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Does Cid Die In Final Fantasy 16? What Happens To Cid In FF16

Final Fantasy 16’s Cid is a crucial character, playing a significant role in the development of the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, and the overall campaign. While every Final Fantasy game features a character named Cid, FF16’s interpretation of the character, Cidolfus Telamon, stands out due to his noteworthy presence. In previous games, Cid often served as a simple NPC, but in Final Fantasy Type-0, for example, he was an antagonist. However, Final Fantasy 16’s Cid is a prominent ally to the player and a close friend to Clive. He was heavily featured in promotional materials leading up to the game’s release, raising many questions about his role in the story.

Tragically, Cid dies in Final Fantasy 16 during the party’s expedition to the Drake’s Head Mothercrystal. After transforming into the Eikon to destroy the Mothercrystal, Cid is struck down by an unexpected enemy. As he lays dying, Cid imparts important knowledge to Clive, including his belief that Clive is destined to destroy the crystals and free Valisthea from their deadly influence. Cid’s death is a turning point for Clive, who begins to question his motivations and his mission in Valisthea. He eventually dedicates himself to fighting for the enslaved Bearers across the world and becomes more dedicated to the well-being of refugees in the Hideaway.

While Cid’s death is heartbreaking, it is also pivotal to the story’s development. It forces Clive to reevaluate his beliefs and motivations and ultimately leads him to become a more compassionate and dedicated hero. Cid’s final moments are poignant and memorable, making him a beloved character despite his tragic fate.

Overall, Final Fantasy 16’s interpretation of Cid is a standout character in the series, and his death adds emotional weight and complexity to the story. Fans of the franchise will likely remember Cid’s impact on the game long after they’ve finished playing.

Final Fantasy 16’s Cid is a major character, important for the development of both the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, and the campaign itself. Nearly every Final Fantasy game has a character name Cid and, while their roles in each title vary drastically from one another, FF16’s interpretation of the character, called Cidolfus Telamon, puts him in the spotlight, as his mere presence is rather impacting. In other games, Cid can be a simple NPC that helps during a small story arc, while some titles, such as Final Fantasy Type-0even feature Cid as an antagonist.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Final Fantasy 16.]


Cid in Final Fantasy 16however, is a very prominent ally to the player, and a close friend to Clive. The character was announced before the game was released worldwide for PlayStation 5 consoles and was present in many promotional materials ahead of launch. There were many mysteries surrounding Cid’s presence in the game and how he would affect Clive Rosfield’s journey, but he is quickly introduced as an ally and a friend to the protagonist. Cid is present through a large portion of the game, but he is later removed due to a series of tragic events that take place during the party’s expedition to the Drake’s Head Mothercrystal.

Cid Dies In Final Fantasy 16

A close-up on Cid's face in Final Fantasy 16.

Cid dies in Final Fantasy 16 following the group’s adventure to the Mothercrystal located at Drake’s Head. After a few tough battles, the party finally finds the Mothercrystal and, to destroy it, Cid, who is the Dominant of Ramuh, transforms into the Eikon. By using his magic powers, Cid strikes the Mothercrystal with electricity, ultimately destroying it and accomplishing the mission – regular attacks with weapons would not suffice to destroy it. After the Mothercrystal’s destruction, however, the group is surprised by an unexpected enemy, who claims Cid’s life with a quick and deadly assault.

How Cid Dies In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16's Cid smokes a cigarette during his death scene. Jill looks at him in the background.

After destroying the Mothercrystal at Drake’s Head, the party sees a strange portal occupying the space where the aether-abundant crystal stood. Suddenly, three beams of energy emerge from the portal, striking Ramuh – and, consequently, Cid – without giving him a chance to dodge the projectiles. This is what causes Cid to die in Final Fantasy 16but not without proper goodbyes. From the portal, a creature known as Typhon emerges, and tries to capture Clive. Ramuh, with his remaining powers, launches his lightning-imbued staff into Typhon’s chest, knocking it back into the portal.

At the same time, Clive is struck with his regular headache that precedes the arrival of Ifrit. He is then sent to the Nexus, where he fights Typhon in a lengthy battle. After obtaining victory, he awakens in the chamber of the Mothercrystal, and rushes to Cid’s side, who is mortally wounded with a hole in his body that is bleeding him dry. Clive talks about finding him a healer, but there is not anyone around at the time. After this, the Final Fantasy 16 villain Ultima shows up to claim Clive, which prompts Cid to stand up one last time and puncture him with his sword.

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This action then breaks Ultima’s grasp on Clive and sees the hero strike the antagonist down. Before Cid dies in Final Fantasy 16he pulls out his last cigarette, and Clive uses his magic to light it. During his final speech, he talks about how Clive changed his entire perspective on life and that he should not have been searching for a glorious death, but fighting for a better life. Cid then grabs Clive’s hand, lays it on his chest, and starts transferring the powers of Ramuh to the protagonist, who pleads with him not to do so.

During Cid’s death scene in Final Fantasy 16he mentions how the crystals are a curse on Valisthea, and how he believes that Clive is the one destined to destroy them and free the land from its deadly attachment to aether and magic. Following this, Cid dies, letting go of his cigarette and sending both Clive and Jill into tears for their deceased friend. This is not the end of the sequence, as Ultima reappears and Lord Margrace finally reveals his true identity – this is also when Ultima makes a move that will later have a major impact on Final Fantasy 16’s ending.

Cid’s Death Is Pivotal For Clive’s Development In Final Fantasy 16

A screenshot from Final Fantasy 16, showing a battle-scarred, distraught-looking Clive Rosfield walking away from a fire. The background is obscured by dark and smoke.

Although Cid’s death in Final Fantasy 16 is tragic and one that cuts deep into the main heroes, it is more than pivotal for Clive’s character development. Not only does Clive’s purpose change with the passing of his friend, but he also starts to look at the wider picture, better understanding how the Mothercrystals are part of the reason the people of Valisthea are miserable. It is the grand cause of the Bearer’s enslavement and why the nations are constantly at war. Clive receives the mission of being the hero of the land from Cid during his final speech, which affects how he acts during the rest of the story.

This, of course, coincides with Lord Margrace’s identity revelation in FF16. The mysterious character reveals that he is actually Joshua Rosfield, Clive’s younger brother who had, allegedly, died many years ago. This is a turning point for Clive, as he was led to believe that Margrace was the Dominant of Ifrit who killed Joshua. With the new revelation and Cid’s death in Final Fantasy 16Clive starts to question his own motivations, his mission in Valisthea, and what he should do going forward. Joshua’s reintroduction into the story also comes with the information that Ultima sees Clive as a perfect vessel for its mysterious and villainous plans.

Following Cid’s death, Clive fully embraces his fight in the name of the enslaved Bearers across Valisthea and dedicates a large portion of his efforts to the well-being of the Hideaway, a haven for refugees of the many wars that take place on the planet. Clive eventually proceeds to better understand how Ultima is directly linked to the Bearers’ enslavement across the world and his final action in the game can even be seen as an homage to Cid himself. While Cid’s death in Final Fantasy 16 is a desolating one, it does positively impact all of those that knew him.

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