, the Highland outfit looks right at home in the region of Scosglen. When unlocking the set through random chance gear drops, completing the entire outfit will make the player look as if their Barbarian comes from a Druidic clan.

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While the outfit may make some players’ characters look a little oddly shaped; the best part about this gear is how the chest piece and gauntlets connect together to make the player look as if their arms are covered in leather leaves or feathers. The large pauldrons are also sure to charm some players that wish for their character to look more intimidating.

2 Coven

The Coven Armor set in Diablo 4

Although the Coven armor isn’t legendary, many players have taken a liking to this outfit. The boots of the outfit may not be that interesting when compared to the other types of gear available, but that doesn’t take away from how intimidating this set is for Barbarians that wear it.

Unsurprisingly, the Coven armor gives a cult-like style to the Barbarian’s gear with some sort of demon medallion on their belt and an ominous helmet that leaves only the player’s chin revealed. Overall, the Coven outfit plays nicely with the dark fantasy atmosphere that makes up the story and setting of Diablo 4.

1 Adventurer

The Adventurer Set in Diablo 4

Out of all the available armor for Barbarians, the greatest outfit players can equip is the Adventurer Set. For any players that think themselves to be Magpies, this armor is incredibly shiny and is sure to catch any player’s eye.

Not only this, but it’s also a legendary set that looks as if it was high-end; players are sure to flaunt their time in Diablo 4 with this ram-covered gear. There is a continuous theme across the armor that almost makes it look as if the player was a mercenary from Ancient Greece. If there was nothing else to love about the gear, the helmet is also one of the few that allows the player to see their face once again.

Diablo 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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