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By Nikita Gambhir

Cyberpunk 2077: Should You Let Alex Out or Close Trunk in Gig: Olive Branch

In Cyberpunk 2077, players will frequently encounter challenging decisions that have a significant impact on the outcome of their missions. These choices can range from siding with different factions to determining the fate of certain characters. One such decision occurs during V’s interaction with Wakako Okada, a fixer in Night City.

While working for Wakako Okada, V is tasked with delivering a package to the Tyger Claws. However, upon discovering that the package is actually a living man named Alex, players are faced with a dilemma. They must choose whether to carry out the delivery or set Alex free.

This decision, like many others in the game, has both in-game benefits and moral implications. The consequences may not be immediately clear, but players must make a choice nonetheless. In this particular case, setting Alex free actually offers greater financial rewards compared to completing the delivery.

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a tumultuous journey since its release. Initially plagued by a rushed and unfinished state, the game received criticism from players. However, CD Projekt Red has since dedicated two years to fixing the game and improving its content, leading to renewed excitement among fans for the upcoming release of Phantom Liberty.

Within Cyberpunk 2077, players can engage in various missions, including those offered by fixers like Wakako Okada. One such mission, called “Olive Branch,” presents players with a pressing decision halfway through. After meeting with Sergei Karasinsky, V is tasked with delivering a seemingly ordinary car to the Tyger Claws. However, the unexpected revelation of Alex in the car’s trunk complicates matters.

Players are given two options: close the trunk and complete the delivery as instructed, or release Alex and end the mission immediately. Surprisingly, choosing the latter option provides higher financial rewards. Despite the lack of information, players must make a decision based on their own version of V and their moral compass.

From a moral standpoint, setting Alex free may endanger Sergei’s life, the person who hired V for the delivery. While players may have interacted with Sergei professionally, they have little knowledge of why Alex is being sent to his potential demise. Some players may justify closing the trunk and fulfilling the original job, while others may lean towards setting Alex free.

Speculation suggests that Sergei may have met a similar fate regardless, based on a note found on a deceased Tyger Claw member. Nonetheless, someone will suffer as a result of this mission, but V and the player will still receive their rewards, regardless of the chosen path.

Most players will likely opt to release Alex, as it not only offers better financial gains but also concludes the quest more swiftly. Additionally, Alex’s vulnerable situation evokes empathy, making it easier for players to justify this morally correct action. The lack of repercussions for setting Alex free further solidifies this choice as the preferred option for many players.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available on various platforms, including PC, Stadia, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X.


In Cyberpunk 2077players will often be faced with difficult choices that change the outcome of the mission they’re on. Sometimes these choices have far-reaching consequences, such as whether or not players side with the Netwatch Agent or Voodoo Boys in “I Walk The Line,” and other times, they are more minor.

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While working for Cyberpunk 2077‘s Wakako Okada, one of the many fixers in Night City, V is faced with one such choice. On their way to deliver a package to the Tyger Claws, V discovers that the package is, in fact, a living man named Alex. The player is then prompted to choose whether they should carry out the delivery or let Alex go instead.

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As usual, players don’t have the full story of what’s going on here, but they need to make a decision at this moment nonetheless. Surprisingly, in this case, there is a clear-cut decision that is better than the other, at least in terms of in-game benefits. The moral implications of the decision are a little more complicated, but morals never mattered in Night City anyway.

Updated on June 28, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: Cyberpunk 2077 is a video game that has gone through a huge journey in every way. The title was rushed out in an unfinished state and was lambasted by players who expected a smooth experience but had to deal with a downright broken launch that simply turned many people off from enjoying what could’ve been a great time. Instead, the amazing story was held back by so many unfinished systems and broken promises that it took CD Projekt Red two whole years to fix the game and regain everyone’s goodwill once again. Now, with the release of Phantom Liberty on the horizon, many fans can’t wait to get back into this game with all its polish and enhanced content.

There are many missions that players can access in Cyberpunk 2077, including the many gigs that fixers give in the game. One of these fixers who fans absolutely adore is Wakako Okada, with this aged wise woman helping V out when needed while also giving him numerous gigs to help him earn some cash. One of these is named Olive Branch and features a rather pressing decision that players will need to make halfway through the mission.

Gig: Olive Branch

The Olive Branch gig in Cyberpunk 2077

The start of this gig is pretty innocuous, with Wakako giving V a heads-up about a man who requested his help by the name of Sergei Karasinsky. After players meet with this shady character, they are tasked with driving a regular-looking car to the Tyger Claws as a peace offering of sorts. While the request sounds odd, V doesn’t think twice and commences with the job, only for the real peace offering to start banging and shouting from inside the car’s trunk.

After players open this compartment and discover Alex in the back, they have two choices. The first choice is to close the trunk, condemning Alex in the process but completing Wakako’s gig as instructed. Alternatively, they can let Alex go free, ending the mission immediately. Surprisingly, the nicer of the two options actually awards more money, as players that deliver Alex to the Tyger Claws will earn 1,860 Eurodollars, whereas those that let Alex go free will get 3,700 Eurodollars.

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The fact that players have very little information while performing this side gig makes it even more of a complicated decision to make, even though there aren’t any long-term ramifications. Regardless, most people will make a choice on the basis of how their version of V has conducted themself in the brutal landscape of Night City.

Close The Trunk

Sergei from the Olive Branch gig in Cyberpunk 2077

From a moral standpoint, letting Alex go almost certainly means that Sergei, the man V is making the delivery for, will die. This is something that most players might want to avoid since they’ve actually interacted with Sergei in a professional capacity and might not want to hamper his chances of survival. Of course, the same can be said for Alex, but he’s not the person paying V, nor do players know exactly why this character is being sent to the slaughter in the first place. As a result, some people might justify the act of closing the trunk on Alex and going through with the job as originally intended.

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That said, some players theorize that Sergei likely would have died regardless, thanks to a note found on the bodies of one of the Tyger Claws. According to this note, Sergei’s deadline had already passed, meaning he might have been killed anyway. Regardless, someone is going to be killed or worse as a result of this mission, but it’s a win/win situation for V and the player. After all, they get rewarded regardless of what path they take.

Let Alex Go

Alex from the Olive Branch gig in Cyberpunk 2077

Most players will probably want to just let Alex go. Not only does it pay better, but it also makes the quest end a lot quicker. Fulfilling the delivery requires players to drive to the Tyger Claws hideout, maneuver the car through alleys full of people without hitting anyone, and hold a conversation with some angry gang members, whereas letting him out can be done with the click of a button.

It helps that Alex seems caught in a genuinely helpless situation, making it easier to empathize with this character and his plight. Letting him go is arguably the morally correct action to take, and the fact that V isn’t really reprimanded for this decision — aside from an incensed call by Sergei — means that most players won’t have to think twice before letting Alex go and going about with their adventures in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available now on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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