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By Jitin Gambhir

Blackpink’s Lisa breaks Spotify record with K-Pop hit Money

Blackpinks Lisa breaks Spotify record with K Pop hit Money

BTS is not the sole K-pop group with individual artists making records on Spotify. Currently, Lisa from the all-female K-pop group Blackpink has achieved a milestone of her own. She has become the artist with the highest number of streams for a female K-pop song in Spotify’s history, thanks to her 2021 sensational hit, Money.

Blackpink, consisting of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, is undoubtedly one of the most renowned female-fronted K-pop acts globally. Similar to the immensely popular K-pop boy band BTS, the members of Blackpink have recently begun pursuing solo projects. Jennie, for instance, received significant acclaim for her leading role in the controversial and short-lived HBO series, The Idol.

Now, Lisa is demonstrating her ability to stand out independently from the band. Her single, Money, has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from her devoted fanbase, known as “blinks.”

While Blackpink has attained the pinnacle of success in the K-pop girl group scene, with hit singles, successful tours, and influence in the fashion industry, they face a critical juncture. The rise of other emerging young bands in the genre, coupled with the individual ambitions of the four female members, has placed Blackpink at a crossroads.

Now, with Lisa’s solo endeavor, Money, claiming the top spot on Spotify’s all-time streaming chart for a female K-pop artist, it challenges the notion that Blackpink’s strength lies solely in the collective. When individual members shine as brightly as Lisa does presently, it validates their solo aspirations and leaves fans yearning for more.

Blackpinks Lisa breaks Spotify record with K Pop hit Money

BTS isn’t the only K-pop band with solo artists breaking off to set records on Spotify. Now Lisa from the all-female K-pop band Blackpink has set a record of her own — becoming the artist with the top streaming female K-pop song in Spotify’s history for her 2021 smash hit Money.

Blackpink — which consists of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé — is one of the most famous female-fronted K-pop acts globally of all time. Like the K-pop mega-boy band BTS, the members of Blackpink have also ventured out recently to take on solo projects. Jennie recently garnered critical attention for her starring role in HBO’s controversial and short-lived series The Idol.

Now Lisa is showing how well she can hold her own independently from the band as well, with the effusive global reaction to her single Money from her legion of “blinks” (how Blackpink fans affectionately refer to themselves).


After climbing the ranks and emerging as a super-band with worldwide appeal — including numerous hit singles, huge tours, and influence in other important creative spheres like the fashion world — Blackpink finds itself at the top of the K-pop girl group scene, but it is also at a crossroads of sorts, with other young bands on the rise globally in the genre and its four female members having solo ambitions of their own.

Now the strength of Lisa’s solo effort Money, and its new spot at number one on the all-time Spotify streaming chart for a K-pop female artist, is testing the theory that a band like Blackpink is only as strong as the sum of its parts. When the parts shine as brightly as Lisa is at the moment, it lends legitimacy to solo ambitions like this one and leaves fans clamoring for more.

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