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Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Ti West and Mia Goth are teaming up once again for the highly anticipated MaXXXine, the final installment of their twisted trilogy. The film has been generating plenty of buzz, with fans eagerly awaiting any news about the upcoming horror sequel.

MaXXXine was greenlit by A24 shortly before the release of Pearl, the prequel to West’s critically acclaimed X, which had hit theaters in the Spring of 2022. Pearl, which focuses on the original film’s villain, was released in September and received positive reviews from both critics and fans.

The third film in the franchise has been in development since June 2022, and fans got a sneak peek teaser for MaXXXine after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The fact that MaXXXine was given the green light ahead of Pearl’s release wasn’t surprising, given the success of both X and Pearl.

MaXXXine will once again star Mia Goth as Maxine Minx, an adult film actress who aspires to be a star. The first film in the series introduced Maxine, who is revealed to be the daughter of a fundamentalist Christian preacher. MaXXXine will continue Maxine’s journey toward fame and will be set in Los Angeles.

The film features a star-studded cast, including Elizabeth Debicki, Giancarlo Esposito, Michelle Monaghan, Lilly Collins, Bobby Cannavale, Moses Sumney, Halsey, and Kevin Bacon. The cast hints at a murder mystery, with Monaghan, Cannavale, and Bacon playing detectives.

The latest MaXXXine movie news features the first image from the film, which shows Mia Goth in character as Maxine, alongside pop star Halsey. The image is full of neon advertisements and characters dressed in provocative outfits, in keeping with the theme of excess that characterizes the franchise.

While there isn’t much information about the plot of MaXXXine yet, it’s likely that the film will explore Maxine’s past and her relationship with her father. The latest MaXXXine movie news suggests that the film will have a different vibe than its predecessors and will explore the evolution of home video releases and their impact on the film industry and society.

The release date for MaXXXine has not been confirmed yet, but production has just wrapped, so fans can expect the film to be released soon. A brief teaser was played after the credits of Pearl, and fans can expect a longer trailer to be released in the coming months.

Overall, MaXXXine is shaping up to be a highly anticipated horror sequel, with a talented cast and a storyline that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Ti West and Mia Goth are uniting once again for MaXXXine, the final movie in their twisted trilogy, and there’s plenty of MaXXXine movie news. Ti West’s Xreleased in Spring 2022, immediately received a follow-up prequel about Pearl, the original film’s villain. Shortly before Pearl was released in theaters in September, A24 announced that West would write and direct MaXXXinethe third and final film in the horror franchise. The third film was in development as of June 2022, and after debuting the film at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, fans got a sneak peek teaser for MaXXXine.


That MaXXXine was given the green light ahead of Pearl’s release wasn’t surprising considering X and Pearl were both received positively by critics and fans alike. The first film introduced the titular Maxine Minx, an adult film actress who wanted to be a star. At the end of Xshe is revealed to be the daughter of a fundamentalist Christian preacher, which suggests there’s a lot more to Maxine that audiences have yet to learn. Here is a breakdown of everything to know about the upcoming MaXXXine movie news, including who’s in the cast, what the story will be about, and when the horror sequel might be released.

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MaXXXine Latest News

Mia Goth and Halsey walk through '80s Hollywood in MaXXXine

The latest MaXXXine movie news is the first image for the threequel (via Collider), which features Mia Goth in character as Maxine, and another female character played by the pop star Halsey. The image gives of typically grimy and sleazy ’80s aesthetic, as it’s full of neon advertisements and characters dressed in provocative outfits. The image is totally in keeping with the theme of excess its predecessors have, and it’s clearly influenced by other ’80s movies.

In typically quick fashion, the principal photography for MaXXXine has just wrapped too (via Horror Fuel). West is known to be shockingly resourceful and quick when it comes to shooting movies, as he quietly shot Pearl alongside X and there were only a few months between their release dates.

Other MaXXXine movie updates see a strong cast assembling for Ti West’s horror sequel. Along with Mia Goth returning to her acclaimed role as Maxine, she will be joined by Elizabeth Debicki (Tenet), Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian), Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible – Fallout), Lilly Collins (Emily in Paris), Bobby Cannavale (The Watcher), Moses Sumney (Creed), Halsey (Sing 2), and Kevin Bacon (The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special). While Pearl had the spotlight firmly on Goth in the main role, such a big cast could suggest that MaXXXine is returning to more of an ensemble.

