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Final Fantasy 16: Ending Explained

Final Fantasy 16 offers a captivating narrative that revolves around the life of Clive, showcasing different significant moments in his journey. The primary objective of freeing bearers from their struggles evolves into a complex mission as Ultima, the antagonist, has alternative plans for Clive. In the aftermath of the final battle, Clive achieves his ultimate goal of creating a better world, but the question remains: what exactly does that entail?

Clive transforms into Logos, as per Ultima’s intentions, by harnessing the power of all the Eikons. This transformation would result in Clive losing his autonomy and succumbing to Ultima’s control. Ultima plans to utilize this power to eradicate humanity and establish a new world order. However, Clive manages to defy Ultima’s expectations through his unwavering will and determination, developed through his connections with others. Ultima acknowledges this defiance by renaming Clive as “Logos,” a variation of the previous designation “Mythos.” Logos possesses the same essence as Mythos, but with the added ability to resist Ultima. With the aid of the Eikons’ power, Clive becomes capable of defeating Ultima.

Following the defeat of Ultima, Clive absorbs his power and combines it with that of the Eikons. Aware that his body cannot handle such immense power, Clive employs it in an attempt to save the world. In his final moments, Clive destroys the final mother crystal and eliminates all magicks from the world. Without the ability to wield magick, bearers become ordinary individuals, promoting equality among all inhabitants. The absence of magick halts the drainage of Aether and prevents the spread of the Blight. Although the effects may not manifest immediately, this liberation allows bearers to live and die on their own terms, fulfilling the dreams of Cid and Clive.

After defeating Ultima, Clive attends to his brother Joshua’s injured body and employs the power of the Phoenix to heal him. Although the scene does not explicitly confirm Joshua’s survival, the healing abilities of the Phoenix and the post-credits scene imply that Clive managed to save his brother’s life. Additionally, with Clive possessing the god-like power of Ultima, the possibility of resurrecting someone from the dead becomes even more plausible.

As Clive utilizes the power of the Eikons and Ultima to cast a spell that eradicates all magicks from the world, the immense amount of Aether required for such a spell takes a toll on him. Washing up on the beach, Clive witnesses the fading of his own magick, realizing that he has fulfilled his mission. The curse begins to spread up his hand, suggesting that the strain of the spell, coupled with exceeding his body’s limits, petrifies him entirely.

In the hideaway, Jill observes the red star she had been praying to fade away. While it could symbolize the star granting her wish, it is more likely that it represents Clive’s disappearance from the world after eliminating magick. Witnessing Jill’s tears, Gav and Torgal also mourn their fallen comrade.

The post-credits scene introduces us to a world where magick is merely a legend. The duration that has passed remains uncertain, but it is evident that many generations have transpired, as the events of the game are perceived as a mere folktale by the mother figure. The flourishing Earth, devoid of the constant drain of Aether, manifests through vibrant and lush flora surrounding the boys’ residence. Clive’s decision not only saved the world but also enhanced it beyond imagination. Although the reversal of the Blight’s effects remains ambiguous, humanity thrives alongside the rejuvenated planet. The final scene contributes to the significance of Joshua’s survival as he chronicles the events of his and Clive’s adventure, aptly naming it “Final Fantasy.”

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 16 presents a captivating tale of Clive’s journey towards creating a better world. The intricate plot twists, character developments, and the ultimate resolution showcase the depth and complexity of this immersive gaming experience.

Final Fantasy 16 is a very story-focused experience, showing the game’s events through Clive’s age during different touchstones in his life. Throughout the story, the simple goal of freeing bearers from their hardships becomes a lot more complex, as Ultima has other plans for Clive.


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After the final boss has been defeated and the dust settles, Clive completes his ultimate goal of trying to make a better world, but what exactly does that?

Clive Becomes Logos

Ifrit Merging With Phoenix To Create Ifrit Risen

Ultima’s goal for Clive throughout the story is for him to take on the power of all the Eikons to become the perfect vessel for Ultima to take over. This would make Clive lose his free will and submit to Ultima, who would use this power to destroy humanity and create a new world.

After obtaining all the Eikons, Clive can resist Ultimato Ultima’s surprise. Until now, Ultima has referred to Clive as “Mythos,” which would have been his perfect vessel. Upon seeing Clive’s unbreakable will and determination, thanks to his connection with others, Ultima refers to Clive as “Logos.” Logos is still the same idea as Mythos, just with the free will and ability to go against Ultima. Clive can use the power of the Eikons to destroy Ultima.

A World Without Magick

A Child Trying To Light A Fire With A Flint And Steel

After defeating Ultima, Clive steals his power, combining it with that of all the Eikons. Clive states that his body would be unable to wield all of this power but uses it to try and save the world. In his final moment, Clive destroys the last mother crystal and removes all magicks from the world. Without magicks, bearers are unable to wield Aether, along with any remaining crystals that could once do the same.

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Without the ability to wield magick, bearers would become regular people, and everyone in the world would be equals. Without magick, Aether would stop being drained from the world, and the Blight would stop spreading. While it may not happen immediately, this would finally free bearers to live and die on their own termsjust as Cid and Clive dreamed of.

Is Joshua Dead?

Clive With Phoenix's Wings Holding Joshua

After defeating Ultima, Clive goes to his brother’s body and uses the power of the Phoenix to heal his wounds. After removing his hand, we see that Joshua’s body has been healedbut we don’t see if that truly saved his life. We know that the power of the Phoenix can raise someone from the ashesand the post-credits scene further adds to the theory that Clive was able to save Joshua in the end. As Clive also now had Ultima’s god-like power, it’s even more possible he could bring someone back from the dead.

Is Clive Dead?

Clive Using Ultima's Power

As his last act, Clive used the power of all the Eikons and Ultima to cast a spell powerful enough to remove all magicks from the world. A spell of this magnitude would use an incredible amount of Aetherand after washing up on the beach, we see the effects it had on Clive. Clive sees that even his own magick begins to fade and knows he completed his mission. We see the curse begin to spread up his hand, and we can only assume that after such a powerful spell and using power beyond his body’s capability, it turned him completely to stone.

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After cutting to the hideaway, Jill sees the red star she had been praying to begin to fade. While it is possible this signifies the star using its power to grant her wish, it’s much more likely it symbolizes Clive and that, with magick, he too, faded from the world after saving it. Seeing Jill cry, Gav and Torgal also begin to cry for their fallen friend.

The Post Credits Scene

Joshua's Book Titled Final Fantasy

The post-credits scene shows us a few boys living in a world where magicks is only a fairy tale. It’s unclear how long has passed, but it must be many generations, as the game’s events are nothing but a story the mother doesn’t even believe in. Seeing outside, the earth is flourishing without the constant drain of Aether. The flora around the boy’s house is brighter and more lush than anything seen in the game beforeshowing that Clive’s decision saved the world and made it even better than before.

It’s unclear if the Blight was undone, but humanity is flourishing along with the planet. The final scene further adds to the weight of Joshua’s survival, as he wrote a book chronicling the events of his and Clive’s journey, giving it the name Final Fantasy.

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