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By Jitin Gambhir

DJ Khaled posts video of surfing accident that caused injury: ‘So much pain’

DJ Khaled has expressed his pain after suffering a fall while surfing in Florida over the weekend. The rapper posted a video on Monday showing him attempting to stand up on his board before being launched into the air and falling back down onto his board. He later posted another video while getting a massage, explaining how he hit his rib and belly-flopped into the water. Khaled’s masseuse believed the pain was due to muscle inflammation, but he insisted on seeing a doctor to be sure. The DJ later posted an X-ray on Instagram and expressed his concern about not being able to play golf, which he enjoys doing seven times a week. Khaled has a history of water mishaps, having previously injured himself in water ski accidents in 2015 and 2017.

DJ Khaled is “in so much pain” after suffering a nasty fall while surfing in Florida on Saturday.

The “All I Do Is Win” rapper, 47, posted a video of the accident Monday, which shows him cruising in the ocean moments before he’s launched in the air while attempting to stand up on his board.

He also posted a video detailing the wipeout while getting a massage one day after the incident.

“I have the footage of me falling, flying through the sky, hitting the board on my rib. Bellyflopping in the water.”

He added, “I’m in so much pain.”

DJ Khaled surfing in Florida.
DJ Khaled injured himself while surfing in Florida over the weekend.
DJ Khaled falling during a surfing accident.
A video posted to social media showed the DJ attempting to stand up on his board before he fell over.

Khaled’s masseuse believed his pain was merely muscle inflammation but the DJ insisted he needed a doctor’s opinion.

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“I called a doctor, he’s gonna come later on this evening, just to make sure it ain’t nothing serious,” he said while on the massage table.

“My masseuse is saying it’s just the muscle. She feels the muscle really irritated and disturbed in that area.”

DJ Khaled getting a massage.
A day after the accident, he rushed to get a massage after experiencing immense pain while golfing.
DJ Khaled getting a massage.
Khaled’s masseuse believed his injury was merely muscle inflammation.

A few hours later, Khaled posted another update of himself getting an X-ray.

“I’ve been in pain,” he reiterated, adding that he had trouble sleeping for the past 48 hours. “I’m hoping it’s just a bruised muscle.”

“The pain is high level,” he added, before expressing his concern to his doctor about getting back on the golf course, insisting he needs to be playing “seven times a week.”

DJ Khalid on a boat
The “All I Do Is Win” rapper worried the injury was going to stop him from playing golf “seven days a week.”

While out on the golf course the next day, Khaled gave another update, telling his followers that the doctor said he had a “big, real bad bruise.”

“They said on the bone they [saw] a little line on one of the bones. They’re not sure if it’s a fracture. They’re going to double-check. So I do need to rest it up, but I have to play golf,” he said.

Khaled is not a stranger to dangerous ocean behavior and previously injured himself in a water ski accident in December 2017.

DJ Khaled playing golf.
But the pain didn’t stop the DJ from getting back on the golf course on Tuesday.
DJ Khaled
Khaled was previously involved in two different water mishaps that left him injured and lost in 2015 and 2017.

He was on his way to visit Diddy when his ski got stuck in downed tree branches. He jumped into the water to try and move them when he cut himself.

Showing off his bloody leg on Instagram at the time, he added, “The key is don’t panic. This ain’t no joke … I ain’t panicking. I just gotta figure it out. In life, there is road blocks. I am stuck in a tree in the ocean.”

A few years earlier in 2015, he had gotten lost at sea while riding his water skis in the middle of the night.

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