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By Nikita Gambhir

Final Fantasy 16: 10 Best Belts, Ranked

Clive possesses a diverse range of equipment in Final Fantasy 16 that grants him various buffs and debuffs to his stats. Among these items are belts, which allow you to customize Clive’s stats as you progress through the game. Belts primarily affect two stats: Health and Defense, without impacting other attributes such as Attack. Therefore, when selecting a new belt, it’s crucial to consider how it will enhance Clive’s overall Health and Defense. Here is a list of the top belts that provide optimal stats for Clive, allowing you to choose between prioritizing Health or Defense in your build. Additionally, we will provide information on how to obtain each belt to assist you during gameplay.

10. Circle of Heaven: To acquire this belt, you must complete the Streets of Madness quest. Upon finishing the quest, you can purchase the Circle of Heaven belt from Goetz’s Toll for 4,500 gil. This belt boasts an impressive Defense stat of 91, making it one of the strongest belts in the game.

9. Demontamer’s Sash: Located in Baywatch, you can find this belt in a chest to the north of the area known as Royal Meadows. The Demontamer’s Sash is a straightforward belt, easy to obtain, yet still provides a competitive edge compared to other options.

8. Drakeslayer’s Belt: After completing the Blacksmith Blues side quest, you can craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt at The Big Hammer using Dragon House Electrum, Briar Clam Shell, and Scarletite. With a Defense stat of 74, this belt offers decent stats and is relatively accessible to acquire.

7. Hunter’s Waistcloth: This belt can either be purchased or crafted. To buy it, visit Charon’s Toll and exchange 2,250 gil. Alternatively, if you prefer crafting, visit The Big Hammer and utilize Blackthorne’s services, requiring Steelsilk, Magicked Ash, and Coeurl Whisker. The Hunter’s Waistcloth provides a respectable Defense stat of 61, making it available early in the game.

6. Metian Cross: During the Holding On quest, Lady Hannah will gift you the Metian Cross belt at a certain point in the questline. While this belt requires little effort to obtain, it still holds value and is worth utilizing.

5. Mythril Belt: Located in the Velkroy Desert, specifically in the northern part of the Dhalmeikan Republic, you can find the Mythril Belt in a chest near the Velkroy Desert Monolith within the Ceratina area. Although the Mythril Belt doesn’t offer remarkable boosts, its 64 Defense and 20 Health stats are solid compared to other entries on this list.

4. Ouroboros: Unlocking the Ouroboros belt requires completing the Blacksmith Blues III side quest to obtain its Design Draft, which also unlocks the Son of Ourboros Vambraces. To craft this belt, you will need Comet Feather, Orichalcum Stone, and Tongue. With its high Defense stat and a Health stat of 32, the Ouroboros is arguably the best belt in the game and a must-have for Clive throughout the entire gameplay.

3. Regal Sash: To obtain this belt, you will discover it in a chest near The Krozjit Echoes, guarded by a Coeurl. Defeat the creature to claim the chest and acquire the Regal Sash. This belt offers a well-balanced boost to both Health and Defense, which is a rarity among belts and equipment in general.

2. Rune Belt: Once you have initiated the A Song of Hope quest, you can purchase the Rune Belt from Charon’s Toll for 3,600 gil. The Rune Belt provides a significant increase in HP, although it sacrifices some Defense, differentiating it from other belts on this list.


1. Silken Sash: After completing the Fire in the Sky main quest, you can unlock the Silken Sash by purchasing it from Charon’s Toll. Alternatively, it can be crafted using Whitewyrm Bone and Steelsilk Magicked Ash. While its stats may not be exceptional, the Silken Sash offers a solid Defense stat of 72, making it a viable choice when encountered.

By considering these top belts and their corresponding stats, you can optimize Clive’s performance in Final Fantasy 16. Make strategic decisions based on your preferred playstyle and the role you want Clive to fulfill in your gameplay experience.

Clive has a lot of different gear to equip himself in Final Fantasy 16, all of which provide some kind of buff – or debuff – to his stats. Belts are one such item that you can use to give Clive the kind of stats you are looking for as you build him up from his humble beginnings at the beginning of the game.

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Belts come with two stats that they influence: Health and Defense. This means that they won’t affect any of the other stats such as Attack and whatnot. So when you pick up a new belt, you are looking at how they affect your total Health and Defense. This is what you need to keep in mind when trying to find the best one available to you. The following belts are the ones that provide the best stats to Cliveand while all of them are viable to use, you are going to want to decide if your build is going to be geared more toward increasing your Health or your Defense. You can also learn how to obtain each one of these belts so that you can have it in your head while you play through the game.

