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Final Fantasy 16: Every Eikon Fight, Ranked

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Final Fantasy 16’s Eikon battles. Clive, the protagonist of the game, must face numerous Eikons, with the exception of Shiva and Ramuh, whose Dominants are his close friends. He also encounters Eikon-like entities like Ifrit, his own Eikon. These battles are considered Eikon battles.

Here are the nine Eikon battles Clive participates in, ranked from least to most significant:

9. Garuda: Clive battles Benedikta, Garuda’s Dominant, while trying to find the second Eikon of Fire. After defeating Benedikta and absorbing Garuda’s power, Benedikta snaps, losing control and allowing Garuda to take over. Clive must stop her before she destroys the forest.

8. Titan: Hugo, who loved Benedikta, swears vengeance on Cid after someone delivers Benedikta’s head to him. Once Clive informs Hugo that he killed Benedikta and that Cid tried to save her, Hugo transforms into Titan and Clive must destroy him. Titan Lost, a more evolved version of Titan, also appears.

7. Typhon: An unknown entity that Clive must face, which is later assumed to be Ultima taking on a different form. Typhon brings Clive into a strange realm to fight and is a challenging battle.

6. Titan Lost: Titan eats Mothercrystal, causing him to transform into Titan Lost, a more powerful and challenging version. Clive must defeat him to meet Ultima again and gain insight into what is happening.

5. Phoenix: The first real Eikon fight, where Clive unknowingly turns into Ifrit and battles Joshua, who transforms into Phoenix. This battle is intense and visually stunning.

4. Odin: The final true Eikon battle, where Clive faces Barnabas, Odin’s Dominant. Barnabas spends most of the fight in Dominant form, and Clive must overcome the challenge of defeating him.

3. Bahamut: The King of Dragons and Warden of Light, Bahamut is a tough opponent with Prince Dion as his Dominant. Joshua helps Clive in this intense and long battle, leading to the discovery of their ability to combine their Eikons to create Ifrit Risen.

2. Ultima: The main antagonist of the game, Ultima created the Mothercrystals and plans to take over Clive. This ultimate battle reveals the truth of everything and is the most significant battle in the game.


Clive’s journey through these Eikon battles is a thrilling and memorable experience, showcasing the game’s stunning visuals and challenging gameplay.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers ahead regarding the different Eikon fights, what leads to them, and what happens during them. In Final Fantasy 16, you will find that Clive has to fight quite a few Eikons. In fact, the only two he doesn’t fight are Shiva and Ramuh. The only reason he doesn’t fight them is that their Dominants are Jill and Cid, his two closest friends.

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Not only will he fight these Eikons, but he will also have moments where he fights Eikon-like entities such as Ifrit, his Eikon. Since he is in Eikon form, these battles are considered Eikon battles as well. Here is a ranking of the 9 Eikon battles Clive participates in.

9 Garuda

Final Fantasy 16 Garuda

Garuda is the first real Eikon battle you will have (minus playing Phoenix at Phoenix Gate). You will run into Benedikta (Garuda’s Dominant) while trying to find the second Eikon of Fire. After defeating Benedikta and absorbing some of her power from Garuda, Benedikta snaps. She then loses all control, and Gaurda takes over. From here, Clive has to stop her before she brings the entire forest down with her.

Once you start this battle, you will have to fight Garuda on your own. Clive will be forced to take on the Eikon in his regular form. Once you get Garuda’s health down enough, Clive will awaken Ifrit, his Eikon. This is the first time that Clive is aware that he is Ifrit, and it will also causes him to blame himself for Joshua’s death. His awakening during this fight makes it a memorable fight during the game.

8 Titan

Final Fantasy 16 Titan

Titan is the Eikon of Hugo, the man that was in love with Benedikta, Garuda’s Dominant. He swears vengeance on Cid due to the fact that someone delivers a box to him with Benedikta’s head in it. Once Cid dies, he plans to kill Clive and Jill, two people Cid loved. However, Clive informs Hugo that he killed Benedikta and that Cid wanted so badly to save her. This enrages Hugo, and he swears to kill Clive.

When you face Hugo the first time, he is saved by a mysterious figure while you absorb his Titan abilities. When you meet him again, he is having hallucinations, thinking he is talking to Benedikta. He will then imagine Clive touching her, causing him to lose it and transform into Titan. From there, Clive will have to destroy Titan; however, he will transform into Titan Lost, an evolved version of his Eikon.

7 Typhon

Final Fantasy 16 Typhon-1

Typhon is an unknown entity that Clive will have to face during the game’s events. It’s unclear, to begin with whom this Eikon or entity is; however, later in the game, it is assumed that the entity is Ultima taking on a different form. While Clive, Jill, Torgal, and Cid find themselves in Drake’s Breath, Typhon appears and brings Clive into a strange realm to fight. He mentions wanting to see the true power of Ifrit.

