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Best Open-World Games To Play Before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to feature a map that is twice the size of the original game, including the addition of Queens and Brooklyn for players to explore. This exciting expansion has only increased the anticipation among fans, who are eager to once again don the Spidey suit and embark on Peter’s next superhero adventure. As players await the release of Spider-Man 2 on October 20th, they may find solace in other open-world games that offer similar environments and gameplay mechanics.

The open-world genre has maintained its popularity over the years, with numerous AAA developers creating their own expansive game worlds for players to immerse themselves in. Many of these games share common features and mechanics with the Spider-Man series, making them ideal for fans to try out in the meantime. Here are some notable games that can help fill the void until Spider-Man 2 arrives.

1. Infamous Second Son: Set in a futuristic Seattle, this game allows players to step into the shoes of Delsin Rowe, a wisecracking Conduit with unique abilities. Players can choose to use their powers for good or wreak havoc in the city, reminiscent of the freedom and exhilaration of swinging through New York in Spider-Man.

2. Middle Earth: Shadow of War: While tonally different from Spider-Man, this game offers a plethora of collectibles and special items to discover. The innovative Nemesis system adds a unique twist to the open-world experience, with dynamic enemies and ever-shifting hierarchies.

3. Just Cause 4: The Just Cause series is known for its interactive environments, and the latest installment takes it to new heights. With multiple biomes and hazardous weather effects, players can engage in fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action as they traverse a stunning landscape.

4. Prototype 2: This action-adventure game allows players to explore the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. Controlling James Heller, who has been infected with the Blacklight Virus, players can shapeshift into other people, adding an exciting mechanic to the game.

5. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Embark on a journey through Ancient Greece and discover a wealth of gear and collectibles. The historical accuracy and vast map make this game a perfect choice for those craving exploration and customization.

6. Grand Theft Auto 5: A staple in the open-world genre, GTA 5 offers a richly detailed world filled with missions, collectibles, and a wide range of activities. The ability to switch between multiple characters mirrors the upcoming Spider-Man 2, where players can alternate between Miles and Peter.

7. Ghost of Tsushima: Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of war-torn Tsushima, as you embark on a journey filled with intense battles and poetic moments. The open-world environment and captivating story make this game a worthy choice for fans awaiting the release of Spider-Man 2.

8. Horizon: Forbidden West: Lose yourself in the breathtaking world of Horizon Forbidden West, with its visually stunning landscapes and exhilarating combat. Ride through the diverse biomes on mechanical creatures, while unraveling a captivating story.


9. Marvel’s Midnight Suns: This turn-based RPG offers a strategic and immersive experience, featuring beloved characters from the Marvel universe. Players can equip their character with over 40 superpowers, including Spider-Man’s iconic web-swinging abilities.

10. Batman Arkham City: Considered a classic in the superhero game genre, Batman Arkham City offers an immersive open-world experience in Gotham City. The rhythm-based combat and stealth sections are reminiscent of the Spider-Man games, making it a great choice for fans.

While fans eagerly await the release of Spider-Man 2, these open-world games provide a captivating and immersive experience that will keep them entertained. Each game offers its own unique features and mechanics, ensuring that players will find something to enjoy until they can swing through New York City once again.

The map in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected to be twice as large as the one in the original, with Queens and Brooklyn now included in the game for players to explore. This has only made fans even more eager to jump into the Spidey suit once again to take on Peter’s next superhero adventure.

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By this point though, most players have already found all the backpacks in the original Spider-Manand have also completed the story of Miles Moralesso until Spider-Man 2 finally releases on October 20th, they’re going to need a game with a similar open-world environment to hold them over. The open-world genre has remained incredibly popular over the years, with many triple AAA developers trying their hand at crafting their own game worlds for players to explore, many of which share a lot of common features and mechanics with the Spider-Man games that every fan needs to try out in the meantime.

10 Infamous Second Son

Main Protagonist Of Infamous: Second Son Delsin Rowe

Taking place in a futuristic Seattle, the third game in the beloved Infamous series puts players in the shoes of Delsin Rowe, a wisecracking, sharp-tongued Conduit who possesses a host of fun and unique abilities which players can either use for good deeds or cause chaos in the city, depending on how they want to influence the in-game morality system.

Aside from the exciting missions and challenging minigames, it’s a lot of fun to just simply parkour through Seattle and fly all around its many skyscrapers, mimicking the feeling of swinging through New York at high speeds which was already so much fun in the original Spider-Man.

9 Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

Main Character Looking Out At Soldiers On A Battlefield

A major reason so many people fell in love with Spider-Man was the sheer amount of collectibles they were able to find which made the grind for completion so fun and engaging, especially because they would all contribute to Peter’s suits and abilities. Middle Earth: Shadow of War may be very different in tone, but it is similarly packed with a wide array of special items to find including Shelob Memories, Ithldin, and Gondorian Artefacts, all of which can grant new skills to Talion.

The incredibly innovative Nemesis system also helps to make the game fresh and extremely unique, with returning enemies and shifting hierarchies making the player feel like they play an active role in the gigantic open world they are dropped into.

