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Final Fantasy 16: 10 Best Accessories, Ranked

Accessories have always been a crucial element in the Final Fantasy games, providing players with a means to tailor their characters to different situations or enhance their strengths. Final Fantasy 16 is no exception, offering players a plethora of accessories that can be found throughout the game. Some of these accessories focus on hit points and recovery, while others enhance combat-focused abilities. A good combination of these accessories can greatly assist players in combat.

10. Channeler’s Whispers – This is a great all-around accessory for players who use magic spells frequently. It automatically charges magic spells and maintains charges until the player chooses to cast a spell. This accessory requires the “Charged Magic” ability, which is a great ability to learn early on.

9. Adamantite Gauntlets – This is the first of three high-caliber accessories in the game. These gauntlets increase the player’s total hit points by 500, making them much tankier. However, relying solely on a high-health pool means neglecting optimal damage output. These gauntlets are great for players who need more health and get knocked around a lot in battles.

8. Cobalt Tassels – This accessory increases the player’s Limit Break buildup by 6% whenever they take damage. It can be used in tandem with Crimson Tassels to greatly enhance the frequency of Limit Breaks.

7. Crimson Tassels – This accessory increases the player’s Limit Break gauge by 3% whenever they deal damage. Using both Crimson and Cobalt Tassels together is highly recommended in long-lasting fights.

6. High Cleric’s Medallion – This accessory is a must-have for players who focus on damage output. It increases the effectiveness of High Potions by 25%, allowing players to recover a considerable amount of hit points.

5. Berserking Ring – This ring increases the player’s attack proficiency whenever they perform a precision dodge. This makes them much more effective in offense when they are effective in defense. Timing dodges perfectly can be challenging, but this accessory is worth the effort.

4. The Breath Of Lightning – This accessory reduces the cooldown time of Judgement Bolt, one of Ramuh’s abilities, by 9 seconds. This makes it an excellent option for dealing massive damage to a single target.

3. The Breath Of Fire – This accessory reduces the cooldown time of Flames of Rebirth by 12 seconds. This ability hits multiple enemies at once, dealing damage and healing the player.

2. Of Fortune And Heavens – This accessory increases all experience earned by 15%, allowing players to reach max levels much faster. This is a significant advantage when fighting multiple enemies.


1. Talisman Of Priming – This accessory increases the duration of Lionheart Tonic by 30 seconds. Lionheart Tonic is one of the best consumables in the game and getting more Limit Breaks greatly increases players’ chances of success in long battles.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 16 offers players a wide range of accessories that can greatly enhance their abilities in combat. Choosing the right combination of accessories can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Accessories have been a long-running staple in the Final Fantasy games and provide a way to have a character better suited for dealing with different situations or enhance them in a field they are already excellent in. Final Fantasy 16 is no exception to this and features a ton of different accessories that you can find throughout the game.

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Some of them will focus on your hit points and how you may recover them, while others focus on your more combat-focused abilities. Having a good blend of them will greatly assist you in combat.

10 Channeler’s Whispers

Final Fantasy 16 Channeler's Whispers

Channeler’s Whispers is an all-around great Accessory to have on you at all times if you use magic spells a lot. It will automatically start charging your magic spells for you, as well as maintain those charges until you choose to cast a spell.

This accessory will have no effect if you have not acquired the “Charged Magic” ability. So if you want to try it out, be sure to open your menu and learn it. Charged Magic is a really good Ability to learn early on.

9 Adamantite Gauntlets

Final Fantasy 16 Adamantite Gauntlet

These are the first of three Accessories of the highest caliber in the entire game. These will focus on giving you a much larger health pool. They will increase your total hit points by a solid 500 points. This will indeed make you a lot tankier, but relying on a high-health pool means you are neglecting optimal damage output.

This is a great Accessory if you feel you need more health and get knocked around a lot in battles. However, once you can effectively avoid damage and heal up from the odd hit, you can put a larger focus on the damage you dish out to take down your foes before they can take you down.

