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By Jitin Gambhir

Black Artists Raise Concerns About Bias in AI Algorithms – The Gentleman Report

Stephanie Dinkins, an exceptional artist residing in Brooklyn, has been at the forefront of integrating the realms of art and technology within her creative endeavors. Notably, she has recently been bestowed with a generous grant of $100,000 from the esteemed Guggenheim Museum in recognition of her groundbreaking ventures. These ventures encompass captivating interactions with an anthropomorphic robot named Bina48. Over the course of the last seven years, Dinkins has zealously delved into the realm of artificial intelligence, employing it to authentically portray the essence of Black women through a multitude of verbal cues. However, she has encountered numerous obstacles along the way, as the algorithm often distorts facial features and hair textures, thus detracting from the verisimilitude of the representation. Dinkins ardently believes that these systems are inherently biased, and she fervently advocates for AI to comprehend and endorse nuanced depictions of Black individuals.

The artist Stephanie Dinkins has been at the forefront of marrying art and technology in her work based in Brooklyn. Recently, she was awarded $100,000 by the Guggenheim Museum for her innovative projects, including interviews with a humanoid robot named Bina48. For the past seven years, Dinkins has been exploring the use of AI to realistically depict Black women through different word prompts. However, she has encountered challenges, with the algorithm often distorting facial features and hair textures. Dinkins believes that bias is deeply embedded in these systems, and she wants AI to recognize and support nuanced representations of Black people.

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