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Final Fantasy 16 Characters Who Should Get Standalone DLC Episodes

Final Fantasy 15 experienced a significant surge in popularity upon its release in 2016. Square Enix, the game’s developer, seemed determined to capitalize on its success after a decade of development. They extended the game’s universe through a CG movie, anime series, and spinoff games. The additional media content received varying degrees of success. One of the highlights of Final Fantasy 15’s expanded universe was the DLC episodes, which provided additional side stories for the main party. These episodes were well-received by fans.

Considering the success of the DLC episodes, it would be fitting for Final Fantasy 16 to receive a similar treatment. Several characters in the game raise intriguing questions that could be answered through DLC episodes. However, please note that there will be spoilers ahead. Let’s explore some of these characters and the potential DLC episodes that could shed light on their stories.

1. Cid:
Cid is a fan-favorite character in the game, but unfortunately, he dies too soon in Final Fantasy 16. A DLC episode could delve into his life leading up to the rescue of Clive and Jill. It could explore his falling out with Benedikta and shed light on his role in rescuing Branded individuals from the kingdoms.

2. Joshua:
There are many unanswered questions surrounding Joshua that would benefit from a DLC episode. How did he survive the attack with Ifrit as a child? What was the process of his escape like? Did Jote play a role in rescuing him, or was it another member of The Undying? How did Joshua manage to survive for so long, and what was his research all about? Moreover, it’s puzzling that he only reunited with Clive after eighteen years.

3. Leviathan’s Dominant:
Leviathan, a powerful entity associated with water, is mentioned in Final Fantasy 16, but it never appears in the game. However, there is a reference to a Dominant who could wield the power of Leviathan. This unresolved plotline could be addressed in a DLC episode set in either the present or the past.

4. Gav:
Gav is a character who undertakes numerous missions for Cid and Clive throughout the game. While his tasks may not have pressing questions tied to them, Gav’s character and humor make him an ideal candidate for a DLC episode. Players could embark on spy missions for The Hideaway, offering a stealthy gameplay experience akin to a spy thriller.

5. Jote:
Jote is a mysterious character with enough depth to warrant a separate DLC episode from Joshua. As a Dominant, Joshua’s health was fragile, and much of the action was handled by Jote and other members of The Undying. A DLC episode could showcase Jote’s spy skills through a mini Assassin’s Creed-like mission.

6. Torgal:
In Final Fantasy 16, Clive doesn’t have a consistent party of characters to choose from, except for his loyal dog, Torgal. Torgal proves to be useful in battle, so why not give him his own DLC episode? The battle animations for Torgal are already in place, and the team could seek assistance from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake team, who are making Red 13 playable in their game. This DLC episode could be lighthearted, with Torgal encountering iconic monsters like Moogles, Cactuars, and Chocobos.

7. Byron:
Byron is another character in Final Fantasy 16 who adds a touch of humor to the game. His antics, such as devouring a bowl of Chocobo stew or experiencing water for the first time, make him a perfect candidate for a silly DLC episode. Alternatively, the DLC could take a more serious tone, with players making strategic decisions on how to use resources to aid oppressed individuals behind the scenes.

8. Clive:
Clive is already a part of Final Fantasy 16 mechanically, making it relatively easy to develop a DLC episode focused on his character. The DLC could explore various points in Clive’s life, such as his teenage years as a Shield for Joshua, his role as a Branded for the Empire, and the activities he and Jill engaged in during the five-year time gap. Finally, fans may be eager to discover if Clive is truly deceased or if he has managed to survive.


Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22, 2023, and is currently available on the PS5. For more surprising plot twists in the Final Fantasy series, continue reading.

Final Fantasy 15 had a blowout when it launched in 2016. Square Enix was seemingly not satisfied with just releasing that game after ten years of development hell. It was like they wanted to milk that time sink for as long as possible which is why there was a CG movie, anime, and spinoff games.

