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By Jitin Gambhir

CNN ‘moving to fix’ problems created by ex-CEO Chris Licht

CNN employees are celebrating the departure of former CEO Chris Licht. Oliver Darcy, a columnist who was criticized by Licht for his coverage of Licht’s disastrous town hall featuring Donald Trump, wrote in his Reliable Sources column that Licht’s changes at the network, including on-screen graphics, are being undone. Darcy noted that the new graphics were not well-received and were at times difficult to read. He also stated that CNN journalists felt restrained under Licht, but with a new leadership team in place, that fear is dissipating. Licht faced criticism over the Trump town hall and reportedly scolded Darcy for his critical coverage. CNN announced Licht’s resignation after a mortifying profile in the Atlantic that covered his rough tenure at the network. Sources revealed that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav surprised Licht with the news of his replacement by an interim leadership team.

CNN staffers are reveling in the departure of ousted CEO Chris Licht.

Take Oliver Darcy, the columnist who was chastised by Licht for his coverage of Licht’s own disastrous town hall featuring Donald Trump.

Darcy wrote in his Reliable Sources column on Tuesday that Licht’s changes at the network — down to the on-screen graphics he put in place — are being undone.

Darcy pointed out that Licht’s new graphics “were not well received by network staffers and executives.”

He said the “banners” implemented by Licht, “which were proclaimed as clean and fresh,” “were at times difficult to read.”

He added that “the swiftness in which [the graphics issue] is being addressed illustrates how quickly [CNN] executives are moving to fix the assortment of self-inflicted problems ushered in under Licht that have mired the network.”

Chris Licht
Chris Licht was blindsided by the news he was out at CNN, we reported.
CBS via Getty Images

The columnist continued: “Under Licht, many CNN journalists simply felt restrained as they delivered the news . . . With Licht gone and a new leadership team in place providing the necessary editorial support, that fear is dissipating.”

Darcy wrote last month that CNN and Licht faced “a fury of criticism” over the Trump town hall. Darcy reportedly received a dressing down from Licht for his critical coverage.

Chris Licht
Licht’s initiatives at CNN are now reportedly being undone.
Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery

CNN announced this month that Licht resigned as CEO after a mortifying profile in the Atlantic that covered his rough, roughly year-long term at the top of the network.


Sources told TheFantasyTimes that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav had surprised Licht when he delivered news he was being replaced by an interim leadership team at the news channel.

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