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Best Theories After the Debut Episode

The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the thrilling Disney+ mini-series known as Secret Invasion. Once again, the iconic Samuel L. Jackson takes on the role of Nick Fury, but this time, he takes the lead. After experiencing the Blip and returning, Fury spent several years on board S.A.B.E.R. However, in the first episode of Secret Invasion, we witness Fury’s return to Earth to aid his old comrade Talos in preventing an invasion by a rebellious group of Skrulls.

In this captivating debut episode, the stage is set for the upcoming episodes. It establishes a spy thriller atmosphere with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. However, this time, there are no Avengers to lend a hand. The series keeps viewers on their toes, uncertain of who to trust, as anyone could potentially be a Skrull. Our perception of characters can change in an instant, adding to the intrigue and suspense. As the first episode concludes, several theories emerge.

One theory revolves around Rhodey possibly being a Skrull. In this episode, we discover that Rhodey has become the military advisor to the President of the United States. During a conversation with the President, Rhodey expresses concern about Fury’s return, indicating that both he and the President are worried. However, Rhodey’s response lacks curiosity about the reasons behind Fury’s return. Instead of seeking answers, he assumes that Fury’s presence poses a problem. Additionally, the inability to contact Fury seems unusual. It is challenging to believe that Rhodey couldn’t establish contact with him, especially considering the seriousness of Fury’s return. These subtle actions suggest that Rhodey may indeed be a Skrull. Having a Skrull in such a prominent position would be a strategic move for the invasion plans, as pitting humans against each other is a crucial part of their strategy.

Moreover, future MCU films, such as Armor Wars and Captain America: Brave New World, strengthen the case for Rhodey’s possible Skrull identity. In Armor Wars, Don Cheadle will portray Rhodey as the main character, embarking on a mission to retrieve Stark tech that has fallen into the wrong hands. This situation could arise due to Rhodey’s absence and a Skrull taking his place. The fact that Secret Invasion sets the stage for Armor Wars implies Rhodey’s significant role. Furthermore, Captain America: Brave New World hints at turmoil within the White House during the events of Secret Invasion, suggesting that the current President’s close relationship with Rhodey, a potential Skrull, leads to unfavorable outcomes.

In addition to the intrigue surrounding Rhodey, the series introduces Emilia Clarke’s character, G’iah, the daughter of Talos and Soren. G’iah joins forces with Gravik, the leader of the Skrull rebellion, due to her frustration with the lack of change and a place to call home. However, Talos informs her that her mother is dead, supposedly killed by Gravik. Yet, since we did not witness Soren’s death on screen, there remains a possibility that she is alive and undercover. Talos may be using this information to manipulate G’iah and regain her loyalty. Regardless of Soren’s fate, G’iah’s determination to find a home for her people aligns her with Talos and Fury. Emilia Clarke’s character is expected to have a significant role in the MCU, whether she turns out to be Abigail Brand or remains as G’iah.

As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that both Talos and Fury are aging and growing weaker. We catch a glimpse of their vulnerability during a brief fight sequence in the first episode. Fury has already suffered the loss of his close friend Maria Hill, and it is likely that this theme of loss will continue throughout the series. Fury will find himself facing the world alone, attempting to rectify his past mistakes. Tragically, this journey may lead to the demise of Talos. The bond between Fury and Talos, as well as Talos’ reconnection with his daughter, foreshadow a sorrowful outcome. When Talos ultimately passes away, it will ignite a fire within G’iah and Fury. G’iah will step into the roles previously held by Talos and Hill in Fury’s life, becoming a central figure not only in Secret Invasion but also in future MCU films.

Secret Invasion promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end, reshaping both the future and past of the MCU. With its intricate plot, unexpected twists, and complex characters, the series guarantees an exhilarating and unforgettable journey for Marvel fans.

The latest addition to the MCU is the Disney+ mini-series Secret Invasion. Samuel L. Jackson once again stars as Nick Fury, but this time in the leading role. After being blipped and then returning, Fury spent several years on board S.A.B.E.R. However, in the first episode, we see Nick Fury return to Earth to help his old friend Talos prevent the invasion of the rebel group of Skrulls.

