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Diablo 4: How To Beat Vhenard

Diablo 4 is brimming with malevolent demons, spawns from the depths of Hell, and an unending onslaught of monstrous creatures that players have the exhilarating opportunity to vanquish with a gratifying sense of righteousness. In addition to the hellish minions, Diablo 4 also presents players with a substantial number of epic boss battles. Some of these formidable foes can be encountered through World Bosses and events scattered throughout the game, while others are encountered naturally as players progress through the main storyline.

One such challenging boss encounter awaits players in the quest “The Cost of Knowledge,” where they will confront Vhenard, a menacing adversary. This particular boss fight serves as a significant test of the game’s difficulty as players must deftly evade, dodge, and inflict damage upon a multitude of enemies that spawn during the battle.

Update by Chad Thesen on July 3, 2023: Previously, this guide did not provide information on the rewards that players can expect to receive from this fight. Some players expressed confusion after receiving minimal rewards. Therefore, a new section has been added at the end to enlighten players about the rewards they can anticipate upon defeating this enemy in the game.

Avoiding Damage:

To triumph in the Vhenard boss fight during the “The Cost of Knowledge” quest, players must remain vigilant in avoiding the constant barrage of area-of-effect attacks unleashed by enemies, all while attempting to deal damage. There are three distinct types of enemy area attacks that players should adamantly avoid throughout the entire encounter: Hell Spawns’ attacks, Vhenard’s attacks, and the blood stream connecting Vhenard to her Hell Spawns. Curiously enough, all three types of attacks share a vivid red color. Furthermore, with each phase of the Vhenard fight, the number of enemies spawned increases incrementally, making the battle progressively more demanding over time.

In every phase, Vhenard summons Hell Spawns, which are medium-sized adversaries. These Hell Spawns release smaller red projectiles resembling bolts of electricity, while Vhenard’s attacks manifest as sinuous, floating red entities. Additionally, a crimson blood tether links Vhenard to the Hell Spawns, inflicting damage upon any player who comes into contact with it. Players must exercise utmost caution in evading all three of these attacks. It is also imperative to steer clear of the stairs on the sides of the battlefield, as stepping onto them will swiftly drain a character’s health due to the treacherous nature of The Black Lake.

How to Defeat Vhenard:

Emerging victorious in the battle against Vhenard primarily hinges on two crucial factors: swift movement and ranged damage. Directly harming Vhenard is futile; instead, players must concentrate their efforts on dispatching the numerous Hell Spawns that remain tethered to Vhenard throughout the relentless onslaught of enemy assaults. Given the constant frenetic movement of Vhenard’s Hell Spawns, players will heavily rely on their ranged abilities. Consequently, melee-oriented classes, such as Barbarians and Druids, may encounter significant challenges in this boss encounter. It is advisable to consider respeccing your character to specialize in ranged damage, mobility, or survivability if you find yourself struggling with your current build. Juggling the task of avoiding the chaotic maelstrom on the screen while simultaneously dealing damage to the ceaselessly moving Hell Spawns will truly test the skills and patience of even the most seasoned gamers. The chaos intensifies as the number of enemies multiplies and their lethality escalates. Eventually, Vhenard will summon Spewers, vile creatures that hurl ranged projectiles, as well as colossal Pit Lords armed with massive horns and buildings-sized swords. Ensure that your fingers are nimble and ready for this formidable encounter.

Rewards Await:

Upon triumphing over this formidable foe, players will be rewarded with experience points and gold, the quantities of which scale according to the game’s difficulty setting. Additionally, players will receive a rare dagger named Mother’s Knife, although its efficacy may vary depending on the class of the character wielding it. Finally, emerging victorious against Vhenard will mark the completion of the “The Cost of Knowledge” quest.


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Diablo 4 is filled with demons, spawns of Hell, and endless waves of monsters that players get to slay with satisfying, righteous indignation. Aside from the minions of Hell, Diablo 4 features a good number of epic boss fights too. Some of them can be found in the game with things like World Bosses and events, while others are classically spurred on by progressing the main mission.

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Vhenard and “The Cost of Knowledge” quest present one of the first challenging bosses that mission progression throws at the players. This boss fight might pose the first real test of the game’s difficulty as players will have to duck, dodge, and damage numerous enemies that spawn during the fight.

Updated by Chad Thesen on July 3, 2023: This guide previously did not cover what rewards players can be expected to get from the fight. Some players have shown confusion after receiving the bare minimum rewards. A section has been added at the end to help players be aware of what they can expect to receive as rewards after they have defeated this enemy in the game.

Avoiding Damage

Diablo 4 vhenard and aoe damage

Stay out of the bad! The Vhenard boss fight at the end of “The Cost of Knowledge” quest will have players scrambling to stay out of the constant area-of-effect attacks from enemies while still trying to do some damage. Technically, there are three different types of enemy area attacks that players should be avoiding at all times throughout the fight: Hell Spawns’, Vhenard’s and the blood stream that connects Vhenard to her Hell Spawns. Coincidentally, all three types of attacks are also the color red. Also, each phase of the Vhenard fight will spawn increasingly more enemies.

Each new round will spawn more enemies than the past one, so the fight gets increasingly more difficult as time goes by. In each phase, Vhenard will summon Hell Spawns, which are medium-sized baddies. Hell Spawns shoot the electric-looking smaller flying red balls, Vhenard’s attacks are red snaky, floating things and there is also a red blood tether between Vhenard and the Hell Spawns that will damage players when touched by it. Do your best to avoid all three of these attacks in the fight. Also make sure to stay off the stairs on the sidesas The Black Lake will instantly drain a character’s health.

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How To Beat Vhenard

Diablo 4 vhenard boss fight

Winning the Vhenard fight is going to be mainly based around two things: movement and ranged damage. During the fight, you cannot damage Vhenard directly and must focus on the multiple Hell Spawns that are tethered to Vhenard through various waves of enemy attacks. Due to the fact that Vhenard’s Hell Spawns are constantly in rapid movement, players will need to rely on their ranged abilities most of all. That means that melee classes are going to have the toughest time with this boss fight. So, Barbarians and Druids are probably going to struggle with this one.

It is recommended to respec your class for ranged damage, mobility or survivability if you can’t win the fight in a current build. The combined act of avoiding all the insanity on the screen while laying out damage to the rapidly moving Hell Spawns can test a gamers skills and patience. This gets increasingly chaotic as the amount of enemies increases and the type gets more deadly. Eventually, Vhenard will begin to spawn Spewers, which fire ranged puss at you, and gigantic Pit Lords who have horns and swords the size of buildings. Make sure your fingers are warmed up for this boss.

What Rewards Do You Get?

Diablo 4 Vhenard

After defeating this enemy, you will receive some experience and some gold that will scale depending on the difficulty the game is set to. You will also receive a rare dagger called Mother’s Knife that will not be as good in the hands of some classes compared to others. The Cost of Knowledge quest will also be completed upon defeating Vhenard.

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