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By Nikita Gambhir

Final Fantas 16 Best Classic Monster Redesigns

Final Fantasy 16 currently has a divided fan base, with both supporters and critics. However, there is one aspect that most people can agree on: the combat system is a significant improvement compared to previous games in the series. In Final Fantasy 16, players have the ability to equip Eikons to the protagonist, Clive, which grants him unique abilities that operate on cooldowns, as well as skills that can be used repeatedly.

Of course, a fun combat system wouldn’t be complete without a variety of monsters to battle. Final Fantasy 16 offers a wide range of creatures, from random encounters to unique monsters known as Notorious Makes. While many of these monsters are returning from previous games, they have been given fresh designs. So, which redesigns stand out the most in the game?

At number 8, we have the Moogles. Although technically considered monsters in the Final Fantasy series, some may argue that they are a distinct race due to their sentience. Nevertheless, Moogles are beloved creatures, particularly Nektar in Final Fantasy 16. Nektar is in charge of the Notorious Marks board, where players can encounter some of the game’s wildest creatures. Moogles first appeared in Final Fantasy 3 and have become a staple in the series, with their appearance evolving over time. Nektar’s adorable, koala-like body is one of the cutest iterations in recent memory.

Next up, at number 7, we have the Bombs. These explosive monsters have been a deadly presence in the Final Fantasy series since their debut in Final Fantasy 2. Typically depicted as round orbs with fire shooting out of their tops, Bombs become more dangerous the more they are attacked, eventually exploding and dealing significant damage to the party. In Final Fantasy 16, the redesign of Bombs gives them a creepy appearance, resembling lava-covered skulls that have been reanimated. It’s an unsettling transformation, to say the least.

Taking the sixth spot is the Red Mousse. Like Bombs, Red Mousse also made its first appearance in Final Fantasy 2. However, Red Mousse is just one type of jelly-like monster in the series, with the more standardized version being called Flans. Regardless of their name, these creatures share a similar structural body. In Final Fantasy 16, Red Mousse and its counterparts are given a terrifying edge with menacing teeth and tentacles that they can use to attack Clive.

At number 5, we have the formidable Iron Giant. Despite sharing a name with the beloved animated film from the late 90s, the Final Fantasy Iron Giants are much more menacing. These towering armors wield swords that would make even Cloud’s Buster Sword blush with envy. Iron Giants first appeared as rare encounters in Final Fantasy 2, and in Final Fantasy 16, they serve as challenging bosses. Their redesign features a spiked shield, a sword reminiscent of a gunblade, and a chest that resembles a Heartless from another popular game franchise.

Moving on to number 4, we have Ahriman. Ahriman initially held significant importance in the series as one of the final bosses in Final Fantasy 3. However, its status has diminished over time, and it is now encountered as a regular monster in these games. Most depictions of Ahriman showcase a giant eyeball with bat wings, and Final Fantasy 16 stays true to this design, albeit with gangly limbs and liver spots that give it a decrepit appearance. While it may no longer be a boss, Ahriman remains a tough enemy in the game, capable of casting Doom and instantly killing players who fail to dodge its attacks.

Number 3 on our list is the Lich. In the original Final Fantasy, Lich was one of the Four Fiends, powerful adversaries that controlled the world. While the design of Lich has remained relatively consistent throughout the series, Final Fantasy 16 takes a dramatic departure. The new Lich resembles a faceless, oozing alien or a deep blue/purple version of Slender Man, complete with a menacing scythe.

Coming in at number 2 is the iconic Behemoth. Although it was initially conceived as a piece of artwork for the first Final Fantasy, Behemoth made its first appearance in Final Fantasy 2. While its initial depiction was not particularly menacing, subsequent iterations of the Behemoth became scarier and more iconic as the series progressed. Final Fantasy 15 featured the largest version of the Behemoth thus far, but Final Fantasy 16’s redesign adds even more terrifying elements. The Behemoth is now covered in spikes, capable of standing upright, and can even hurl meteors at Clive with ease.

Finally, at number 1, we have the Coeurl. Another monster from Final Fantasy 2, the design of the Coeurl has remained relatively unchanged over the years. Typically resembling a cat with long, tentacle-like whiskers, the Coeurl in Final Fantasy 16 receives a menacing upgrade. Its tentacles are longer and resemble power cables attached to giant daggers. Additionally, the Coeurl has electricity coursing through its body, allowing it to shock opponents. It first appears as a boss before Clive faces off against Kupka and engages in an Eikon fight with Titan.


Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22, 2023, and is currently available on the PS5. For more unexpected plot twists in the Final Fantasy series, be sure to check out our article on the topic.

