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By Jitin Gambhir

In his new memoir titled “Pageboy,” Elliot Page, who recently came out as transgender in December 2020, revealed that he was “groomed” by a male movie director when he was a teenager.

The actor recounted a disturbing experience where the unnamed filmmaker allegedly whispered inappropriate statements to him and stroked his thigh under the table during a dinner at Swan on Queen West, a French diner in downtown Toronto.

Elliot Page claims director stroked thigh, told him to ‘make the move’

Elliot Page also claimed that the director frequently texted him and gifted him books, which made him feel special.

Apart from this, the “Juno” star also detailed several other instances of sexual harassment on the sets of various films. In his book, he wrote about a crew member who touched him inappropriately between takes and tried to have sex with him at the wrap party of “Hard Candy” when he was just 17 years old. He also mentioned a female crew member who repeatedly assaulted him during the filming of another project.

Page wrote that he was a perfect target for sexual predators as he was often alone in new cities without friends and was going through a difficult time with his changing body during puberty. He also revealed his relationships with fellow actors, including a passionate on-set romance with “Juno” co-star Olivia Thirlby and Kate Mara, who was dating Max Minghella at the time.

Elliot Page’s memoir is a revealing account of the sexual harassment and abuse that he faced in the film industry. It sheds light on the vulnerability of young actors and the need for a safer working environment.

Elliot Page claimed he was “groomed” by a male movie director when he was just a teenager.

In his revealing new memoir, “Pageboy,” the actor – who came out as transgender in December 2020 – recalled a particularly inappropriate dinner with an unnamed filmmaker.

“You have to make the move, I can’t,” the man allegedly whispered to Page while “stroking [his] thigh under the table,” per Insider.

The “Juno” star, now 36, alleged that the grooming took place in Canada, as they dined “at Swan on Queen West,” a French diner in downtown Toronto.


Page further claimed that the man’s “frequent texts made me feel special, as did the books he gifted me.”

The actor also recalled several other instances of alleged on-set sexual harassment in a chapter titled “Leeches.”

Photo of Elliot Page as a teenager
Elliot Page recalled allegedly being “groomed” by a male movie director as a teen.
Elliot Page poses shirtless


Page detailed the encounter in his revealing new memoir, “Pageboy.”

While working “on a project not long before” the alleged encounter with the director, “a crew member had done the same.”

“In between takes he would talk to me about art and films … he invited me to hang out on a Saturday afternoon,” Page wrote. “After a walk in the rain he grabbed me, asserting we go upstairs. Pulling me in to his body, I could feel his hard c–k against me.”

In a separate incident that allegedly took place when Page was filming “Hard Candy” at the age of 17, one of the crew members tried to have sex with him at the movie’s wrap party, the actor claimed in his tome.

Selfie of Elliot Page


“You have to make the move, I can’t,” the man allegedly whispered to Page.

“He was funny and strange, and he was kind to me. We spoke about books, discussed films and obscure, depressing graphic novels,” Page wrote.

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“A glint in his eyes made me feel seen, supported. He had a sweetness even.”

After celebrating the end of filming, Page said the man — who has since gone on to become a director — allegedly invited himself into Page’s apartment and walked into the bedroom with “his hands on my shoulders.”

Elliot Page and his mom Martha Philpotts seen in Times Square


The former “Juno” star recalled several instances of alleged sexual harassment.
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The “Umbrella Academy” star noted that he “went stiff with a smile,” and was “unsure what to do.”

“He laid me down on the bed. Starting to remove my pants, he said, ‘I want to eat you out.’ I froze. After it was over, he tried to stay in the bed with me. I had thawed marginally and told him he couldn’t, to get out. He slept on the couch.”

On another film set, Page claimed that he was repeatedly assaulted by a female crew member throughout the course of filming.

Elliot Page poses in a suit


In Page’s memoir, he also detailed multiple relationships he had with fellow actors behind closed doors.

“As puberty transmuted me into a character I had no interest in playing, my isolation, insecurity, and unknowing grew. I desperately needed to anchor myself,” he wrote, noting that he was “a perfect target” for sexual predators.

“In new cities, with no friends, alone in hotel rooms, it was not hard for someone to prey. I’m sure they sense that.”

In Page’s explosive new book, he also claimed he had a passionate on-set romance with “Juno” co-star, Olivia Thirlby and a relationship with actress Kate Mara while she was dating Max Minghella. PandaUSA has reached out to their reps for comment.


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