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The debut episode set the tone for the episodes to come. A spy thriller with the fate of the world on the line. But no Avengers to help. We don’t know who to trust, anybody could be a Skrull, and our perception of characters could change in an instant. But, after the first episode, we have some theories.

Is Rhodey a Skrull?

Don Cheadle
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In this episode, we learn that Rhodey has become the U.S. President’s military advisor. We see Rhodey and the President have a conversation about Fury’s return. They both appear to be worried. At first, it seems like a natural worry as Fury abandoned his position, but there could be more to it.

Rhodey tells the President that he can’t get in touch with Fury or Hill and that they are effectively AWOL. This didn’t seem like a natural Rhodey response. There was no curiosity about why Fury had returned. Instead of trying to think of answers, he assumed that Fury being back was a problem for them. And having no way to contact him seemed a bit strange too. Of course, Fury was going to try and keep his head down, but it is hard to believe Rhodey couldn’t get in contact with him and didn’t think Fury returned for a serious reason.

These subtle little actions could suggest that Rhodey is a Skrull. The Skrull’s plans for invasion begin with pitting humans against each other and staging terrorist attacks across the globe to cause countries to go to war with one another. So, having a Skrull in the White House would be a smart move.

Rhodey has risen up the ranks since we last saw him in the MCU. He is the President’s military advisor. The President values his opinion, and Rhodey is definitely in his ear. A Skrull being this close to the President would help keep the United States off their trace and instead go after Fury. This is what Rhodey could have been doing.

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The upcoming MCU films also strengthen the case for Rhodey being a Skrull. Armor Wars will be a film where we finally get to see Don Cheadle play the main role as Rhodey. All the details of the film aren’t clear yet, but the story is set to revolve around Stark tech falling into the wrong hands, and Rhodey will try to retrieve it. This could be the result of Rhodey not being around because a Skrull was in his place.

It was mentioned that the longer Skrulls stay in human form, the harder they are to detect. So it is possible Rhodey could have been a Skrull for a long time. The fact that Secret Invasion sets the stage for Armor Wars also suggests that Rhodey has an important part to play.

As well as Armor Wars, Captain America: Brave New World hints that all is not well in the White House during the events of Secret Invasion. Harrison Ford will take over the role of Thaddeus Ross, who will be the President of the United States at the time of the film. This shows that things don’t work out for the current President, played by Dermot Mulroney. And it seems likely that the reason for this is because of his close relationship with Rhodey, who is a Skrull.

G’iah’s Role in the MCU

Emilia Clarke's role in Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

Emilia Clarke made her MCU debut as G’iah—the daughter of Talos and Soren. And as we learned, things are a bit complicated in the family. Frustrated with the lack of change and still not having a home, G’iah sided with Gravik, the leader of the Skrull’s rebellion.

However, when we see Talos and G’iah reunited, Talos tells her that her mother is dead. And it was Gravik that killed her. Since we didn’t see Soren’s death on screen, there is a possibility that she isn’t dead. Talos could be using this to get G’iah back on his side while Soren is deep undercover somewhere. Whether Soren is dead or not, it worked, as G’iah’s allegiance changed throughout the episode.

Many fans have speculated that Emilia Clarke would play Abigail Brand in the MCU, which you can’t rule out in the new age of Skrulls. But either way, Clarke is set to have a big role within the MCU as G’iah. The first episode showed how determined she is to find a home for her people, just like her parents. Now with the knowledge that Gravik killed her mother, she will be on the same side as Talos and Fury.

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Both Talos and Fury are getting older and weaker, as we saw in a short fight sequence in this episode. Fury has already lost his close friend Maria Hill. And it seems likely that loss will be a theme in this mini-series. It will be Fury against the world, trying to fix his mistakes. This will lead to the death of Talos. We saw how close Fury and Talos are, and we saw Talos begin to reconnect with his daughter. These moments of levity always seem a bit foreboding. A bit like the chess match Fury and Hill played the night before Hill’s death.

When Talos does die, it will only add fuel to the fire inside G’iah. And Fury too. G’iah will go on to take the place that Talos and Hill had in Fury’s life. She won’t only be a central figure in Secret Invasion. She will have a massive role to play in MCU films to come.

Secret Invasion is sure to keep us guessing right up until the end and change both the future and the past of the MCU.

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