Final Fantasy 16 has its fans and naysayers right now. There is one thing that both sides can agree upon for the most part though. They like the combat which is a step up from previous action games in the series.

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Players can equip Eikons to Clive which gives him abilities that run on cooldowns along with skills that can be spammed constantly. What good would a fun combat system be without monsters? Final Fantasy 16 has a ton from random monsters to unique ones from Notorious Makes. Most are returning monsters from previous games but with new designs. Which redesigns then were the coolest in the game overall?

8 Moogles

Nektar in Final Fantasy 16

Moogles are technically a monster within the Final Fantasy series although some may consider them a race since they are sentient. They are good monsters though, especially Nektar in Final Fantasy 16. Nektar is in charge of the Notorious Marks board which is how players are going to see some of the wilder creatures in the game. Moogles first appeared in Final Fantasy 3 and they have been a staple ever since although their forms do change. Nectar’s tiny koala-like body is one of the cuter iterations in quite some time.

7 Bomb

Bomb in Final Fantasy 16

Bombs are one of the deadliest monsters in the Final Fantasy series. They first appeared in Final Fantasy 2 as big orbs with teeth. Typically, they are depicted as round orbs, usually red or orange, with fire shooting out of their tops. The more they get hit, the bigger chances they will explode on the party which can deal a lot of damage. The redesign in Final Fantasy 16 makes them look creepy like lava-covered skulls that have been reanimated which is unsettling, to say the least.

6 Red Mousse

Red Mousse in Final Fantasy 16

Red Mousse also appeared in Final Fantasy 2 like Bombs. Red Mousse is only one type of jelly-like monster in this series though. The more standardized version of these piles of goo is called Flans. That’s the type of creature fans will be more familiar with compared to the various Mousse-like creatures.

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Whatever they are called doesn’t matter because the structural bodies are all about the same. They are sentient jellies and this game gives them an edge with horrific teeth and tentacles to slash Clive with in Final Fantasy 16.

5 Iron Giant

Iron Giant in Final Fantasy 16

Iron Giant should not be confused with the late 90s animated film, The Iron Giant. The Final Fantasy Iron Giants are a lot more menacing as they are hulking armors wielding swords that would make Cloud’s Buster Sword blush from Final Fantasy 7. They first appeared as a rare encounter in Final Fantasy 2. In Final Fantasy 16the first Iron Giant is a boss and one of the harder ones at that. There are a lot of cool things about this redesign such as its spiked shield, gunblade-like sword, and Heartless looking chest.

4 Ahriman

Ahriman in Final Fantasy 16

Ahriman started as a big deal in the series as it was one of the final bosses in Final Fantasy 3. From there, its status got diminished to a normal monster encounter in these games. Most depictions show them as giant eyeballs with bat wings. That’s more or less how the one in Final Fantasy 16 except that it has gangly limbs and liver spots that make it look decrepit. It may not be a boss anymore, but it is a tough enemy in the game. It can cast Doom which will instantly kill players if they don’t dodge out of the danger zone.

3 Lich

Lich in Final Fantasy 16

Lich was another bigger monster within the series initially. It was one of the Four Fiends that controlled the world in the original Final Fantasy. Designs waver, but every Lich after this looked mostly the same albeit with a few tweaks done to the Grim Reaper-like aesthetic.

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Final Fantasy 16 is the first game in the franchise to dramatically change things up. Lich now looks like a faceless oozed alien, or like a deep blue/purple naked version of Slender Man with a scythe.

2 Behemoth

Behemoth in Final Fantasy 16

Behemoth first appeared in Final Fantasy 2but it was a conceptual piece of artwork for the first Final Fantasy. The drawing showed a big purple beast fighting what was probably one of the Four Warriors of Light. Its appearance in Final Fantasy 2 was not that menacing, but the further the series went on, the scarier and more iconic the Behemoth became. Final Fantasy 15 still probably has the biggest version in the franchise, but Final Fantasy 16’s redesign adds some gnarly stuff to it that makes it equally frightening. The Behemoth is covered in spikes, it can stand up, and it can hurl meteors at Clive like it was nothing.

1 Coeurl

Coeurl in Final Fantasy 16

Coeurl is yet another monster from Final Fantasy 2 whose design has not changed much in the past few decades. It usually looks like a cat, sometimes with spots, with long tentacle-like whiskers. The beast in this game is also a spotted cat, but the tentacles got a huge menacing upgrade. The tentacles are longer and they look like power cables attached to two giant daggers. Coeurl also has electricity surging through its body to shock opponents. It first appears as a boss before Clive has to take on Kupka followed by an Eikon fight with Titan in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16was released on June 22, 2023, and is available on PS5.

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