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By Jitin Gambhir

Fans defend Andy Cohen after nipple-play video at NYC Pride

In a recent NYC Pride event, Andy Cohen, a prominent figure in Bravo, was caught on camera playing with a shirtless man’s nipple while conversing with another gentleman in a gay club. The footage, which was secretly taken and posted on Instagram, quickly went viral and drew a diverse range of reactions from social media users. Many of Cohen’s fans came to his defense, with some questioning why it was newsworthy since it was just a gay man being gay. Others criticized the videographer for secretly recording people, calling their actions “corny as f–k” and “absolute trash.” Despite the attention the footage received, Cohen has not made any public statements about it and has been focused on promoting his show “Watch What Happens Live” on Twitter. He has been asking fans to submit questions for an upcoming episode that will feature Vivica A. Fox and “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Jennifer Pedranti.

Fans came in droves to defend Andy Cohen after he was secretly filmed playing with a man’s nipple during an NYC Pride event.

The Bravo bigwig was recorded rubbing the chest of a shirtless man seated on his lap — all while talking to another gentleman in a gay club.

The invasive footage immediately went viral on Instagram, prompting many social media users to come forward and stick up for Cohen.

“People are really shaming Andy Cohen for having a hot guy sit on his lap during pride?” asked one fan on Twitter.

“Y’all need to get laid and get off Reddit for 5 minutes!”

andy cohen sitting in a chair
The Bravo bigwig had been playing with a man’s nipple at the time of the recording.
Getty Images for SiriusXM

Another user joked about hating to defend Cohen, 55, but felt it necessary because “secretly recording people is corny as f–k.

“So it’s a gay man being gay, why is this newsworthy? Please touch grass,” they added.

A third fan called out the sleuth-like videographer for being “absolute trash.”

andy cohen walking through a parking lot and smiling
Fans called out the videographer for being “absolute trash.”
BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID

“Justice for Andy Cohen!!! Let him do gay s–t at pride in peace,” wrote the user. “It’s supposed safe space for EVERYONE so whoever put this online is absolute trash 🗑🗑.”


“Andy Cohen is a grown gay man and he can do wtf he wants,” agreed another. “Why are people acting brand new he has a life people.”

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One more tweeted, “I’m mad as hell yall are going to make me defend Andy Cohen but….recording him like that is lame as f–k. Yall need jobs or hobbies.”

andy cohen looking like he's screaming while sitting in a chair
“So it’s a gay man being gay, why is this newsworthy? Please touch grass,” tweeted a fan.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host has not publicly responded to the viral footage of him, and his rep had no comment.

Instead of addressing the video, Cohen has been asking Twitter users to submit their questions for an upcoming episode of “WWHL” that will feature Vivica A. Fox and “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Jennifer Pedranti.

Perhaps he’ll “Plead the Fifth” during Monday’s episode.

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