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By Nikita Gambhir

Fallout New Vegas: Best Graphics Mods

Many enthusiasts would argue that Fallout: New Vegas is the pinnacle of the series. Released in 2010, the game has undoubtedly aged over the years. However, the fact that gamers continue to return to it is a testament to its exceptional quality. The RPG mechanics are truly unique, blending elements from the classic Fallout games with modern innovations to create an immersive role-playing experience. It remains a masterpiece by Obsidian Entertainment.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to ignore the visual shortcomings of Fallout: New Vegas. Thankfully, the modding community associated with Bethesda and Obsidian is highly active. By utilizing essential graphics mods, players can breathe new life into the game. These mods should form the foundation of any player’s load order.

Updated on July 5th, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: Fallout: New Vegas is an outstanding game, but even its most ardent supporters must admit that the vanilla experience has not aged well. The gameplay, while acceptable for a title developed in the Gamebyro Engine, lacks the satisfying impact and polished gun mechanics found in more recent titles. Fortunately, modders have addressed these concerns with a plethora of well-crafted mods and adjustments that enhance the gameplay experience.

The graphics of Fallout: New Vegas are serviceable, but they fall short of the expectations of many PC gamers. This is why there is a wealth of graphical mods available for Bethesda games, aimed at pushing the engine to its limits. While it is not advisable to overload the game with mods, Fallout: New Vegas benefits from carefully selected graphical mods that enhance its visual appeal.

18 Moonlight: Sometimes, the simplest mods are the most effective. The Moonlight mod alters the lighting system at night, casting shadows in a more realistic manner. Given the limitations of the Gamebyro Engine, this mod breathes fresh life into the game, enhancing immersion for players who prioritize realism.

17 High-Resolution Bloom: PC players enjoy customizing every aspect of their games, and graphical mods that allow for this customization are highly sought after. The High-Resolution Bloom mod not only improves the quality of bloom effects but also allows players to fine-tune its behavior. Since bloom plays a significant role in areas like New Vegas, players can make the central city visually stunning at night with this mod.

16 High-Resolution Water Fog: Aliasing can severely impact visual immersion, detracting from the overall experience. The High-Resolution Water Fog mod addresses this issue, particularly when it comes to underwater structures, which can appear jagged and unappealing. This simple yet effective mod is a visual lifesaver for players bothered by aliasing.

15 Vanilla HUD Remastered: Before delving into more substantial graphical enhancements, it is crucial to address even the smallest details. The Vanilla HUD Remastered mod updates the game’s heads-up display to HD or 4K resolution, providing crisp and detailed visuals that greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience.

14 NMC Texture Pack: Upgrading textures is essential when modding Fallout: New Vegas. The NMC Texture Pack serves as an excellent starting point for beginners and experienced modders alike. This comprehensive package sharpens textures for various objects, including roads, landscapes, trees, buildings, and interiors. While it may not cover every single object in the game, when combined with other graphical enhancements, it significantly improves the overall visual quality.

13 OJO BUENO Texture Pack: Another substantial texture package, the OJO BUENO mod works seamlessly with the previous mod on the list. It offers three different performance levels, allowing players to strike a balance between quality and performance. The highest quality textures provide a visually stunning experience without compromising performance, making it an essential addition to any modded game.


12 Wasteland Flora Overhaul: As the name suggests, the Wasteland Flora Overhaul mod revitalizes the wilderness by enhancing the foliage. Players can choose from different customization options, including re-texturing the vanilla models and adding new ones for increased variety. Regardless of the chosen settings, this mod significantly improves the environment.

11 Weapon Retexture Project: Weapons play a crucial role in Fallout: New Vegas, and it is essential to upgrade their visuals. The Weapon Retexture Project offers a comprehensive package for enhancing the appearance of various firearms. With this mod, details on pistols, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns become more vibrant, giving them a realistic and visually appealing look.

10 Fallout Character Overhaul: NPC visuals often suffer the most in older games, and Fallout: New Vegas is no exception. The characters in the game look lackluster, reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Fallout Character Overhaul breathes new life into these NPCs, adding lifelike details. For the best results, it is recommended to pair this mod with Immersive Mouth and Teeth as well as Natural Eyes.

