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Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Apple TV Plus’ darkly comedic hit series, Bad Sisters, was a surprise success during its first season, and fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the Garvey sisters in season 2. Based on the Flemish series Clan, Bad Sisters centers around the tight-knit Garvey sisters as they navigate an insurance investigation after one of their abusive husbands dies suddenly. The show received high praise from critics, with a rare 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and its characters and use of gallows humor were noted as standout features.

With its likable and relatable characters, Bad Sisters’ season 2 is sure to live up to the hype. Despite the fact that season 1 was relatively self-contained, it left room for more, and the show’s renewal for season 2 less than a month after its premiere is a testament to its popularity.

The show’s creator and star, Sharon Horgan, recently revealed that shooting for season 2 will begin in September, and fans can expect more of the same chaos, humor, and sisterly bonds that made the first season so beloved. While the story details are being kept under wraps, Horgan teased that the sisters will continue to “go nuts, do things badly, get it wrong but really love each other through it all.”

The show’s cast, including Horgan, Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene, and Eve Hewson, is expected to return for season 2, and while supporting cast members may also make an appearance, there are no definite answers yet.

Bad Sisters’ season 2 release date is still unknown, but fans can expect it to be in early 2024 based on Horgan’s comments about shooting starting in September. With two prestigious BAFTA Television Awards under its belt, the show’s popularity is only expected to grow, and its status as must-see TV is all but guaranteed.

The darkly comedic Apple TV Plus series Bad Sisters was a hit during its first season, and season 2 is sure to be the same with its returning cast and continuing story. Based on the Flemish series Clan, Bad Sisters follows the tight-knit Garvey sisters as they become embroiled in an insurance investigation when one of their abusive husbands dies suddenly. Noted for its brilliant characters and use of gallows humor, Bad Sisters was a surprise success for Apple TV Plus, and the Irish series found a larger audience abroad thanks to the streaming platform. Though its season 1 story was rather self-contained, it left the door open for more.

Bad Sisters season 1 scored high marks from critics, resulting in a rare 100% score on Rotten Tomatoesand audience reviews were almost as favorable. Apple’s signature streamer has quickly distinguished itself as a legitimate destination for one-of-a-kind original content, and Bad Sisters is yet another program that fits in with Apple TV Plus’s brand of shows and movies. Bad Sisters‘ likable characters are its strongest asset. As the show moves away from its original premise, Bad Sisters season 2 will certainly continue to thrill because of the instantly relatable characters that make the series soar.


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Bad Sisters Season 2 Latest News

Sharon Horgan leaning over a table in Bad Sisters

The most recent Bad Sisters season 2 update is great news, as the show won’t be affected by the WGA writers’ strike even though it is being written in the midst of the strike (via Variety). Any writers in the WGA are forbidden from writing anything during the strike, and any writer that doesn’t follow this rule is known as a “scab.” Horgan had to stop working on U.S. shows, but she’s still allowed to work on UK series. The writer/actor noted, “We just had to down tools on all of our U.S. projects, and yeah, I feel kind of guilty I still get to make a show in the UK.” Thankfully, even writers in the WGA can work on existing projects in the UK, meaning Bad Sisters isn’t affected.

With Bad Sister season 2 being made official in November 2022, the newsest updates regarding Bad Sisters started to come about when the show won two prestigious BAFTA Television Awards in May 2023. The series swept the two categories it was nominated in, snagging the Best Drama Series award and an individual accolade for Anne-Marie Duff, who was named Best Supporting Actress. Though the awards had no effect on the decision to greenlight Bad Sisters season 2, the accolades should drum up additional interest in future seasons and also potentially guarantee its status as must-see TV.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Confirmed

Nina Norén & Eve Hewson in Bad Sisters 106

Unlike other streaming shows that hang in limbo for months between seasons, news regarding the renewal status of Bad Sisters came quite quickly from Apple TV Plus. Even though season 1’s last episode premiered on October 14, 2022, Bad Sisters was renewed for season 2 less than a month later, in early November 2022. Not only was the news a good sign regarding new episodes, but it also indicated Apple’s faith in the fledgling award-winner. Many streaming shows take a while to truly find their audience as word of mouth draws new viewers, but Bad Sisters season 2 required no such waiting period.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Release Date Info

Two sisters prepare an injection in Bad Sisters

With the confident way in which season 2 of Bad Sisters was announced, it is clear that it won’t be an extended wait between seasons of the black comedy series. However, judging by how long the first season took to come to the air, season 2 of the show won’t materialize any sooner than early 2024. The first season began in August 2022, but streaming services like Apple TV Plus aren’t as dedicated to strict schedules as network programming usually is. As such, an early summer release for Bad Sisters season 2 could prove to be just as popular as its original fall debut.

Recent updates hint that the Bad Sisters season 2 release date could be nearing, as Horgan revealed that shooting will start in September (via Radio Times). Along with giving some insight into the Bad Sisters season 2 story, Horgan explained, “Well, we don’t start filming until September, but I can tell you that [in the new season] there’s stuff that kind of comes back to bite [the sisters] quite heavily.” Based on this, an early 2024 release is the most likely outcome.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Cast

The cast of Bad Sisters Season 1

While many details about Bad Sisters season 2 are under wraps, it isn’t hard to speculate regarding which cast members are going to reprise their roles. As quoted by GQcreator and star Sharon Horgan said, “I was interested in what would happen to these women next. And we’ll find out.” This suggests that the sisters will all come back for the Bad Sisters season 2 cast. That means that Sharon Horgan as Eva Garvey, Anne-Marie Duff as Grace Williams, Eva Birthistle as Ursula Flynn, Sarah Greene as Bibi Garvey, and Eve Hewson as Becka Garvey would all top the bill again.

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Supporting cast members like Brian Gleeson as Tom Claffin, Daryl McCormack as Matthew Claffin, and Assaad Bouab as Gabriel could return, though there are no definite answers regarding the upcoming season’s extended cast. While also not guaranteed, Claes Bang could potentially return as John Paul Williams, since his character only appeared in the first season in the form of flashbacks. As the show moves away from the initial murder storyline, John Paul could take on a different aspect as the history of his relationship with Grace is explored further. Shows like Bad Sisters are always filled with twists, and new characters could also take the series in a new direction.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Story Details

Sisters stand at a grave side in Bad Sisters season 1

As Sharon Horgan alluded to in her interview with GQthe story of Bad Sisters season 2 is most likely not going to be a rehash of the first. Instead, the aftermath of the sisters’ actions is going to take center stage as they have to come to grips with the fact that a murder was committed. Despite the tone, the characters are still very human, and the events of season 1 are sure to color their lives. While some new danger is most likely going to rear its ugly head in Bad Sisters season 2, the central story of the season will undoubtedly be about the sisterly bond above all else.

Horgan gave a couple of teases about the Bad Sisters season 2 story in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The writer revealed, “It’s just more sisters going nuts, doing things badly, getting it wrong but really loving each other through it all. I don’t want to tell you the plot because it’s still percolating.” Horgan also revealed that it was a challenge to write season 2 given that it was originally intended to be a miniseries and that murderers don’t tend get away with the crime, explaining, “Usually, you don’t kill a man and get away with it.” There’ll undoubtedly be some clever storytelling in Bad Sisters season 2 to continue the narrative naturally.

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