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By Jitin Gambhir

Dean McDermott ‘mortified’ Tori Spelling’s living in RV park

Dean McDermott is deeply embarrassed and ashamed that his estranged spouse, Tori Spelling, along with their children, is currently residing in a motorhome. Sources close to McDermott informed the Daily Mail on Friday that the former star of “Chopped Canada” firmly believes that the “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum is not financially destitute, but is instead seeking sympathy by choosing to live in such conditions. The insider shared that McDermott, as well as all of Tori’s friends, cannot comprehend why she would resort to this unless it is for the purpose of garnering sympathy, especially since she has the means to afford a better living situation. The source further revealed that McDermott, who is primarily concerned about the well-being of their children, is furious that Spelling, at the age of 50, has been rejecting offers from friends to provide her with a place to stay, instead opting to reside in roadside motels and RVs. The source added that McDermott strongly believes that the children deserve a better living arrangement and is understandably angry with Tori’s immature behavior. Additionally, it has been reported that McDermott, despite the bitter nature of their separation after being married for 17 years, maintains regular communication with his children. It was exclusively revealed by TheFantasyTimes that Tori declined her mother Candy’s offer of accommodation due to a mold infestation in her previous residence. Representatives for the couple have not yet responded to TheFantasyTimes’s request for comment. Spelling’s frequent relocations can be attributed to the mold problem that had been afflicting her family for years. Upon the release of photographs showing Spelling living in a motel and RV, fans immediately questioned why her wealthy mother, Candy Spelling, did not intervene to assist her daughter. However, an exclusive source informed TheFantasyTimes that Candy, at the age of 77, did offer her help, but Tori declined because she had specific preferences regarding her living arrangements. The source stated that it is ultimately Tori’s decision to live wherever she desires and that Candy respects that.

Dean McDermott is “mortified” that his estranged wife, Tori Spelling, and their kids are living in a motorhome.

Sources close to McDermott told the Daily Mail Friday that the former “Chopped Canada” star insists the “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum isn’t “broke” and instead is doing it “for sympathy.”

“Dean is legit mortified, as are all of Tori’s friends,” the insider shared.

“They do not understand why she would be doing this unless for sympathy. She has money.”

The source also said that McDermott — whose “main concern” is his kids — is “furious” Spelling, 50, has been turning down friends’ offers for lodging and instead has been residing in roadside motels and RVs.

“Dean does not think that the kids should be living like this and of course he is angry. He is furious at Tori because she is acting like a child,” the source added.

dean mcdermott and tori spelling holding hands
Dean McDermott is reportedly “mortified” his estranged wife, Tori Spelling, is living in an RV park with their kids.
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tori spelling and kids camping outside of an RV
The Spelling family had been living in a $100-per-night roadside motel before opting for the motorhome.

“She had every opportunity to make this marriage work and instead, she fostered the narrative for years that she was done with Dean.”

McDermott, 56, is said to be talking to his kids “regularly” despite his and Spelling’s seemingly bitter split after 17 years of marriage.

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tori spelling and kids walking through woods
TheFantasyTimes exclusively revealed that Tori turned down her mother Candy’s offer for a place to stay in light of the mold infestation.

Reps for the former couple didn’t immediately return TheFantasyTimes’s requests for comment.

Spelling’s frequent moves have been the result of a mold infestation in her home that was “slowly killing” her family for years.

After the photos of Spelling living in a motel and RV were published, fans immediately began to question why her multi-millionaire mother, Candy Spelling, didn’t step in to help her daughter.

young tori spelling and dean mcdermott
The “Tori & Dean” alumni are in the midst of a separation after 17 years of marriage.
WireImage for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

However, a source told TheFantasyTimes exclusively that Candy, 77, did offer to help but Tori turned down the assistance.

“Candy spent hours on the phone trying to find [a house],” the source told us, adding that Tori declined the option because she “wanted to live in a certain place.”

“[It] is fine, they should live where they want to live,” the source added.

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