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Fallout 3 – 10 Best Megaton Characters, Ranked

Fallout 3 is an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world known as the Capital Wasteland and the D.C. Ruins. Within this wasteland, there are over 200 locations, many of which are settlements where people strive to survive in harsh conditions. One of the most significant locations in Fallout 3 is a shantytown named Megaton, which players will encounter early on in the game.

Megaton is built around a massive crater that houses an undetonated bomb at its center. Despite this dangerous presence, Megaton serves as a protected home for its residents, with a population second only to Rivet City. The inhabitants of Megaton possess unique backgrounds and personalities, making them memorable characters for players.

One such character is Micky, a water beggar who can be found outside the entrance of Megaton. Micky, who narrowly escaped a group of violent Raiders, is desperate for water and hopes that someone passing by will offer assistance. Another resident, Jericho, is a former raider who now protects the town. He is a skilled marksman and may accompany the player if they have enough bottle caps and an evil karma.

Lucy West, originally from Arefu, left her hometown to seek independence in Megaton. She misses her family and asks the player to deliver a message to them in a quest called “Blood Ties.” Nathan Vargas, an elderly resident, has an obsession with the Enclave and believes they will bring salvation to the wasteland. Mayor and sheriff Lucas Simms, a native of Megaton, takes care of public duties and ensures the town’s peace.

Colin Moriarty, the owner of Moriarty’s Saloon, extorts people for caps and keeps tabs on the residents for potential blackmail. Confessor Cromwell leads the Church of the Children of Atom, a cult that worships the undetonated bomb in Megaton. Gob, the only ghoul in Megaton, works as a bartender and is treated poorly but with respect by the cult members. Mister Burke, from Tenpenny Tower, tasks the player with detonating Megaton’s bomb in a quest called “Power of the Atom.”

Moira Brown, the owner of Craterside Supply, moved to Megaton with a desire to explore the world. She writes a survival guide and enlists the player’s help in completing it. Her enthusiastic and quirky personality makes her a beloved character among players.

Fallout 3 is available for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Each character and location in the game contributes to the immersive and captivating experience of exploring the Capital Wasteland.

Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the Capital Wasteland and the D.C. Ruins. The Fallout 3 wasteland is home to over 200 locations, many of which are settlements full of people trying to survive in harsh conditions. One of the most important locations that the player will visit early in Fallout 3 is a shantytown called Megaton.


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Megaton is built around a crater with an undetonated bomb at its center. Despite this, it’s a large protected home for its residents, as Rivet City is the only place that has a larger population. Megatons’ residents have unique backgrounds and personalities, which makes many of them memorable among players.

10 Micky

micky in fallout 3 sitting down

Micky is one of the first people the player will meet before entering Megaton. He is a water beggar who stations himself right outside the entrance. Driven slightly mad by the lack of water, he fears for his life after a narrow escape from the violent and sadistic Raiders in the Springvale elementary school nearby. He made it to the entrance of Megaton, however, he doesn’t stay inside because he cannot pay for the water.

Though he is severely dehydrated, he remains hopeful that a passerby will help him. He begs passing caravans, as well as the player, to kindly give him water. If the player does give him water for free, he will be grateful.

9 Jericho

jericho in megatown

Jericho is a Megaton resident who is a possible companion. He is a former raider who killed and stole from many for money. He fought with the raiders for years and became a true marksman with rifles. Eventually, he decided to settle down in Megaton to enjoy his twilight years.

While still smarmy and rude, often drunk, he helps protect the town. Talking with him reveals that he thinks about getting back out into the wasteland to fight again, but states he needs bottle caps for equipment. If the player has the caps and their karma is evil enough, they can leave Megaton together.

8 Lucy West

the player talking to lucy west in megaton

Lucy West was originally from Arefu but wanted to become independent, so she left for Megaton. As Arefu is a long distance away from Megaton, she expresses to the player that she misses her parents and younger brother, Ian.

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The player can start a quest titled “Blood Ties” for her, in which Lucy will ask the player to embark on a quest to Arefu and deliver a message to her family. This quest is a fan favorite among players, as it entails a discovery of “vampires” in the Fallout universe.

