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By Jitin Gambhir

Erin Lichy finally confirms which restaurant was bleeped on ‘RHONY’

The secret is finally out. Erin Lichy, a star on “Real Housewives of New York City,” has confirmed that the restaurant her castmates trashed on the Season 14 premiere is Catch NYC. Lichy revealed this information during an interview on Sirius XM’s “Jeff Lewis Live.” She explained that she and her fellow newbies were looking for a place to celebrate their announcement at BravoCon 2022, and Catch was available for a reservation.

Lichy admitted that she had no idea her co-stars would bail on the dinner plans. She shared that her “RHONY” co-stars Brynn Whifield and Sai De Silva claimed to be too tired to join her at Catch, but it turns out they went to Casa Cipriani instead. Lichy expressed her disappointment at their actions and scoffed at their belief that Catch was only for “D-list models.”

During the interview, Lichy also talked about her conversation with co-star Ubah Hassan, where they discussed the importance of the people you’re with rather than the location. Lichy’s revelation about Catch being the bleeped-out restaurant on “RHONY” has put an end to fans’ speculations about the mysterious spot.

In response to Lichy’s confirmation, Jeff Lewis, the co-host of the show, mentioned that Catch is considered a trendy hotspot in Los Angeles. He highlighted that Catch and Catch Steak have other locations aside from New York City and have gained popularity. Lewis also mentioned that these restaurants may have a limited shelf-life.

The drama surrounding Catch was a major topic of discussion on the premiere episode of Season 14 of “RHONY,” which features a new cast. Former “RHONY” star Bethenny Frankel also praised Catch on her podcast, mentioning that the restaurant offers great sushi, steak, and disco dining.

Despite the negative comments from the cast, Catch’s business doesn’t seem to be affected. A source reveals that celebrities, including Lebron James, Dr. Dre, and “Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Heather and Terry Dubrow, continue to be seen dining at the restaurant. Catch has remained popular and unaffected by the “RHONY” saga.

The cat-ch is out of the bag.

“Real Housewives of New York City” star Erin Lichy confirmed Wednesday that Catch NYC is the restaurant that her castmates secretly trashed on the Season 14 premiere.

The Bravolebrity explained on Sirius XM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” that she and her fellow newbies were looking for a spot to celebrate getting announced at BravoCon 2022 and so they needed a place where they could get a reservation.

“Catch was available,” Lichy said, revealing the restaurant’s name for the first time — since it was bleeped on the reality show for discreteness.


“I didn’t know anything, like, I didn’t know that they were not going to come.”

The real estate agent said her “RHONY” co-stars Brynn Whifield and Sai De Silva told her they were too “tired” to go out with her for dinner at the Manhattan eatery, but it turned out that they actually went to Casa Cipriani instead.

“I’m, like, this is s–y,” Lichy, 36, added, scoffing at the fact that her co-stars thought Catch was for “D-list models.”

Lewis’ co-host Doug Boudin said in response, “That is tacky.”

Erin Lichy on "Jeff Lewis Live."
Erin Lichy confirmed on “Jeff Lewis Live” that Catch is the restaurant that was bleeped out on the premiere episode of “RHONY.”

Whitfield, also 36, joked on the show that she thought Olive Garden was “chicer” than Catch and De Silva, 42, said she thought the restaurant was for “teenagers.”

Lichy said in a separate conversation with co-star Ubah Hassan, “Who cares where we are? It’s the people you’re with.”

Since Catch was originally bleeped on “RHONY” out of courtesy to the restaurant, fans have been speculating which spot the “Housewives” were making such a hoopla about.

Brynn Whitfiled.
Brynn Whitfiled previously said Catch was for “D-list models.”

Sai De Silva.
Sai De Silva also turned up her nose at the NYC hotspot.

“The restaurant they keep bleeping out on new RHONY is Catch, right?,” “Real Housewives of New Jersey” alum Greg Bennett tweeted at the time, to which another replied, “That’s the word on the street.”

Following Lichy’s not-so-shocking revelation, Jeff Lewis told the interior decorator that Catch, which has other locations aside from the Big Apple, is considered a trendy hotspot in Los Angeles.

“We have Catch and we have Catch Steak in LA,” the host explained. “Both are newer, so they’re popular … but, see, I think they started in New York and I know these restaurants have this shelf-life.”

The cast of Season 14 of "RHONY" posing with Andy Cohen.
The Catch drama was widely discussed on the premiere episode of Season 14 of “RHONY,” which was revamped with a brand new cast.
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Former “RHONY” star Bethenny Frankel, who appeared on the series from Season 1 to 3 and then again from Season 7 to 11, also praised Catch on a July 21 episode of her “ReWives” podcast.

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“I am here to say that Catch restaurant has great sushi, great steak, great disco dining,” the Skinnygirl founder, 52, said. “…I would go to Catch right now.”

An exterior shot of Catch.
A source tells TheFantasyTimes exclusively that the cast’s negative comments have not affected Catch’s business.
Catch Restaurant NYC

TheFantasyTimes reached out to reps at Catch for a response, but they declined to comment.

Meanwhile, a source tells us exclusively that the “RHONY” saga “appears to not be affecting” the restaurant’s business and “celebrities continue to be seen there.”

The insider notes that A-listers like Lebron James and Dr. Dre were spotted dining there recently, as well as “Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Heather and Terry Dubrow, who eat there “all the time.”

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