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By Nikita Gambhir

Final Fantasy 16 Hardest Bosses

One of the most remarkable aspects of Final Fantasy 16 is its combat mechanics. Engaging in battles with monsters, both in the open field and within dungeons, never fails to exhilarate players due to the vast array of skills and abilities at Clive’s disposal. The thrill amplifies when facing off against formidable bosses, a beloved tradition within the RPG genre, especially in the Final Fantasy series. However, this list will focus exclusively on main bosses, excluding side bosses like the Notorious Marks, as well as the distinct battle style of the Eikons.

Regardless of these specifications, Final Fantasy 16 boasts a significant number of challenging bosses, which ones, then, pose the greatest test for players? Be warned, spoilers lie ahead.

8 – Morbol:
Morbol, the initial major boss encountered in the game, although preceded by a weaker mini-boss, remains a classic and deadly monster in the Final Fantasy series. Its infamous “Bad Breath” attack, known for inflicting numerous status ailments, may not be as prominent in this game, where status ailments play a smaller role. Nevertheless, players should not expect an easy encounter, especially if they are still adjusting to the controls.

7 – Imperial Cannonier:
Imperial Cannonier may initially seem like a straightforward heavy knight opposing Clive and his party, but appearances can be deceiving. This boss fight unfolds in two consecutive forms, both of which deal considerable damage. The defining feature of this boss is its literal cannon, which fires potent Ether beams and grants it increased mobility. The combination of its wide range of attack and swift movement makes it a formidable and deadly foe.

6 – Iron Giant:
Similar to Morbol, Iron Giant is a creature that has become notorious among fans of the series. This colossal knight wields an enormous sword and a spiked shield, reminiscent of a gauntlet. Although it lacks speed, which works to the players’ advantage, it compensates with its extensive reach, allowing it to deliver devastating slashes or fire beams at Clive. Additionally, its substantial amount of HP makes this boss fight a lengthy and arduous battle.

5 – Barnabas:
Barnabas serves as the Dominant of the Eikon Odin in Final Fantasy 16. Unlike other nefarious Eikons, players do not encounter the Odin form frequently. However, the final boss battle against Barnabas is an elaborate affair, consisting of multiple phases. Initially aided by Torgal, players must ultimately face Barnabas alone with Clive. The boss’s swift movement speed and wide-ranging sword strokes make it imperative for players to remain alert and agile throughout the battle.

4 – Bath Kupka:
Bath Kupka, another Dominant in Final Fantasy 16, harbors the powerful Eikon Titan within his soul. Titan stands as one of the physically strongest Eikons, crafted from the finest stone found in the realm. Consequently, Kupka possesses immense strength in his human form, capable of delivering bone-crushing punches. This boss fight unfolds in two phases, with the first being relatively manageable within the confines of the throne room. However, as the battle progresses into the earth-laden basement, Kupka’s powers intensify, resulting in a significantly more challenging encounter.

3 – Garuda:
Garuda, the Eikon of Wind controlled by Benedikta, presents a unique boss fight in Final Fantasy 16. Prior to the encounter with Garuda, players must face Benedikta, during which Clive absorbs the power of Garuda. Subsequently, Benedikta, bereft of her magical abilities, descends into madness, conjuring a massive tornado. The battle against Garuda takes place within the eye of this destructive tornado, pitting Clive against the colossal wind creature in its human form. The sheer size of Garuda and the chaotic mini-tornadoes that accompany it make this battle particularly challenging.

2 – Behemoth:
Behemoth, a staple monster in the Final Fantasy series dating back to the first installment, returns with a vengeance in Final Fantasy 16 as one of the last bosses before the first encounter with Ultima. Behemoth possesses an attack capable of unleashing a colossal meteor upon the battlefield. Should players find themselves caught within the blast radius of this devastating attack, survival becomes unlikely. With mini-meteors swirling around and Behemoth’s imposing size, players must exercise great caution to avoid being trampled or obliterated.

1 – Ultima:
The initial encounter with Ultima, the true final boss, proves to be the most challenging version of this formidable opponent. As is customary with final bosses in the Final Fantasy series, the battle unfolds across multiple phases. Remarkably, once this intense battle concludes, players can finally catch their breath. Surprisingly, even more side quests become available, defying expectations of this being the final battle. However, within this form, Ultima possesses an attack capable of drawing Clive towards the center, resulting in instant death. Avoiding this devastating attack demands players’ adeptness in dodging and evading during battles.


Final Fantasy 16, released on June 22, 2023, is exclusively available on PS5.