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The related media all had varying degrees of success. One of the cooler aspects of Final Fantasy 15’s extended universe was the DLC episodes. The main party got additional side stories which were all good. Final Fantasy 16 should get that treatment as well for the following characters to help answer some questions.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

8 Cid

Cid in Final Fantasy 16

Cid would be the fan favorite amongst all of the characters in the game. He is one of the best versions of Cid in the series and he unfortunately dies too quickly in Final Fantasy 16. A DLC episode could explore his life leading up to the rescue of Clive and Jill. What was the falling out Cid had with Benedikta? How long had he been rescuing Branded individuals from the kingdoms? The DLC could jump around to defining moments in his life.

7 Joshua

Joshua in Final Fantasy 16

There are too many questions surrounding Joshua that a lack of a DLC episode seems wild. How did he survive the attack with Ifrit as a child? Presumably, the power of Phoenix revived him in Final Fantasy 16but what was that escape process like after? Was Jote there the whole time or did another member of The Undying rescue Joshua instead? How could Joshua survive for so long and what was his research all about? It’s even stranger that in all that time, he never got back together with Clive until eighteen years had passed.

6 Leviathan’s Dominant

Exploring the world in Final Fantasy 16-2

There are a lot of Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 from Ifrit to Titan, but there was one that was only mentioned by name. Leviathan is nowhere to be seen in the game and yet there apparently was a Dominant that could wield the power of water at one time.

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Of all the missing plotlines in the game, this seems like the most likely to get answered. Why would the game even mention Leviathan if that wasn’t the case? A DLC about its Dominant either in the present or past could be interesting.

5 Gave

Gav in Final Fantasy 16

Gav goes on a lot of missions for Cid and Clive during the game. He becomes a party member sometimes too, but usually, he is off on his own doing missions. While his tasks don’t have any burning questions attached to them, Gav would be a fun character to play as. He is one of the best characters in Final Fantasy 16 because of his blunt humor. Imagine a DLC episode wherein players could stealth around the world to do spy missions for The Hideaway. Final Fantasy 15 added a spy thriller via its Prompto episode, so it is possible.

4 thy

Jote in Final Fantasy 16

Jote is a big enough of a mystery to focus an episode on separate from Joshua. Like Gav, Jote presumably did a lot of spying on behalf of Joshua. Even though he was a Dominant, Joshua wasn’t in the best of health. Using magic as a human or turning into Phoenix took a lot out of him. That’s probably why a majority of the action was handled by Jote and other members of The Undying. A mini Assassin’s Creed mission could be fun to see in this universe via Jote or some other member of her organization.

3 Torgal

Torgal in Final Fantasy 16

There are a lot of things different about Final Fantasy 16 compared to its predecessors. Clive doesn’t have a constant party with him that players can choose between. The only constant is his dog Torgal who is useful in battle. The battle animations are already there for Torgal, so why not give him a DLC episode too?

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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake team could even give the Final Fantasy 16 team some help since they are in the process of making their own dog-like creature, Red 13, playable in the next game. This could be a sillier DLC episode involving Torgal running into iconic monsters like Moogles, Cactuar, Chocobos, and more.

2 Byron

Byron in Final Fantasy 16

Byron is the other fun character in the game akin to Gav. Byron is much goofier though which could translate into a silly DLC episode like Torgal’s. Between the scene involving him wolfing down a big bowl of Chocobo stew or drinking water as he has never seen it before, it is clear Byron was put in the game for comedic effects. The DLC could also take a more serious tone with players having to command resources. Where should Byron spend money to help the most amount of oppressed people behind the scenes? That is apparently what he was doing for eighteen years.

1 Clive

Clive in Final Fantasy 16

Clive is already programmed into Final Fantasy 16 mechanically, so the team wouldn’t have to change too much for a DLC episode. Various points in his life could be focused on. How was he as a teenager within his kingdom as a Shield for Joshua? What was he doing as a Branded for the Empire? What did he and Jill do in that five-year time gap? And finally, is Clive truly dead or is he still alive? That may be what fans want to know the most about him.

Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22, 2023, and is available on PS5.

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