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Final Fantasy 16: How To Defeat Typhon

In the opening segment of Final Fantasy 16, Clive and his comrades successfully destroy a Mothercrystal nestled deep in the heart of the Empire. As the crystal vanishes into thin air, Ramuh’s power is displayed in full view, leaving Clive and Jill in awe. Suddenly, a portal materializes, unleashing destructive lasers that render Ramuh immobile. A terrifying creature emerges from the portal, bearing a face straight out of a nightmare. Clive gears up for an epic battle against the colossal Typhon.

Before engaging in battle with Typhon, it’s crucial to note that the fight occurs following a relatively prolonged cinematic sequence. Therefore, Clive may require healing, which can be achieved by collecting potions scattered throughout the arena. If Clive’s inventory is full, the game will automatically use any potion he picks up. In case Clive has full stock but requires healing, running over the potions will activate their effects. The battle against Typhon is divided into two phases, so Clive should brace himself for an extended combat sequence.

The initial stage of the fight against Typhon is relatively straightforward. After being impaled by Ramuh, Typhon attempts to free himself from the staff, summoning a group of enemies during each attempt. These wraiths, specters, and revenants are weaker than Clive’s previous opponents, and he can quickly dispatch them using his Eikonic abilities. Typhon will make several attempts to free himself, with Clive expected to face several waves of enemies. After Clive vanquishes the creatures and Typhon removes the staff, he transforms into Ifrit to conclude this segment of the battle. Ifrit is now enhanced and equipped with new skills, including the ability to sprint and close gaps between himself and Typhon, deal increased damage, and dodge attacks.

In the second phase, Typhon transforms into Typhon the Transgressor, a four-armed version of his former self, dealing more considerable damage with longer-lasting attacks. Ifrit needs to keep moving because speed is his greatest advantage. Typhon’s skillset in this stage includes Unending Clamor, which drops more than one AoE spread, Demon Wall, which launches towering walls towards Ifrit, and Catacecaumene, which summons four enormous lasers into the ground. The player needs to avoid these attacks while dealing damage to Typhon. Ifrit comes equipped with six Firelights, which function as his potions, and the goal is to eliminate Typhon the Transgressor as quickly as possible.

In conclusion, the battle against Typhon is one of the toughest that Ifrit will face at this point in the game. The player must proceed with caution, but strike often to emerge victorious. Collecting potions, dodging attacks, and utilizing Ifrit’s enhanced skills are crucial to success.

In the first major pivotal segment of Final Fantasy 16, Clive and his band of companions destroys a Mothercrystal buried deep in the heart of the Empire. As the crystal dissipates into nothingness, Clive and Jill watch in fascination as Ramuh’s handiwork is seen in full effect.

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Soon, a portal rips open and devastating lasers rip into Ramuh, rendering him immobile. A hideous creature with a face from nightmares pulls itself from the portal, and Clive readies himself for battle against the enormous Typhon.


Before You Fight Typhon

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Readying To Fight Specters In Typhon Battle

The Typhon battle takes place after a relatively lengthy cinematic sequence, but it is immediately after Clive defeated the Akashic Dragon in terms of combat. In other words, Clive may need healing. Fortunately, there are potions scattered around the arenaso make sure to pick them up if health is needed. Remember, if Clive’s inventory is full, the game will automatically use the potion he picks up. If Clive is at full stock but needs health, simply run over the potions to use them. The upcoming battle is broken up into two parts, so Clive should be prepared for an extended battle sequence.

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How To Defeat Typhon’s First Form

Final Fantasy 16 Ifrit Attacking Typhon With A Charged Shot

The first phase of the battle against Typhon is relatively simple. After being impaled by Ramuh, Typhon attempts to free himself from Ramuh’s staff. During each attempt, Typhon will summon a small group of enemies. These are a collection of wraiths, specters, and revenants, all of which Clive has battled before. In this scenario, the enemies feel significantly weaker than previous confrontations, and Clive can easily dispatch them with his Eikonic abilities. Typhon will make several attempts to free himself before finally doing so, and Clive can expect to face off against a number of waves of enemies.

Once Clive dispatches the numerous creatures and Typhon removes the staff from his torso, Clive will transform into Ifrit to conclude this segment of the battle. Ifrit is now enhanced, and he comes equipped with a few new skills. The most useful of the bunch is his ability to sprint now, so Ifrit can close the large gaps between himself and Typhon, backdrafting into combos that deal increased damage to the juggernaut.

Typhon will swing maliciously at Ifrit with swipes and slams. He will also lunge and create distance between himself and Ifrit to throw ranged attacks. As he puts distance between himself and Ifrit, Typhon will utilize Unending Clamor, which will center around wherever Ifrit is located in a massive area of attack spell. Since Ifrit can now sprint, he can easily lurch out of the attack to pound Typhon during the charge. Like most boss battles, as Typhon incurs more damage, he becomes a bit more desperate. Here, he will likely be very mobile, lunging away from Ifrit as often as possible while focusing on ranged attacks. Keep dodging with Ifrit and sprinting toward Typhon, and the first part of the battle will be over quickly.

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How To Defeat Typhon The Transgressor

Final Fantasy 16 Typhon-1

After dealing enough damage to Typhon’s health and stagger bar, the massive creature will transform into Typhon the Transgressor, a four-armed version of his earlier self. In this form, Typhon deals increased damage, and some of his attacks will last a longer than his first form. Continue sprinting toward and dealing damage to Typhon because he has a lot of dirty tricks yet to play.

Typhon The Transgressor Skillset

  • Unending Clamor: Like his previous form, Typhon the Transgressor will wield Unending Clamor again. In this form, however, the attack will drop more than one AoE spread. The best strategy in this entire battle is to keep moving, as Ifrit’s speed will be his greatest boon.
  • Demon Wall: While not the traditional Demon Wall, this attack can deal a lot of stacking damage to Ifrit. Typhon will construct towering walls that he launches toward Ifrit. In each wave of the attack, there will be an opening for Ifrit to pass through. During Demon Wall, it is recommended to linger further away from the attack, so the openings of the attack can be identified and used. If Ifrit begins too close to the attack, he is likely to get clipped or fully hit by the attack.
  • Catacecaumene: This mouthful of an attack sees Typhon summoning four enormous lasers into the ground. While he is charging this portion of the attack, small circles of damage appear around the arena. Ifrit needs to dodge these while also avoiding the huge bursts of lasers that erupt around the map. This is also a prime opportunity to slam some damage into Typhon.

Ifrit will come equipped with six Firelights, which operate as Ifrit’s potions. The goal in this battle is to dispatch Typhon the Transgressor as quickly as possible if the player is struggling to evade and avoid his attacks. Typhon does dole out a lot of damage quickly, so Ifrit may blow through all the Firelights if not careful. This is probably the toughest battle as Ifrit the player will have faced to this point, so proceed with caution, but strike often.

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