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Doduo Spotlight Hour Guide (Can Doduo Be Shiny?)

Pokemon GO enthusiasts can participate in the weekly Spotlight Hour events every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm local time throughout the month of June. Although these events are only for an hour, trainers can utilize this time to increase their chances of catching the featured Pokemon and earning some bonuses.

During the June 27 Spotlight Hour event, Pokemon GO players can encounter more spawns of the generation 1 Twin Bird Pokemon, Dodu. Trainers can benefit from the special bonus of double evolution XP during this hour. Therefore, catching as many Doduo as possible and evolving them into Dodrio, the Normal/Flying Triple Bird Pokemon, is ideal.

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For the June 27 Spotlight Hour event that takes place today, Pokemon GO players will see increased spawns for the generation 1 Twin Bird Pokemon, Dodu. The special bonus during the hour is double evolution XPso trainers will want to catch as many Doduo as possible and attempt to evolve them into Dodrio, the Normal/Flying Triple Bird Pokemon.


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Can Doduo Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?


The big question many PoGo players might have regarding this week’s event is whether or not Doduo can be shiny? The answer to that question is yes. Players will have a chance to find the green-colored Doduo variant in the wild, and its evolution Dodrio is also green. Trainers can purchase and use Incense or Lure Modules to get more wild Pokmeon to spawn, increasing the chances of Doduo showing up during the Spotlight Hour.

How to Evolve Doduo into Dodrio

After players earn Doduo Candy after catching the bird Pokemon, they can click the Poke Ball at the center of the screen, hit Pokemon, and then find a Doduo to evolve. It’ll take 50 Doduo Candy to evolve it into Dodrio.

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Best Moveset for Dodrio


If any Pokemon GO players want to try and use Dodrio for their battle team, there are some recommended movesets they should know about before sending out the Triple Bird monster.

According to Pokemon.gameinfo.iothe best offensive attacks for Dodrio are Brave Bird and Steel Wing. If Dodrio is trying to defend a gym, players should try and use the following moves as a defensive strategy: Feint Attack and Drill Peck.

Being a Normal/Flying-type Pokemon, players should be aware that Doduo and Dodrio take extra damage to Rock, Electric, and Ice-type moves.

Pokemon GO is available on Mobile.

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