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Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep: All New Perks, Ranked

Perks are a crucial aspect of any weapon, as they can significantly impact how it feels and performs. To obtain a weapon’s god roll, it is essential to have the right combination of perks. In Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep, six new perks were introduced: Bipod, Collective Action, Invisible Hand, Controlled Burst, Eddy Current, and Discord. Some of these perks are exclusive to certain weapon types, while others are specific to subclass affinities.

At number six, we have Invisible Hand, a PvP perk that increases a weapon’s stability. However, it only provides a 25 stability boost after missing four shots within 2.5 seconds, making it ineffective in one-on-one duels. Additionally, stability is not essential in PvE, making Invisible Hand more of a hindrance than a help.

Bipod, at number five, is a Rocket Launcher-exclusive perk that increases ammo reserves but reduces damage, blast radius, and reload speed. While it improves ammo economy, it hinders the weapon’s essential components, making it more detrimental than beneficial.

Eddy Current, at number four, is a unique perk exclusive to arc weapons. It temporarily boosts reload speed after sprinting, but it is overshadowed by other reload speed perks that provide additional damage boosts in combat. Eddy Current’s reliance on sprinting can also be limiting in some cases.

Discord, at number three, is a potent perk that grants increased speed, accuracy, and airborne effectiveness after securing final blows with other weapons. It also refunds ammo, making it an excellent option for special and heavy ammo weapons in PvE and PvP.

Collective Action, at number two, is a damage-boosting perk that grants increased damage when collecting elemental pickups or throwing a strand tangle. While it requires a specific build, it can be a viable option in conjunction with certain artifact mods.

Finally, at number one, we have Controlled Burst, a Fusion Rifle-exclusive perk that grants a 20% damage boost for landing every shot in a burst. This perk can be reapplied by chaining bursts, making it a powerful and free damage boost for Fusion Rifles, which are already a top-tier choice for special weapons.

In conclusion, having the right combination of perks is crucial to obtaining a weapon’s god roll in Destiny 2. While some perks may seem appealing, they may hinder a weapon’s essential components. It is important to weigh the pros and cons when choosing which perks to use, and to consider which perks work best with your playstyle and build.

Perks are an essential component of a weapon; they make how a gun feels and performs. Correct combinations of perks are necessary to acquire the weapon’s god roll. Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep introduced six brand-new perks.


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These perks include Bipod, Collective Action, Invisible Hand, Controlled Burst, Eddy Current, and Invisible Hand. Some of these are exclusive to weapon archetypes, while some are specific to the affinity of the subclass.

6 Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand is a PvP perk that aims to provide a weapon with more stability. It states: “Repeatedly missing targets increases the weapon’s stability for a short time. This buff lasts for a short duration after a target is hit.” This perk provides the weapon with about 25 more stability after missing 4 shots within 2.5 seconds of each other.

Invisible Hand might be the worst perk in the game; the extra 25 stability is not that great to begin with; then, it only gives it to the weapon after missing 4 shots. You do not need stability in PvE, so you would only want stability on a weapon in The Crucible, but you simply cannot afford to miss 4 shots in The Crucible. In a duel, each shot is critical, and missing a single shot will usually result in death. Invisible Hand does nothing for the gun; what little it does is too late in a one-on-one brawl.

5 Bipod


Bipod is a Rocket Launcher-exclusive perk that states that “Increases Rocket Launcher ammo and reserves, but reduces damage, blast radius, and reload speed.” This perk was teased in Season of Defiance, and a lot of people were excited about this perk as Rocket Launchers are the meta options for damage in raids and dungeons. However, this perk turned out to be a complete disappointment.

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Rocket Launchers need perks that boost their damage, reload speed, and ammo economy. While Bipod improves the ammo economy, it completely butchers the other two essential components. Bipod doubles the magazine capacity and increases total reserves by 5 but decreases blast radius by 30, reload speed by 20, and damage by 40 percent. Overall, this perk is more negative for a weapon than positive.

4 Eddy Current

Eddy Current

Eddy Current is a perk exclusive to arc weapons. It is a pretty unique perk that states that it “Temporarily increases reload speed after sprinting. This effect is improved when you are amplified.” Being amplified is not that difficult in PvE, so you will get the most out of this perk in PvE.

Eddy Current requires the player to sprint for 3 seconds to get a boost in reload speed. While the exact amount of boost it gives is not known, it is pretty noticeable in the game. The problem with Eddy Current is that it is overshadowed by other reload speed perks like Outlaw, Feeding Frenzy, and Frenzy, which provide a damage boost on top of reload speed. All these perks require you to be in combat and play the game your way. Eddy Current forces you to sprint to utilize the perk, which may not be possible in some cases.

3 Discord


Discord is the type of perk that is useless on many weapons, but on certain weapons, it is amazing. It states, “Final Blows with other weapons grant this weapon increased speed for aiming down sights, accuracy, and airborne effectiveness for a short time. When Discord is active, final blows refund ammo.”

For PvE, the main appeal of Discord is refunding ammo, whereas, for The Crucible, the entire perk is appealing. Discord is a good perk option for only special and heavy ammo weapons. On primary ammo weapons, you already have infinite ammo, and the rest of the bonuses can be acquired by better perks. Discord allows a weapon to infinitely fire — if you are securing kills with every shot — without ever needing to reload or worry about your ammo economy when the perk is looped correctly.

2 Collective Action

Collective Action

Collective Action is a damage-boosting perk and states: “Collecting elemental pickups or throwing a strand tangle grants a stacking period of increased damage. Elemental pickups include Void Breaches, Stasis Shards, Ionic Traces, and Strand Tangles.”

This perk is only viable if you are using a build revolving around one of the elemental pickups. Fortunately, some mods are always available in the artifact mods that enhance one or two elemental pickups. So, if you are using a build that uses those mods, having a weapon with Collective Action is a viable option as it will give a 20 percent damage boost to that weapon.

1 Controlled Burst

Controlled Burst

Controlled Burst is a Fusion Rifle exclusive perk and is incredibly powerful at that. It states: “Landing every shot in burst grants this weapon increased damage and reduced charge time for a short duration.” This perk effectively turns your fusion rifles into a Legendary Merciless (Exotic Solar Fusion Rifle).

Controlled Burst is a 20 percent damage increase for 2 seconds but can be re-applied if you land every shot in the next burst; hence you can chain this perk until your weapon runs out of ammo. A 20 percent damage boost is no joke, and Fusion Rifles are already a top-tier choice for special weapons. DPS Controlled Burst provides a free damage boost by simply landing your shots.

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