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Final Fantasy 16: Carrot Location & Guide

Clive’s journey in Final Fantasy 16 is filled with incredible challenges, but he manages to overcome them and eventually becomes the leader of the Hideaway. In the second act of the story, Nektar, the resident Moogle, introduces Clive to the Hunt Board. This is where Clive can find information about dangerous creatures and outlaws that need to be dealt with.

One particular hunt that Clive undertakes is for a creature called Carrot. Despite its innocent-sounding name, Carrot is actually a formidable Morbol. To encounter Carrot, Clive must first accept the side quest titled “Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol.” Nigel, the head botanist, will provide Clive with this quest in the northerly part of the Hideaway.

To obtain the quest for Carrot, Clive needs to speak with Nektar at the Hunt Board and select the green quest option. This will give Clive access to the B rank hunt for Carrot. Clive must then travel to Rosaria at the Three Reeds obelisk and head northwest to an area called The Whispering Waters. It is a secluded circular section of the map.

In terms of defeating Carrot, Clive is already experienced in battling Morbols. The strategies used against the Akashic Morbol or the Morbol from Clive’s youth can be applied here. However, it’s important to note that Carrot can deal significant damage if Clive isn’t careful.

Carrot has powerful tentacle attacks that can sweep and slam in different directions. It also has a biting attack if Clive gets too close. Additionally, Carrot can spew black ooze that creates puddles around the arena, making it challenging to dodge the tentacles.

Carrot also possesses two major attacks: Bad Breath and Acid Rain. Bad Breath releases a toxic mist that Clive should dodge or sprint away from. Acid Rain launches black goo into the air, which then falls into the puddles on the map. Clive must dodge this attack to avoid damage.

Another attack Carrot uses is Burrow. It will dig into the marshes and then dive bomb at Clive from the waters. Clive must stay alert and dodge to avoid major damage.

Once Clive defeats Carrot, he will obtain the Morbol Tendril and a Morbol Flower, along with experience, ability points, and renown. Clive should return to Nigel to complete the quest by handing over the Morbol Tendril. The Morbol Flower can be kept for crafting purposes at the smithy.

In conclusion, Clive’s journey in Final Fantasy 16 is filled with intense challenges, and his battle against Carrot, the powerful Morbol, is no exception. With careful strategy and skill, Clive can overcome this formidable foe and reap the rewards of his victory.

Throughout Clive’s journey in Final Fantasy 16, he overcomes insane adversity to eventually take over the helm of the Hideaway. When the story picks up after the first act, Nektar, the resident Moogle, introduces Clive to the Hunt Board. Here, Clive can find information about notorious and deadly creatures and outlaws in need of dispatching.


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Deep into Clive’s hunting lies the Carrot, a moniker that sounds innocent enough, and Clive might even be forgiven if he thought the creature to be a Mandragora. Instead, Clive will come face-to-face with another hefty Morbol.

Updated by Jeff Brooks on July 5, 2023: This guide has been updated to include a short video walkthrough showing where to find Carrot.

Where To Find Carrot

Final Fantasy 16 Map of Rosaria Focusing On The Whispering Waters

Carrot will not appear on the Hunt Board like most targets. The giant Morbol will only be available after Clive accepts the ‘Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol’ side quest. To do so, Clive will need to speak with Nigel in the Hideaway when his quest is available. He is the head botanistso Clive will need to venture to the furthest reaches of the Hideaway to find him (in the northerly part of the hideout). He is asking for a Morbol Tendriland the only means for Clive to get one is to slaughter Carrot.

Once the quest is accepted, speak with Nektar at the Hunt Board and select the green quest selection. There, the B rank hunt for Carrot will be obtained. Travel to Rosaria at the Three Reeds obelisk before heading northwest to an area called The Whispering Waters. It is a large, circular section of the map isolated from just about everything. A thin path leads to the Waters, which sits due east of Three Reeds on the map.

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How To Defeat Carrot

A Moogle hovering in front of the Hunt Board from Final Fantasy 16

By now, Clive is an expert Morbol slayer. The battle against Carrot is little different in execution from the Akashic Morbol or the Morbol Clive fought when he was younger. It should be noted, however, that Carrot can dole out immense damage if Clive is not careful. Like most hunt marks, Carrot features a powered up arsenal of its former selves. Still, the same strategies should apply here, and Clive will likely be over leveled for the level 35 B ranked hunt. Either way, Clive will want to avoid the sweeping and slamming tentacles of Carrot, which will tumult in either direction.

In addition to its massive tentacles, the Morbol will use a biting attack if Clive stays too close to its mouth. If Clive puts distance between himself and Carrot, it will spew its black ooze, much like the Akashic Morbol, that Clive will want to avoid. These leave large puddles around the arena, so dodging the tentacles becomes a bit of a chore when the ooze is spread around the battle.

Carrot Major Attacks

Final Fantasy 16 Akashic Morbol Readying Acid Rain

  • Bad Breath: By now, Clive and his companions are familiar with Bad Breath and its multiple iterations. Even if Carrot was the weakest Morbol in history, it would be advisable to sprint or dodge out of the large spray of toxic mist. Clive can dodge out of Bad Breath, but the wiser move is to sprint to either side of the attack and slam Carrot with whichever Eikonic abilities you choose. Fire damage never hurts against plant based creatures.
  • Acid Rain: While Clive is already avoiding the puddles of black ooze, Carrot will, like its predecessors, spew acid rain. This attack launches black goo into the air and drops it in the puddles around the map. While Carrot regularly disburses the ooze around the map, Acid Rain is a concentrated attack that lands numerous drops of the liquid at Clive. Dodge the rain like before, and Clive will come out unharmed. If Clive is hit by a projectile, use a precision recover to get back on his feet and out of the damage-inducing puddle.
  • Burrow: Carrot will dig itself into the marshes around the arena before launching from the waters to dive bomb at Clive. It will repeat this attack, so Clive needs to stay on his toes and dodge as necessary to avoid taking any major damage. Typically, Clive will have more than enough time to run out of the landing splash zone, but precision dodging will certainly help and allow Clive to deal decent stagger bar damage.

Once the Morbol is defeated, Clive will pick up the Tendril and a Morbol Floweramong the usual experience, ability points, and renown. Return to Nigel to drop off the Morbol Tendril to complete the quest, and hold onto the Morbol Flower to be used in crafting at the smithy later. These items always create useful gear.

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