7 Nathan Vargas

Nathan Vargas in fallout 3

Nathan Vargas is an older resident of Megaton. Nathan, with his wife Manya, ran a caravan route for over 30 years. During those years, he became obsessed with the Enclave. Through dialogue, he reveals to the player how much of a fanatic he is, and how he believes the Enclave will bring salvation to the wasteland.

When talking to the player he says, “Things will be different when the Enclave gets here.” Other Megaton residents write him off as just a local busybody, but some still understand that he is a skilled marksman from his 30 years of experience, and his opinion shouldn’t be disregarded as an old fool.

6 Lucas Simms

lucas simms sheriff of megaton

Lucas Simms is the mayor and sheriff of Megaton. He is a native of Megaton, having grown up in the town. During his time, he’s gained a deep understanding of what it takes to survive in the wastes. He appointed himself the sheriff and takes care of any public duties. Colin Moriarty is Simms’ rival for control over the town. However, neither wants to directly confront the other.

Most Megaton residents accept Simms as the law around town. They love his charisma and the Wild West aesthetic he lives out, as he had dreams of the cowboy life as a child. Overall, Simms does what is needed to keep the town peaceful.

5 Colin Moriarty

Colin Moriarty from fallout 3

Colin Moriarty is the owner of Moriarty’s Saloon in Megaton. He has lived in Megaton almost his whole life. Colin’s father was wealthy due to his popular trade routes, and when he died, Colin inherited his wealth in caps and the saloon. He often finds ways to extort people for more caps. He secretly keeps tabs on all the residents in case he needs to blackmail them later.

Not only does he rival Simms as the town’s leader, but he rivals the Stahls, another saloon run by Andy Stahl in the town. He treats his employees as lesser than him and is overall a sly and cunning individual. The player will learn that they met Colin as a baby before their father James brought them to the vault. He will attempt to get a large number of caps from the player to know about James’ whereabouts.

4 Confessor Cromwell

Confessor Cromwell in fallout 3

Confessor Cromwell is the “Prophet of Atom” and “father of the undying Glow” in the Megaton cult called the Church of the Children of Atom. This cult worships the atomic bomb in the center of the town, which remains a dud. Cromwell can be seen standing next to the bomb, praying to it in irradiated water.

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Alongside his wife and church counterpart, Mother Maya, they will advise others to bask in Atom’s Glow to understand that the greatest wealth that a person has is their own. He preaches to the audience about the teachings of the Children of Atom, though other residents simply believe they have lost their minds.

3 Gob

gob, megaton's only ghoul

Gob is the only ghoul in Megaton. He is forced to work as an abused bartender in Moriarty’s Saloon. He does his best to maintain a sense of humor with customers who are friendly with him but are still nervous and skittish. Confessor Cromwell and Mother Maya treat Gob with respect and awe because of their spiritual beliefs.

Gob used to live in the Underworld, until he was caught and sold as a slave after embarking on a trip into the wastes. Collin Moriarty bought him from the slavers, and since then, has been working for him for 15 years. He spends most of his day serving customers, barely making enough to pay for food and rent. Treating Gob kindly will give the player a 10% discount at the saloon.

2 Mister Burke

A screenshot of Mister Burke talking to the player in Fallout 3

Mister Burke stays at Moriarty’s Saloon. He is from Tenpenny Tower and is Allistair Tenpenny’s, right-hand man. He is first found drinking in the saloon, asking Gob questions about what It’s like to be a ghoul.

He can start a quest called “Power of the Atom“, where he will task the player with fixing Megaton’s atomic bomb with a fusion pulse charge. If the player accepts, he will leave and go back to Tenpenny Tower ready for the player to join him and blow up the town. Reading Colin’s terminal reveals his suspicions about Burke. It is up to the player to either refuse, accept, or tell Simms about the plan to stop Burke. If players go through with the destruction of Megaton, their Karma will be greatly increased for evil.

1 Moira Brown

Moira Brown in Fallout 3

Moira Brown is the owner of Megaton’s Craterside Supply. She moved to the town from Canterbury Commons with her curiosity about the world. After an accident with a centaur, she felt inspired to write a survival guide to help others in the wastes with similar experiences.

Players love her for her zany, naive, and spontaneous personality. She is unwaveringly enthusiastic toward everyone. She enlists the players’ help to complete the Wasteland Survival Guide, which ends up becoming popular, even managing to have an effect outside the Capital Wasteland.

Fallout 3 is available now for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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