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One of the best things about Final Fantasy 16 is the combat. Getting to plow through monsters in the field and in dungeons is always a thrill thanks to the skills at Clive’s disposal. It gets more fun when fighting bosses in the game and there are plenty to love.

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Bosses are often one of the best parts of an RPG, especially in this series. This list in particular is going to ignore side bosses such as the Notorious Marks. Also, Eikons are a separate type of battle all their own. Even with those stipulations, there are a lot of bosses in Final Fantasy 16 to go through. So, which ones are going to give players the greatest challenge? There will be spoilers below.

8 Morbol

Fighting Morbol in Final Fantasy 16

Morbol is the first big boss players are going to encounter in the game. There is a mini-boss before this but it is a lot weaker comparatively. Morbol, or Malboro, is a classic monster in this series and is typically some of the deadliest thanks to their “Bad Breath” attack. Thankfully, status ailments are not that big in this game, making it a lesser encounter than some other iterations like Final Fantasy 15. That doesn’t mean players are going to have an easy time with Morbol in Final Fantasy 16 either as they may still be getting used to the controls.

7 Imperial Cannonier

Imperial Cannonier in Final Fantasy 16

Imperial Cannonier may look like some simple heavy knight opposing Clive and his party in Final Fantasy 16 but he is much more than that. Players are going to have to fight him in two forms consecutively and both versions hit for a lot of damage. The big gimmick with this guy is his literal canon which he shoots Ether out of. He can blast beams at the party as well as use the canon to hop around for speed boosts. His area of effectiveness and his speed is why he can be so deadly.

6 Iron Giant

Iron Giant in Final Fantasy 16

Iron Giant is another creature like Morbol that fans have grown to cry at when it appears. This hulking behemoth of a knight has a big sword and a spiked shield almost like a gauntlet. It is slow, which is a good thing for this boss fight, but it is not concerned with movement anyway.

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However, the sword length gives it an advantage as it can slash down at Clive in Final Fantasy 16 or produce a beam to fire at him. It also has a lot of HP, so whittling it down to the very core is going to take a while.

5 Barnabas

Barnabas in Final Fantasy 16

Barnabas is the Dominant of the Eikon Odin in Final Fantasy 16. Unlike the other nefarious Eikons, players don’t have to fight the Odin form much. This final boss battle with him is very involved as there are several phases. Players begin with the help of Torgal, and then they lose him in the fight and must finish alone with Clive. Thankfully, Torgal doesn’t die because that would be too cruel even for this dark story. Barnabas has movement speed and the advantage of his sword strokes encompassing the entire battlefield, so players have got to keep on their toes.

4 Bath

Kupka in Final Fantasy 16

Kupka is also a Dominant in Final Fantasy 16 and he holds the Eikon Titan deep within his soul. Titan is the strongest physically of the Eikons, practically being carved out of the finest stone in the land. That makes Kupka just as strong in his human form and his punches will pack a wallop. This fight has two phases with the first being fairly easy in the throne room. Once the floor shatters and Kupka gets into the earth-laden basement, his powers will grow and that’s when players are going to have a rough time.

3 Garuda

Garuda in Final Fantasy 16

Garuda is the Eikon of Wind in Final Fantasy 16controlled by Benedikta. There is a boss fight before this against Benedikta wherein Clive absorbs the power of Garuda inside his body. After she realizes she cannot use magic anymore, Benedikta goes off of the deep end and creates this massive tornado.

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That’s where the battle takes place, in the center of it, and Clive must fight Garuda in his human form. It’s one of the few instances where this happens in the game and it is a struggle thanks to Garuda’s overbearing size and her mini tornados running amok.

2 Behemoth

Behemoth in Final Fantasy 16

Behemoth is one of the oldest monsters in the series having been conceptualized in the first Final Fantasy. It returns with a bang in this game as one of the last bosses before the first encounter with Ultima. Behemoth has an attack that can launch a giant meteor on the battlefield. If players get caught in the blast radius ring of the attack, they are probably going to die. Between tiny versions of meteors flying all over the place, and Behemoth’s size, players are going to have to work hard to not be stepped on or blasted into smithereens.

1 Ultima

Fighting Ultima in Final Fantasy 16

The first true boss fight with Ultima is the hardest version of him and like most final bosses in the Final Fantasy series, there are many phases. After the battle, players are going to get a chance to breathe though. More side quests will even open up which is weird considering the game makes it feel like this is the final battle. Regardless of pacing, this form has an attack that can suck Clive in toward the center to instantly kill him. It’s a hard attack to avoid unless players are used to dodging and dashing away from battles.

Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22, 2023, and is available on PS5.

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