9 Improved Robots Textures: The Fallout universe features a wide range of inhabitants, including robots. Enhancing their appearance is just as important as improving human characters. The Improved Robots Textures mod provides a visual upgrade for these robotic entities, making them more realistic and visually appealing.

By utilizing these carefully curated mods, players can transform the aging Fallout: New Vegas into a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Many fans would argue that Fallout: New Vegas is the best in the series. Released in 2010, the game has aged considerably in the intervening years. The fact that gamers keep coming back to it, again and again, is a testament to its superb overall quality. The RPG mechanics are one-of-a-kind, with the game combining the best of both the old-school Fallout games along with modern innovations to make for a brilliant role-playing experience that continues to be Obsidian Entertainment’s magnum opus to this day.

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However, there’s no getting around the fact that visually, Fallout: New Vegas is a fossil. Luckily, as with most products associated with Bethesda and Obsidian, the modding community is quite active. With the right essential graphics mods in place, this game can be given a new lease on life. These mods should serve as the core of any player’s load order.

Updated July 5th, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: Fallout: New Vegas is an excellent title, but even its biggest defenders have to admit that the pure vanilla experience hasn’t really aged all that well. The gameplay is about as good as one would expect from a title made in the Gamebyro Engine, with guns feeling floaty and the impact not really being all that apparent. While the systems of this game work really well, there’s always room for improvement, and modders have done a great job of tending to these concerns with a wealth of well-made mods and adjustments.

The graphics of Fallout: New Vegas areanother department that is serviceable enough…but the bare minimum is not what many PC gamers are willing to accept. This is why there are so many graphical mods for most Bethesda games that try their hardest to push the engine to their very limits. While it isn’t recommended to download too many mods for the game, Fallout: New Vegas definitely is well-serviced by a wealth of curated graphical mods that do a great job of making the game look more beautiful, which is always a bonus!

18 Moonlight

Moonlight mod for Fallout New Vegas

Sometimes, it’s the simplest mods that end up being the very best ones of the lot. Such is the case with the Moonlight mod, which changes the way light works at night so that shadows are cast in the right direction.

Given how much the Gamebyro Engine creaks and buckles under the weight of more resource-intensive mods, it’s easy to see why the Moonlight mod is such a breath of fresh air. It may not seem all that impressive, but any player who prioritizes immersion in their games will love what this mod brings to the table.

17 High-Resolution Bloom

High-Resolution Bloom for Fallout New Vegas

PC players love to tweak each and every aspect of the games they play, so it’s easy to see why any mod that lets them customize a particular graphical element would be coveted by fans. The High-Resolution Bloom mod not only increases the quality of the bloom that is present in this game but allows players to configure exactly how it functions as well.

Given how prominent of a role bloom plays in areas like New Vegas, it’s only a given that players would want the central city of this game to look as beautiful as possible. With this customized bloom setting, players can make this city pop out at night in the best way possible!

16 High-Resolution Water Fog

High-Resolution Water Fog for Fallout New Vegas

Aliasing is one of the worst things that can completely ruin a player’s visual immersion because of how intrusive it can be. The last thing anyone wants to see is jagged edges that really make the game look worse than it should and old games like Fallout: New Vegas suffer from this the most. This is especially apparent when players see structures underwater, which can look rather jagged and poor.

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This is where the High-Resolution Water Fog mod will prove to be a major help in every way. It fixes this issue, which shouldn’t crop up on most modern systems with decent hardware anyway. It may be a simple mod, but players who found this aliasing to be particularly grating will consider this mod a lifesaver for their eyes!

15 Vanilla HUD Remastered

Vanilla HUD Remastered Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Before getting into the meatier graphical enhancements, there’s actually a very simple add-on to install first. Players are no doubt familiar with New Vegas‘s HUD. When looking to upgrade the visuals of the game as a whole, it’s important not to neglect this small detail.

