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By Jitin Gambhir

Does The Idol Deserve Its Unbelievably Low Rotten Tomatoes Score?

HBO’s latest offering, The Idol, has taken the internet by storm. Even before its release, it generated a massive buzz. However, the show premiered to a dismal Rotten Tomatoes score, raising questions about its quality. Despite this, Sam Levinson’s newest project has sparked a lot of discussion, whether positive or negative. The Idol is currently trending, causing heated debates. While it may be the most talked-about show, it’s mostly due to its negative response. But does it deserve such a low Rotten Tomatoes rating?

One of the primary reasons for the show’s lukewarm reception is its creator and writer, Sam Levinson. He is no stranger to controversy, and this show is no exception. The first episode introduces Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, as a troubled superstar in the entertainment industry, a fascinating concept if executed correctly. Unfortunately, Levinson oversexualizes and victimizes his female characters, and Jocelyn is no exception. The character is reduced to an oversexualized pop star, and her actions throughout the episode do not evoke empathy from viewers.

The problem with the show’s protagonist is that nothing seems to stick. Levinson fails to execute the character correctly, resulting in a hollow character with no substance. The show’s other characters are equally forgettable, with no distinct personalities or memorable lines. While some shows can succeed by pushing boundaries, The Idol miserably fails, primarily due to its writing. The dialogue is basic and, at times, vulgar, and lacks any real depth. A satire of the entertainment industry could have been great, but Levinson does not do a good job of it, and it comes off as a cheap parody.

Despite its controversy, The Idol is not worth watching. The show’s long-drawn-out scenes and close-ups of bodies do not add to the plot’s interest, and the acting performances are mediocre at best. The Weeknd’s acting is particularly hard to watch, and there is no chemistry between him and Lily-Rose Depp. The show’s endless problems make it painfully dull, and it deserves its low Rotten Tomatoes score.

HBO’s newest show, The Idol, has caused quite a stir online. Before it was even released, it had gained massive popularity. But the show premiered with a terribly low Rotten Tomatoes score.

Despite this, Sam Levinson’s latest project has gotten a lot of attention, whether that is for the right or wrong reasons. The Idol is trending online and causing a lot of debate. Although it seems to be the top trending show, this is mainly because it has been met with a negative response. But does it deserve its unbelievably low Rotten Tomatoes score?

Sam Levinson’s Writing

One of the main reasons the show debuted with an abysmal Rotten Tomatoes score is the creator and writer Sam Levinson. He has often been involved in controversy, and it looks like this show will bring him even more. The first episode portrayed Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, as a troubled superstar within the entertainment industry.



This is an interesting idea and something that would be worth watching if done right. But it seems that Levinson never had any interest in telling that type of story with any substance.

Sam Levinson tends to oversexualize and victimize his female characters; this is exactly what he does here. Jocelyn could have been an interesting character, but instead, we are given a character we don’t care about. From the opening shot, the character is reduced to an oversexualized pop star you are meant to feel sorry for. Still, her actions throughout the episode don’t leave the viewer feeling any empathy.

This is one of the biggest problems with the show’s protagonist. Nothing seems to land. Levinson simply doesn’t execute the character properly, and we are given a hollow character that’s only purpose seems to be to shock or intrigue viewers based on oversexualized actions.

Not only is this a problem for the main character, but the entire show has this problem. The characters aren’t memorable. They are all hollow. Jocelyn has a whole team around her that spend a large part of the first episode in conversation. But it is difficult to even remember one of their names. Each of them seems to be a sleazy showbiz type that doesn’t stand out from one another. Each of them has the same personality and say the same kind of cheesy lines that are meant to come across as funny or edgy but instead make you cringe.

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While some shows can succeed by daring to cross the line on certain topics, this show miserably fails, and it is due to the writing. The dialogue is extremely basic and, at other times, just stupid. It feels like Levinson was going for shock value, but it comes across as a bit amateur. At times, it is even vulgar. Some of the dialogue seems to be thrown in because Levinson wants to drive home just how sleazy some of these showbiz characters are or how the showbiz world can be depraved. But once again, it doesn’t land. It is extremely on the nose.

A satire of the show business industry is something that could have been a great show. And while it is possible that this was Levinson’s plan, he doesn’t do a good job of it. It comes off as more of a parody or an excuse to make an oversexualized show. Because it isn’t just the main character that is oversexualized. The entire show seems to be. And it is at the expense of an interesting story. It is so obvious and in your face that it makes you wonder if Levinson didn’t actually get it wrong, but instead, it is precisely what he wanted.

It’s Just Boring

Abel Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp in The Idol

Despite the controversy and bad writing, the show is at least being spoken about, which could make some people think it is somewhat interesting or worth watching. But it really isn’t. The only thing going for the show at the moment is it is in the headlines, which could make it seem like an exciting show. But it’s for the wrong reasons, such as reports of a toxic environment during production. Despite all the headlines, the worst thing about The Idol is that it’s very boring. There are long-drawn-out scenes and close-ups of bodies; all meant to be dramatic but come off as extremely underwhelming or awkward.

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These scenes tend to slow down the main plot, which is already not that interesting, and the whole thing gives the impression the show is about style over substance. And the style isn’t even good. To make matters worse, the acting performances are mediocre at best. And unfortunately for fans of The Weeknd, his acting is quite tough to watch. While his performance isn’t as bad as some might make out, it is still quite bad.

There is no chemistry between him and Lily-Rose Depp, and their scenes feel quite awkward due to the performance and the dialogue. The show’s endless problems result in possibly the worst thing entertainment can be, boring.

Sometimes a film or TV show can receive a poor score on Rotten Tomatoes and still be good. But in the case of The Idolit deserves its unbelievably low Rotten Tomatoes score.

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