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By Jitin Gambhir

Courteney Cox tries to hide ‘secret’ closet of junk in home

Courteney Cox playfully mocked her iconic character, Monica Geller, known for her obsession with cleanliness, in a recent video. The actress, famous for her role on the popular NBC sitcom “Friends” from 1994 to 2004, showcased her newly renovated dining room in her luxurious $9 million mansion in Malibu, California. However, during the tour, a hidden messy closet was unexpectedly revealed.

In an Instagram post, Cox’s content creator, Max Goodrich, exclaimed, “Oh wait, what’s in here?” The camera then revealed the closet, which was crammed with a bulky comforter, cardboard boxes, bins, and various other household items. Panicking, Cox rushed to the closet, desperately trying to close the door, shouting, “Oh, my God. Nothing, Max, nothing!”

Maintaining her character’s traits, Cox continued to panic, urging Goodrich to stop filming. She pleaded, “Please, Max, stop it! That’s not funny. Actually, don’t film this. No, seriously, don’t film it. No, Max, stop!” In the video, Cox can be seen covering the camera with her hand, imploring her employee to delete the footage.

Reluctantly, Goodrich agreed, and the video came to an end. Cox captioned the post, “Come on…we all have one 😳🫢🤫 #secretcloset #monica,” referring to a Season 8 episode of “Friends” titled “The One With the Secret Closet.” In this episode, Monica’s husband, Chandler Bing, discovers her hidden cluttered closet, causing embarrassment for Monica, who is known for her tidiness.

Fans of “Friends” quickly referenced the episode and humorously pointed out the similarities between Cox and her character. One follower enthusiastically wrote, “THIS IS SO MONICA GELLER (WITH THE SECRET UNORGANIZED ROOM) ARE YOU KIDDING ME.” Another person joked, “When your Monica shows up 😂😂,” while someone else added, “She’s so (MONICA GELLER) 😂.”

Cox filmed the parody video inside her stunning $9 million Malibu mansion, which offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. In a 2017 interview with Architectural Digest, she expressed her attachment to the house, saying, “This is a house I’ll never move from — it really is so special to me.” Earlier this year, her beloved property gained attention when Prince Harry shared a story about consuming mushrooms at a party held there.

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Courteney Cox poked fun at her “Friends” character being a notorious neat freak in a new video.

The actress, who played Monica Geller on the hit NBC sitcom from 1994 to 2004, gave a tour of the newly renovated dining room in her $9 million Malibu, Calif., mansion when a “secret” messy closet suddenly appeared.

“Oh wait, what’s in here?” Cox’s content creator, Max Goodrich, asked in the Instagram post.


The director then panned to the closet, which was filled wall-to-wall with a chunky comforter, a few cardboard boxes, several bins and various other home items — and junk — piled on top of one another.

“Oh, my God. Nothing, Max, nothing!” Cox shouted while frantically running to the door and attempting to close it.

Courteney Cox closing a door
Courteney Cox frantically tried to hide her “secret” closet piled high with junk in her $9 million mansion.

A screenshot of Courteney Cox's messy closet
The closet included several pieces of miscellaneous furniture piled high.

Cox, 59, continued acting as her beloved “Friends” character, with her voice getting even higher as she began to panic.

“Please, Max, stop it! That’s not funny. Actually, don’t film this. No, seriously, don’t film it. No, Max, stop!” she exclaimed.

The “Scream” actress finally managed put her hand over the camera as she begged her employee to “erase the footage now, OK?”

Courteney Cox closing a door
“No, seriously, don’t film it!” Cox pleaded while trying to close the door.

Goodrich reluctantly agreed before the video ended.

“Come on…we all have one 😳🫢🤫 #secretcloset #monica,” she captioned the video.

Cox was specifically referencing a Season 8 “Friends” episode titled “The One With the Secret Closet” in which her character is ashamed after her husband, Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry), discovers his typically tidy wife has a closet filled to the brim with junk — and is “messy” after all.

Courteney Cox's hand over a camera
The “Scream” actress eventually put her hand up to the camera.

Many “Friends” fans were quick to quote the episode and joke about how similar Cox is to her character.


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“When your Monica shows up 😂😂,” another person joked.

“She’s so (MONICA GELLER) 😂,” someone else added.

Courteney Cox talking
The actress was recreating a “Friends” scene as her character, Monica Geller.

As selfie of Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow
Cox made the parody video inside her $9 million Malibu property.

Cox took the video inside her airy, beachside home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

“This is a house I’ll never move from — it really is so special to me,” she told Architectural Digest in 2017.

The “Cougar Town” star’s beloved manse made headlines earlier this year when Prince Harry recalled tripping on mushrooms while attending a party there.

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