MaXXXine Release Date

Mia Goth underwater in X

No MaXXXine movie news has confirmed the release date yet. X and Pearl were filmed back-to-back, with Ti West having finished writing Pearl in quarantine and A24 giving the green light ahead of filming X. Because the two films had the advantage of such close production times, they were released only several months apart in the same year. MaXXXine will likely take longer before it hits theaters. However, as production has just wrapped on the movie, the movie could be released sooner rather than later, especially as it doesn’t require much post-production relative to other movies.

MaXXXine Cast: Is Mia Goth Returning?

Mia Goth in the dark in X

Mia Goth pulled double duty in X while portraying Maxine and the elder Pearl, a role she reprised in the horror film of the same name a few months later. Goth will return for MaXXXinereprising her role as the starlet who wants fame as an actress. Unlike Pearlhowever, Goth is not co-writing MaXXXine alongside writer-director Ti West, though she serves as the film’s executive producer. This time Goth, will be joined by a cast full of well-known actors.

The new MaXXXine cast members also give some hints about the story. Elizabeth Debicki will reportedly play a movie director while Giancarlo Esposito will play an agent for porn stars, suggesting the sequel continues exploring the world of adult movies. Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, and Kevin Bacon will play detectives, which suggests that there’s a murder mystery and that the movie is as much of a thriller as it is a horror. New cast members Lilly Collins, Moses Sumney, and Halsey also have roles that are being kept under wraps for the time being.

Esposito has been the most vocal about his time during the production. While his comments don’t reveal much about his character or the story, he has glowing praise for Goth (via Discussing Film). The actor explained, “I love Ti West and I have an affinity for Mia Goth. Just by being around her, you know that there is something so special in her talent.” The quote might not confirm anything about the MaXXXine story, but at the very least, it all but confirms that Esposito and Goth have extensive screen time together.

MaXXXine Story: What We Know & What X Set Up

Mia Goth in a looking in a mirror in X

Pearl killed everyone off in Xleaving Maxine as the sole survivor of the horrific slaughter on the Texas farm. Maxine drives away, presumably to Los Angeles where she hopes to make it big. The latest MaXXXine movie news states that Maxine will continue her journey toward becoming a famous actress and audiences will find her having settled, at last, in Los Angeles. While there aren’t too many details about the X and Pearl sequel’s story just yet, it’s possible Maxine has finally made it as an actress in Hollywood.

However, judging by the title of the film and the home video style it’s going for, it’s likely Maxine continues making porn, though it could be she has yet to start making bigger films within the industry. Considering how badly she wanted to become a star, it could be that Maxine has yet to realize that dream after finally arriving in LA. This might push her to her limits, and it’s possible she will end up bitter, angry, and inclined to murder people.

It’s also possible the horror sequel will explore more of Maxine’s past, which includes a Christian preacher for a father. This would be in line with Pearl‘s exploration of the elderly woman’s past and what ultimately led her down a murderous path. What’s more, the latest MaXXXine movie news seems to suggest that the film will seemingly tackle another horror subgenre and have a “different vibe” than Pearl and X (via LA Times)as well as explore the evolution of home video releases and their effect on the film industry and society at large.

MaXXXine Trailer

Mia Goth Maxxxine poster

While MaXXXine is in the pre-production phase, a brief teaser was played after the credits of Pearl. A little over a minute, MaXXXine’s teaser plays like a home video. The camera pans to where the Hollywood sign is usually perched; in its place is Maxine’s name, spelled like it is in the horror film’s title. The image is glitchy and, once the home video stops playing, static fills the screen. MaXXXine’s teaser trailer alludes to the titular character’s obsession with fame.

Nothing would please her more than having her name in big letters and situated where the Hollywood sign would be. Having finally made it to Hollywood, the teaser could also be a moment from one of her adult films. Whatever the case, the MaXXXine teaser is only a small glimpse into what’s to come. Fans should expect a longer trailer to premiere a few months before the horror sequel’s official release date.

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