Vanilla HUD Remastered is an essential mod to have in one’s repertoire. It updates the HUD to either an HD or 4K resolution. The crispness of the details is such that once installed, it’s almost impossible to play the game without it.

14 NMC Texture Pack

NMC Texture Pack

Updating the textures is absolutely essential when modding Fallout: New Vegas. For beginners and veterans alike starting with the NMC Texture Pack is a great place to start. All-in-one packages serve as a terrific base for sharpening textures. Smaller, individual mods can always be added later to fill in the gaps.

There’s a wide range of objects that get covered by this mod. Everything from roads, the landscape, trees, vehicles, buildings, interiors, and other assorted objects. The mod doesn’t handle every single object in the game, but when combined with other graphical enhancements, it offers a very noticeable improvement.

13 OJO BUENO Texture Pack

OJO BUENO Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Yet another massive texture package, this one performs very well with the previous mod on this list. OJO BUENO is fairly customizable as it contains three different performance levels depending on the player’s PC. The highest quality textures require more VRAM when it comes to OJO BUENO.

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The “High” setting is arguably the best choice. The textures will still look great without the “Ultra” setting. It’s best to strike a good balance between performance and quality, especially if the player intends to have a monster load order. It’s definitely a must-have when shooting for maximum coverage in regard to textures.

12 Wasteland Flora Overhaul

Wasteland Flora Overhaul Mod For Fallout New Vegas

The Wasteland Flora Overhaul mod does exactly what its name implies. It retouches a lot of the assets contained in the wilderness, specifically the foliage. The mod also possesses a couple of different customization options when it comes to upgrading the environment.

The main version of the mod, known as the “Fertile” setting, re-textures the vanilla models while also adding new ones for more variety. Older versions of the mod just enhance the vanilla textures without any new additions. No matter which settings are chosen the environment will see a marked improvement regardless.

11 Weapon Retexture Project

Weapon Retexture Project Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Weapons obviously play a significant role in Fallout: New Vegas. The player will spend much of their time looking at these weapons, so it’s important to give their looks an upgrade as well. The Weapon Retexture Project, or WRP, contains a comprehensive package for improving the visuals of various firearms.

Details on the myriad of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns really pop with this mod installed. Guns actually look like they were made from real metal. The words printed on certain firearms can be clearly seen. Hundreds of little visual improvements make this mod absolutely essential.

10 Fallout Character Overhaul

Fallout Character Overhaul Mod For Fallout New Vegas

For old games, the look of the NPCs often serves as the starkest example of the product’s diminished visual quality. The characters in Fallout: New Vegas look horrendous, very much akin to something one would find in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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Fallout Character Overhaul is outstanding in the level of detail it brings to the NPCs. “Lifelike” is the operative word to use when describing what this mod offers. It’s recommended to pair FCO with Immersive Mouth and Teeth as well as Natural Eyes in order to get the best result.

9 Improved Robots Textures

Improved Robots Textures Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Having human characters look their best is all well and good. But the inhabitants of the Fallout universe are varied. Robots are a common sight, coming in a diverse range of makes and models. They deserve to look the best they can too.

For a comprehensive all-in-one mod regarding robots, Improved Robots Textures is an excellent choice. From Sentry Bots to Mr. Handys and everything in between, this mod ensures all robots receive a much-needed makeover.

8 FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

FNV Realistic Lighting Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Although it may not always seem like it, a game’s lighting has a substantial effect when it comes to graphics. Things like shadows and reflections enhance the atmosphere in small, but significant ways. Vanilla Fallout: New Vegas is clearly lacking in this department.

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting aims to fix that problem. According to the mod page, it improves “lighting, weather, clouds, stars, the moon, and the overall look and feel of the wasteland.” Feeling as if the player is actually outdoors is the main aim of this mod.

7 Interior Lighting Overhaul

Interior Lighting Overhaul Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Improved lighting on the outside is all well and good, but the interior also requires similar treatment. As far as atmosphere is concerned, the argument can be made that lighting is even more important when it comes to interior locations.