Typhon’s battle is pretty fun and pretty hard. It is also the moment Ifrit learns a new ability that can be used in battle. This awakening of power makes this battle pretty significant. However, this is one of the fights that Clive will not gain any powers from killing the Eikon or entity. Since the true identity of this being isn’t entirely known, it was added to the list due to Clive needing to call upon Ifrit in order to truly conquer the entity.

6 Titan Lost

Final Fantasy 16 Titan Lost-1

Titan Lost is a more evolved version of Hugo’s Eikon Titan. During his battle with Titan, Titan eats Mothercrystal. This causes him to turn into the disturbing monster that is Titan Lost. Titan, being the Warden of Earth, has earthen powers that truly come out during this battle. Titan Lost is a giant version of Titan that is much more powerful and much more difficult. You will have to fight Titan again after Titan loses, and this portion of the battle takes more time than the other two battles with Titan combined.

What makes this battle so special is that afterward, Clive meets Ultima again. During this time, Joshua is able to keep Ultima from getting into Clive. You will also gain some insight into what is happening. Barnabas will appear far off in the distance, discussing Clive and calling him Mythos, the same name Ultima uses. This is the first time players see that Barnabas is working for Ultima.

5 Phoenix

Final Fantasy 16 Phoenix and Ifrit

This is the first real Eikon fight that you will experience in the game. Oddly enough, even though Clive’s Eikon is Ifrit, you will be playing as the Phoenix Eikon. A glimpse of this fight can be seen during the opening of the game. You will then participate in the fight a little later in the game when you are playing as young Clive. This fight is the fight at Phoenix Gate that Clive believes killed Joshua.

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During the events at Phoenix Gate, Joshua will transform into Phoenix, the Eikon of Fire. Then, Clive unknowingly turns into Ifrit, the second Eikon of Fire. From there, the two battle it out, not knowing who they are or who they are fighting. What makes this fight so great is that it truly is one of the best-looking Eikon fights in the game. It is also intense since you’re not entirely sure who the second Eikon of Fire is during it.

4 Odin

Final Fantasy 16 Odin-1

Fighting the Eikon of Odin, Warden of Darkness, comes very late in the game. He is the final true Eikon you will face, and his Dominant is Barnabas, the King of Waloed. This battle is one of the most difficult battles in the game, and it takes a lot from Clive in order to defeat him. Thankfully, Barnabas spends most of this fight in Dominant form rather than in his Eikon of Odin form.

When the battle begins, Barnabas is trying to get Clive to accept his fate in all the events happening. He worships Ultima as a god and wants to see Clive live up to the potential and plans that Ultima has in store for him. Clive spends the battle explaining to Barnabas that he will never bow down to Ultima and that it doesn’t matter what he does to try to change that. This battle is so great because it is such a fun challenge to overcome. Barnabas is a tough opponent, and it takes a lot to stop him.

3 Bahamut

Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut-1

Bahamut is the Eikon you will face after Titan and Titan Lost. He is known as the King of Dragons and Warden of Light. Prince Dion, the crowned prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, is this Eikon’s Dominant, and he is a tough opponent. He is someone that Joshua looked to for help. However, at this moment, he turns into Bahamut due to the fact he killed his father while trying to get rid of Annabella and her son.

This battle is certainly one of the best in the game. It is an intense and long battle. Thankfully, Clive doesn’t do it alone. Joshua is there to help you every step of the way, ensuring things go smoothly. This battle is one of the best because, during it, Joshua and Clive realize that since they are both Eikons of Fire, they can combine their Eikons together to create Ifrit Risen. This moment is one of the best in the games.

2 Ultima

Final Fantasy 16 Ultima

Ultima, as you will know pretty quickly, is the main antagonist of the game. You learn that he created the Mothercrystals and was waiting for someone like Clive to come along so he could take him over. Clive has the ability to absorb the Eikons’ powers, something no other mortal has ever been able to do. He is also the Dominant of Ifrit, an Eikon that had never been seen before due to Ultima waiting for someone to awaken him.

This battle is the ultimate battle. Here, you learn the truth of everything. You learn why things happened to Clive, why the Mothercrystals were created, and how Clive saves Valisthea from Ultima. This battle brings the game full circle and truly helps the player understand things. It is also a pretty challenging battle, making it even more fun than expected.

1 Infernal Ifrit

Final Fantasy 16 Dark Ifrit

This battle is the best because it marks a turning point for Clive. Clive, Jill, and Torgal will make their way to Phoenix Gate so that Clive can come to terms with his past. He wants answers that only the area he watched Joshua and his father die will provide. While there, they go inside the Hall of the Gate, the area Joshua would’ve used his powers of the Phoenix to enter into.

At the end of the quest, Clive is thrust into a shadow realm where he must fight against Ifrit and himself. Ifrit symbolizes the rage he has for himself since he realizes he is the Dominant of Ifrit. When he fights himself, he is fighting the hatred he has for himself. During this moment, he finally faces his past and comes to terms with what he has done. This is the moment things change for Clive, and that makes it the best Eikon battle in the game.

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