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Final Fantasy 16: How To Defeat Coeurl

Clive and his comrades frequently find themselves in troublesome situations on their quest to destroy the Mothercrystals. During their mission to avenge Hugo KupkaClive, Jill, Gav, and Torgal, they face a large group of Dhalmekian soldiers. After defeating the last of them, Hugo, accompanied by reinforcements, arrives to confront Clive and provide some additional entertainment. In Final Fantasy 16, Clive encounters a massive Coeurl, the first he has ever seen, as the colossal castle doors swing open. The battle is fast-paced and filled with electrifying elements that cause immense damage. However, in order to reach Hugo, Clive must first defeat the Coeurl blocking his path.

Before engaging the Coeurl, Clive must navigate through the wreckage and corpses left by the Dhalmekian army. By slaying numerous soldiers, Clive can gather enough potions and hi-potions to heal his wounds if he sustains excessive damage during the skirmishes. It is important to note that when Clive’s inventory is full, any additional items he picks up will be automatically used to create space. This feature expedites Clive’s journey to the castle and provides the player with a better chance of success in the upcoming battles.

Defeating the Coeurl requires Clive to be agile and deal substantial damage during the limited opportunities to attack. Dodging is crucial in this battle, as the Coeurl charges itself before unleashing its attacks and swiftly moves around the arena. Two of its main attacks involve charging and either jumping or swiping at Clive. In both cases, Clive must dodge the attack pattern, creating an opening for a perfect dodge and a powerful counterattack. Additionally, the Coeurl generates a large ball of electricity, which Clive must avoid by observing its launch and dodging accordingly.

The Coeurl possesses two distinct skills: Whipcrack and Electrocharge. Whipcrack involves the Coeurl charging its extensive whiskers and attempting to deal damage to Clive. Dodging through or away from these attacks is possible, and a well-timed precision dodge allows Clive to close the distance or counterattack effectively. Electrocharge, on the other hand, is a massive attack that the Coeurl powers up over time. Clive must deal enough damage to interrupt this attack before it is unleashed. While the Coeurl charges Electrocharge, it also releases smaller AoE electricity attacks across the battlefield. Clive should swiftly move away from these attacks to avoid sustained damage. Disrupting Electrocharge remains the top priority, but Clive must also be cautious of the Coeurl’s regular attacks, which become more aggressive after Electrocharge is prevented.

Once Electrocharge is disrupted, Clive must continue the battle against the Coeurl. However, the Coeurl exhibits a fiercer resistance compared to the beginning of the fight. It erects electrical sparks in parallel lines to restrict Clive’s movement, and it strikes at him whenever he is trapped. Clive must be prepared to dodge these attacks swiftly. After the temporary prison dissipates, the Coeurl resumes its normal attacks with increased aggression. Clive must be vigilant and dodge combination attacks, as they can deplete his health rapidly. Eventually, Clive will emerge victorious after a challenging battle, and the rewards will undoubtedly justify the effort.

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Clive and his companions often find themselves in spots of trouble throughout their journey to destroy the Mothercrystals. On their revenge mission against Hugo KupkaClive, Jill, Gav, and Torgal find themselves pitted against a large swath of Dhalmekian soldiers. After slaying the last of the bunch, Hugo, along with reinforcements, arrive to greet Clive and provide him with a little bit of extra entertainment.

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The large castle doors open to give way to a gigantic Coeurl the first of which Clive has seen in Final Fantasy 16. The fight is as one might expect: fast-paced with a lot of electrical elements causing untold damage. In order to reach Hugo, however, Clive must defeat Coeurl in his path.

Before Battling The Coeurl

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Dodging Away From Coeurl Attack

After trekking through the wreckage and death left by the Dhalmekian army and slaying handfuls of Dhalmekian soldiers, Clive finally arrives at the courtyard of the old Rosfield castle. Should Clive take an exceeding amount of damage during the scrums on the way to his final destination, he should find more than enough potions and hi-potions to salve his wounds. Remember that when Clive’s inventory is full of potions, the game automatically uses any item picked up that will not fit in his possession. This should expedite Clive’s trip to the castle and give the player enough of a fighting chance for the battles to come.

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How To Beat The Coeurl

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Attacking a Staggered Coeurl With Fire Attack

Normally an annoying creature enemy in most Final Fantasy games, the first Coeurl Clive faces in 16 is destructive and agile. Clive will need to dodge a lot in this battle and deal as much damage as he can in the windows he will have to attack, throwing in Eikonic abilities when possible to knock out the stagger bar quickly. The Coeurl likes to charge itself before many of its attacks, and it likes to pounce around the arena while swiping at Clive. Two of its main attacks involve it charging and jumping at Clive. Depending on which move it is using, the Coeurl will either jump at Clive or jump and swipe at Clive. Either way, Clive will want to dodge out of the attack pattern. Both attacks leave a desirable window for a perfect dodge and strong counter. The Coeurl will also charge and generate a large ball of electricity to fling toward Clive. Pay attention as Clive navigates the arena for when the attack is launched in order to dodge it if necessary.

Coeurl Skillset

Final Fantasy 16 Coeurl Charging Electrocharge As Clive Rushing In To Attack

  • Whipcrack: The Coeurl will charge its extensive whiskers before slapping them around Clive in an attempt to deal damage. The range on this attack is bigger than expected, but Clive can dodge through or away from these attacks. If Clive is close enough, a perfect precision dodge will enable him to either close ground on the Coeurl or deal a strong counter while evading damage. Clive’s location at the start of the charge should help decide which direction he will travel. If precision dodging comes easy, use it to Clive’s advantage and always close ground on the Coeurl.
  • Electrocharge: After the first time Clive staggers the Coeurl, it will begin a massive attack called Electrocharge. Much like in the Iron Giant battle, Electrocharge will be an attack that the Coeurl needs to power up for a while. There will be a health bar for the attack in the top right corner in purple, and Clive needs to deal enough damage to the Coeurl in that time to disrupt the Electrocharge attack. Should Clive fail to interrupt the attack, the Coeurl will unleash a massive attack that will most likely finish off Clive for the battle.
    • While the Coeurl is charging Electrocharge, it will drop smaller AoE electricity attacks across the map. Clive should move out of these scattered attacks as soon as possible, as they can deal significant damage over time to Clive. Disrupting Electrocharge is still the top priority, but if Clive takes too much damage from these AoE attacks, he will possibly fall once the Coeurl resumes its normal attacks.

Once Electrocharge is prevented, Clive will need to finish the battle against the Coeurl. Unfortunately, the post-Electrocharge post-staggered Coeurl ​​​​​​​puts up a much more fierce fight than it did at the beginning of the beginning of the fight. It will also throw up electrical sparks almost parallel to each other to keep Clive confined between the lines of lightning. The Coeurl will attempt to strike at Clive while he is trapped, so he should be ready to dodge at a moment’s notice. Once the temporary prison dissipates, the Coeurl will resume its normal attacks, though it strikes with more aggression now. Be prepared to dodge combination attacks because the Coeurlcan drain almost all of Clive’s health if he is caught up in a full string of attacks. Clive should dispatch the Coeurl after a bit of a trying battle, but the victory payoff is certainly worth the effort.

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