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Interior Lighting Overhaul is hands-down one of the best mods out there. Afternoon sunlight gleams through windows. Vaults are appropriately dark and creepy. When combined with the previous mod, Interior Lighting Overhaul properly accentuates the game’s already excellent atmosphere.

6 Ultra-Luxe Interior Retexture

Ultra-Luxe Interior Retexture Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Interior lighting overhauls go far beyond general improvements. There’s also an abundance of lighting mods that focus on specific locations. Many of these mods are geared toward making the Strip look even more impressive, particularly on the inside.

One great example that’s hard not to mention is the Ultra-Luxe Interior Retexture mod. According to the inhabitants of the Strip, the Ultra-Luxe is arguably the most luxurious casino in New Vegas. This mod aims to capture that magnificence by upgrading the textures and their color scheme. It makes the casino look just as impressive as it’s described by the in-game inhabitants.

5 PipBoy 3000 HD Retexture

Pip Boy Retexture Mod For Fallout New Vegas

The PipBoy is perhaps the Fallout franchise’s most ubiquitous gadget. It serves as a menu for the player to organize their items, gear, and weapons. The all-important map of the Mojave Wasteland is also accessed through the PipBoy. Anything that’s important is contained within this wrist-mounted tool.

As such, it’s likely the player will be pulling up their PipBoy every few minutes. The PipBoy 3000 HD Retexture mod, although small, is pretty important. Why look at the same ugly texture for hundreds of hours on end? The mod upgrades the gadget’s resolution, making it much crisper and easier on the eyes.

4 MGs Neat Clutter Retextures

MGs Neat Clutter Retexture Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is filled to the brim with clutter or otherwise useless junk. Nevertheless, it does serve a purpose. It reinforces the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world, one where civilization itself is brought back to its infancy.

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Looking at these objects is a regular occurrence. Enhancing the look of the myriad junk items scattered about the environment shouldn’t be ignored. MGs Neat Clutter Retextures improves the graphical fidelity of over 200 objects, from globes to pencils and everything in between.

3 Audleys Misc. Textures

Audleys Misc Textures Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Even the most comprehensive of texture mods tend to miss a detail or two. Oftentimes, players are forced to install small, individual mods that retexture just a single object. It can all become a bit cumbersome, especially if one decides not to use a mod manager.

Audleys Misc. Textures is a highly useful mod that helps fill in some of the blanks without the need to hunt down individual retexture mods. The scope of the add-on is modest, but it’s very well-made and can save fans some extra time when giving the overall visuals an upgrade.

2 Essential Visual Enhancements

Essential Visual Enhancements Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Essential Visual Enhancements, or EVE, focuses its attention on the effects generated by weapons. The mod adds some impressive visual flair to combat encounters. Mowing down a small gang of raiders never looked or felt so good!

Among the mod’s features are new meshes for various energy weapons, custom HD impacts, static mesh animations, new explosions, and even new character reactions. It all serves to make combat more visceral, which makes sense considering the game’s violent and dangerous setting.

1 Enhanced Blood Textures

Enhanced Blood Textures Mod For Fallout New Vegas

Let’s face it, Fallout: New Vegas is a pretty violent game. Enemies can be dispatched and decapitated in a number of gruesome ways. There’s even a perk called “Bloody Mess” that makes certain executions even more of a gory spectacle.

For fans looking for that added realism, improving the textures of the blood is essential. Enhanced Blood Textures is the quintessential mod that accomplishes this purpose. Blood spatter looks better than ever and certainly turns combat encounters into a more visceral performance.

A Note Concerning ENBs

Rudy ENB For Fallout New Vegas

ENBs are not graphics mods in and of themselves. They add and improve a game’s post-processing effects, heightening the visual fidelity of the graphics far beyond what was initially intended by the developers. ENBs tie all graphics mods together, making them look their very best.

A great choice for Fallout: New Vegas is Rudy ENB. It gives everything a stunning photorealistic quality to it without tanking one’s PC. When combined with the above mods Fallout: New Vegas will look amazing. It just might make you want to reinstall the game and experience it from a new (and sleeker) perspective.

Fallout: New Vegasis available now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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