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Final Fantasy 16: How To Get Meteorite: Meteorites are a highly coveted crafting material in Final Fantasy XVI, prized for their ability to create and enhance formidable weapons. While players may initially feel limited by controlling only one character, Clive’s diverse skill set offers a wealth of opportunities to learn new abilities and increase his combat prowess.

In addition to honing Clive’s abilities, players can also boost his strength by upgrading his equipped gear. Crafting new weapons and improving existing ones can be achieved through the services of the Blacksmith, located in the Hideout.

How To Get Meteorite: Meteorite In Item Menu and The Lostwing Merchant
Final Fantasy 16 How To Get Meteorite TheFantasyTimes

Final Fantasy 16: How To Get Meteorite

Players can acquire Meteorites through various means, such as rewards from completing main quests or as drops from major bosses. As the game progresses, the rate of Meteorite rewards will increase. Those seeking a faster solution can visit the town of Lostwing after completing the “Louder Than Words” quest. The Lostwing shop sells Meteorites for 1,000 Gil each.

Meteorites play a crucial role in crafting and upgrading swords at Cid’s Hideout. While early-game swords require only a single Meteorite, later-game swords demand significantly more. As such, it is advisable to start accumulating Meteorites early on to avoid falling short of this valuable resource. Though Meteorites can be sold for 500 Gil each, it is wiser to save them for crafting and upgrading rather than selling them for quick cash.

For players seeking an edge in combat, mastering Clive’s abilities and obtaining powerful weapons through the use of Meteorites is essential. With careful management and strategic planning, players can truly harness the power of these rare and valuable crafting materials.

Meteorite is a powerful crafting material in Final Fantasy XVI, use to craft and upgrade powerful new weapons.


Where To Find Meteorite

Lostwing Shop Location On The Local Map

Meteorite tends to be a standard reward for main quests throughout the early sections of the game, along with a usual drop from the major bosses. Continue playing main quests to quickly stock up on more Meteorites, as their reward rates will also increase later in the game.

For those looking for a quicker solution on where to find them, travel to Lostwing. After completing the “Louder Than Words” quest, Lostwing will open up as a town to visit and complete side quests in, along with its own shop. The shop is located on the right side after entering the Hanged Man.

The Lostwing shop will sell Meteorites for 1,000 Gil a piece.


How To Use Meteorite

Clive Crafting A New Sword At The Blacksmith


Meteorite is used by the Blacksmith back at Cid’s Hideout. It is a common resource used when crafting or upgrading swords. For many early-game swords, you’ll only need a single Meteorite to either craft or upgrade a sword.

Later-game swords are much more powerful and will require many more, so it’s best to start saving them up early. For those in desperate need of Gil, Meteorite can be sold at a store for 500 Gil a piecebut it is always better to save them than sell them.

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