8 Cobalt Tassels

Final Fantasy 16 Cobalt Tassels

This Accessory will increase your build-up of Limit Break whenever you take damage. The amount you receive is 6 percent. This accessory has a companion accessory that it can be used in tandem with to greatly help bring up the frequency you get to use your Limit Breaks.

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Your Limit Breaks are an invaluable tool to make use of. They will help you in shredding through groups of enemies and unloading a lot of damage into a single one as well.

7 Crimson Tassels

Final Fantasy 16 Crimson Tassels

Crimson Tassels are the companion Accessory spoken of in the previous entry. This Accessory will also help you build up your Limit Break gauge much faster, but not by taking damage. Instead, you will gain an additional 3 percent towards your Limit Break whenever you deal damage.

Using Crimson Tassels and Cobalt Tassels together is highly recommended in long-lasting fights to get the most out of them. Be sure to take a Lionheart Tonic as well, which will keep adding to your Limit Break gauge over the next 99 seconds.

6 High Cleric’s Medallion

Final Fantasy 16 High Cleric Amulet

High Clerics Medallion is a must-have for players putting everything else into their damage output. This allows you to be more effective at recovering from a mistake. When your health falls to dangerous levels, crack open a High Potion.

Normally, this will give you 48 percent of your maximum hit points back, but High Cleric’s Medallion will increase all of your High Potions by an additional 25 percent. This will dwarf Adamantite Gauntlets static value of an additional 500 HP with the number of hit points you will recover while wearing this Accessory.

5 Berserking Ring

Final Fantasy 16 Berserker Ring

This ring will give you an increase to your attack proficiency whenever you perform a precision dodge. This will make you a lot more effective in your offense whenever you are effective in your defense. Time your dodges perfectly and unleash an offensive onslaught against your foe with your follow-up attacks.

This might not be for everyone, as they might not be able to time every one of the dodges to make the most of this Accessory. Its requirement that you play an active role makes it one of the harder Accessories to wrap your skills around.

4 The Breath Of Lightning

Final Fantasy 16 Breath of Lightning

Judgement Bolt is one of the best damage options you can use in the game and comes to you in the form of one of Ramuh’s Abilities. You will unleash from the heavens a mighty bolt of lightning that will deal a truly massive amount of damage to a single target.

The Breath of Lightning Accessory will reduce the cooldown of this Ability by 9 seconds, allowing more uses of it in against your target. This makes what was once a formidable health pool a much smaller hurdle to overcome.

3 The Breath Of Fire

Final Fantasy 16 Breath of Fire

Flames of Rebirth is another one of your top-tier combat abilities. It has a rather lengthy cooldown, and The Breath of Fire Accessory is here to reduce it. The Breath of Fire Accessory will reduce Flames of Rebirth’s cooldown by 12 seconds, and while it may not be as high a damage-dealing option as Judgement Bolt against a single target, it hits multiple enemies at once by creating a massive pillar of fire.

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Each time you use this Ability, you will deal damage and heal yourself, making it a great option even in one-on-one fights by keeping your health topped up if you take a hit.

2 Of Fortune And Heavens

Final Fantasy 16 On fortune and the heavens

This falls short of the top rank purely because there is a level cap in the game. This Accessory will increase all experience you earn by 15%, allowing you to hit max levels significantly sooner. For perspective, fighting 7 enemies means you have an extra 105% experience.

It’s like defeating an eighth enemy for free. This will greatly reduce the time it takes you to level up. It is worth noting there is an item that has a similar effect called Scholar’s Spectacles. However, that only grants 10% additional experience.

1 Talisman Of Priming

Final Fantasy 16 Talisman of Priming

Talisman of Priming will increase the duration of your Lionheart Tonic by 30 seconds. That is big; real big. Lionheart Tonic is one of the best consumables in the game. Running out of Lionheart Tonics in a boss battle means it is much harder to get that next Limit Break off.

This Accessory is one of the few highest-caliber items in the game and is well worth the number-one placement on this list. More Limit Breaks means a much higher chance of success against long-running battles and battles against consecutive foes.

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