10 Circle of Heaven

Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas and Sleipnir

In order to get this belt, you will have to finish the Streets of Madness quest. Once the quest is completed, you can purchase the belt from Goetz’s Toll for 4,500 gil.

Circle of Heaven is one of the strongest belts in the game, as you can see by its 91 Defense stat. That is no number to scoff at when it comes to equipment in this game.

9 Demontamer’s Sash

Clive With Phoenix's Wings Holding Joshua

You will find this belt in an area called Baywatchspecifically in a chest to the north of a smaller area called Royal Meadows.

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The Demontamer’s Sash is a pretty basic belt, and it makes sense that it really isn’t that difficult to get your hands on it. It is basic, but that’s not a reason to skip over it as it still gives you an edge over other options.

8 Drakeslayer’s Belt

Final Fantasy 16 Clive performs a Precision Dodge surrounded by fire in a desert

The Drakeslayer’s Belt will become available after you have completed the Blacksmith Blues side quest. Once this quest is completed, you can craft the belt at The Big Hammer with:

  • Dragon House

  • Electrum

  • Briar Clam Shell

  • Scarletite

Boasting a 74 Defense statyou could do a lot worse than this belt, and it’s not too bad to get ahold of either. With the easiness of finding the belt, there’s no reason not to use it when you find it.

7 Hunter’s Waistcloth

Clive uses a Phoenix Combo which activate a fiery wing against an enemy in Final Fantasy 16

If you want to get your hands on the Hunter’s Waistcloth, then you can both purchase it or craft it. If you want to buy it, you can find it at Charon’s Toll for 2,250 gil. And if you are looking to craft it at The Big Hammer with Blackthorne’s services, then you will need:

  • Steelsilk

  • Magicked Ash

  • Coeurl Whisker

A 61 Defense stat is definitely a decent stat to have for your beltand will come into availability pretty early on in the game.

6 Metian Cross

Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera breath

The Metian Cross is a belt that will be given to you by another character. During the quest called Holding On, you will interact with Lady Hannah. At some point during the quest, she will give you the belt.

Another pretty basic belt that you won’t have to do a lot of work in order to get your hands on it. But still one that is worth your time.

5 Mythril Belt

Torgal stands in front of an enemy while Clive is ready behind sword in hand in Final Fantasy 16

You can find the Mythril Belt out in the Velkroy Desertwhich is in the northern part of the Dhalmeikan Republic. You will find the chest in an area called Ceratina, near the Velkroy Desert Monolith.

The Mythril Belt is another belt that won’t be knocking your socks off with its boosts, but you can’t go wrong with it. The 64 Defense stat isn’t necessarily superb, but the 20 Health is actually pretty solid compared to other entries on this list.

4 Ouroboros

Clive Torgal Jill Final Fantasy 16

In order to unlock this belt, you will need to complete the Blacksmith Blues III side quest to acquire its Design Draft, which will also unlock the Son of Ourboros Vambraces. In order to craft this belt, you will need:

  • Comet Feather

  • Orichalcum

  • Stone Tongue

The Ouroboros is possibly the best belt in the game, given how high its Defense is. And it comes with a 32 Health stat, which is also really good. Once you have this belt in your possession, it really will be what you use the rest of the time in the game.

3 Regal Sash

Clive Parrying And Enemy In Combat

In order to get this belt, you will find it in a chest near The Krozjit Echoesbeing guarded by a Coeurl. Once you have defeated the creature, the chest is yours to open, and the belt is yours to claim.

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The Regal Sash is a pretty balanced belt, bringing an almost-equal boost to both Health and Defenseand both of them are very substantial. This is a pretty rare occurrence for the belts – and other equipment as a whole.

2 Rune Belt

Pandemonium casting Sanguine Fields

In order to get this belt, you have to purchase it from Charon’s Toll once you have started the A Song of Hope quest. Buying the belt will cost you 3,600 gil.

Another solid choice is the Rune Belt, which gives you a lot of HP. This just comes at the cost of more Defense, which is different than what other belts on this list have to offer you.

1 Silken Sash

Final Fantasy 16 Clive-2

The Silken Sash can be unlocked by purchasing it at Charon’s Toll after you have completed the Fire in the Sky main quest, and can also be crafted using:

  • Whitewyrm Bone

  • Steelsilk

  • Magicked Ash

The stats for this one don’t pop off the screen necessarily, but a 72-defense stat is pretty solidso it’s not a bad choice. If you come across it, go ahead and use it.

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