8 Just Cause 4

Main Character Gliding In The Air In Just Cause 4

The Just Cause series has always revolved around how the player can interact with their environment, but in the latest game, the creative possibilities for navigating the world really have become endless—especially with the introduction of multiple biomes and hazardous weather effects like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and snowstorms.

Traveling at blistering speeds across a lush and exotic landscape with a wingsuit and grappling hook is what players will spend most of their time doing inthis game, so those who can’t wait to start web-swinging in Spider-Man 2 should definitely spend some time gliding across the open skies as Rico Rodriguez in Just Cause 4.

7 Prototype 2

James Heller Flying Through The Sky In Prototype 2

Fans can get an early feel of how it will feel to swing through the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs of New York City by exploring them in Prototype 2an action-adventure game where players control James Heller who has become infected with the Blacklight Virus. This virus, familiar from the first game, grants him the ability to shapeshift into other people.

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This is an incredibly fun mechanic to play around with, and with an open world that is as similar to the real New York as possible in regards to its landmarks and architecture, it provides an opportunity for Spider-Man fans to enjoy the gorgeous city through a much different lens.

6 Assassins Creed Odyssey

The main Protagonist Sailing Through A River

Seeking out all the gear and collectibles sprawled out across the rich landscape of Ancient Greece in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is highly addictive, and really fulfills that desire for exploration that Spider-Man did so well. As players take part in the conflict between Sparta and Athens, and become involved in some grisly battles along the way, they will also be given plenty of time to admire the incredible world that Ubisoft made sure was as historically faithful as possible.

With the biggest map in the franchise, along with plenty of unique gear and equipment, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey provides the perfect experience for players who can’t wait to start customizing their gadgets and gear for both Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2.

5 Grand Theft Auto 5

Franklin Looking Out At Los Santos GTA5

It’s hard to even have a discussion about amazing open-world games without bringing up Grand Theft Auto 5and while it may be a little more grounded and realistic than Spider-Manit actually shares a few features with the upcoming sequel, especially in regard to its multiple characters.

At any point in the GTA 5 campaign, players can use the D-pad to toggle between controlling either Franklin, Trevor, or Michael, which is a mechanic that will also be present in Spider-Man 2 where players can switch between Miles and Peter. Of course, the game is also packed full of missions, collectibles, and cars that all make venturing through Los Santos such a joy.

4 Ghost of Tsushima

Jin Sikai Looking Out Across A Field Of Flowers

Aside from the nail-biting one-on-one duels and the gigantic spectacular set pieces, Ghost of Tsushima also has an astonishingly beautiful open-world environment with story events and collectible items being evenly spread out across the dazzling war-torn island of Tsushima.

Because of how well-paced it is, both in regards to the main missions and the many trials found throughout the game, it grants players plenty of time to take in the world around them while writing some poetry or relaxing in a hot tub, just like how fans will no doubt love admiring the updated rendition of New York City in Spider-Man 2.

3 Horizon: Forbidden West

Aloy Fighting A Boss In Horizon Forbidden West

It’s so easy to get lost in the jaw-dropping world of Horizon Forbidden Westwith the lush landscapes and numerous biomes contributing to its visually stunning environments, and it doesn’t take long before trusty adventurer Aloy is able to ride through the world at blistering speeds while mounted on one of the many machines that can be tamed.

With tight combat, an expansive skill tree, and a story that tugs at the heartstrings when it really needs to, Horizon Forbidden West is a wonderful game to run through that is guaranteed to scratch that open-world itch before the release of Spider-Man 2.

2 Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Spider-Man Appearing In Marvel's Midnight

Often hailed as one of the best, and most faithful Marvel games ever to be released, Midnight Suns is a turn-based RPG that definitely has a slower and more strategic pace compared to the Spider-Man games. On the other hand, it also contains a whole host of familiar faces from the Marvel comics and movies

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When the player starts the game as “The Hunter”, they are able to choose from over 40 superpowers to equip their new character with. Of course, it couldn’t be a Marvel game without Spider-Man himself popping up, with players even being able to acquire some of his web-swinging abilities for themselves after they meet him later in the game.

1 Batman Arkham City

Batman Ziplining Through Arkham City

When Batman Arkham Asylum first launched in 2009, many comic fans saw it as the much-needed first step towards creating the perfect open-world superhero game. Little did they know just how well the sequel would execute this idea. Just like how in Spider-Man players feel like they are the watchful eyes of New York City, this is the exact same feeling that comes from prowling Gotham City and busting crime as The Caped Crusader in Batman Arkham City.

Not only is the story exciting throughout, but the rhythm-based combat is nearly identical to that found in the Spider-Man games, along with the incredible stealth sections which help with the pacing. Quirky villains, weird gadgets, and memorable locations all make Batman Arkham City a timeless classic that is guaranteed to satisfy comic fans until Spider-Man 2 finally drops.

Spider-Man 2launches on October 20th, 2023, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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